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½ March 28, 2020
This is an incredibly spotty story with questionable wolverine liberties taken. Its entertaining enough to watch, but it's another example of poor judgement in the X-universe by Fox.
½ July 28, 2019
Stand alone movie. Solid action. Jack(ed)man continues to kill the role of Logan. Finally get to see the Wolverine heal from more than a scratch (I look forward to the unrated blu-ray someday). Great after credits scene for next years x-men film.
½ May 18, 2019
filme bem mais ou menos. a temática do Japão (ao me os para mim) agradou. mas achei bem sem sal. faltou vilões mais emblemáticos.
½ May 13, 2019
The Wolverine Unleashed Extended Edition is beautiful due to the no censorship; in a nutshell, blood. However, the slow pace is unavoidable.
½ May 4, 2019
While the finale is a bit too jarring in tone, the rest of the movie is the best Wolverine stuff I've seen until I saw Logan.
April 2, 2019
While the ending is standard, The Wolverine is an excellent tale of the iconic X-Man with great action and a fantastic performance from Hugh Jackman
April 1, 2019
Wasn't that bad, but also wasn't that good i think.
March 31, 2019
Slow-moving and introspective but still entertaining
March 9, 2019
Honestly not a very good movie, but i have a real soft spot for it, maybe all the other terrible Xmen films have lowered my standards
½ February 25, 2019
A proper Wolverine movie.
½ February 18, 2019
The only amusing thing about this movie is the surprisingly well played action scenes, other than that, the movie is filled with odd performances, weirdly played out sequence of events, and a script that can be cliche in most of the movie. Even with these problems, The Wolverine can still manage to entertain the average superhero fan, while just being another painly average Marvel film.
February 14, 2019
Great performances and a decent script makes this movie an enjoyable ride!
½ January 19, 2019
Exceptional comic book movie!
December 28, 2018
The Sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine manages to be a great sequel to a terrible film...thank god... This is a great continuation to the wolverine saga, and sure its got a few issues, but an all around great 2nd installment!
I'll give it
- 75%
½ November 9, 2018
This film is an entertaining Wolverine flick, and addresses Logan's main character flaw, his survivor's guilt. The issue with it is that the grittiness of the character is taken away in favor of CGI effects and some pointless character additions. Someone who has seen both Logan and Wolverine will notice that Mangold can't make a Wolverine film without taking away his greatest superpower; the ability to heal. I don't know why Mangold is incapable of this, but it would be nice if these two films differed in that respect and found a different, less cliched storyline to portray Wolvie in cinema. Also, Will Yun Lee and Svetlana Khodchenkova's characters were both completely pointless. The thing that makes this film even a pleasure at all to watch is watching Hugh Jackman act, and his finally clashing claws with the Silver Samurai.
½ October 29, 2018
While the finale is a bit too jarring in tone, the rest of the movie is the best Wolverine stuff I've seen until I saw Logan.

October 19, 2018
A stunning piece of film clearly influenced in its early act by films like First Blood and in its second act you can definitely see Kurosawa's influence
½ October 13, 2018
The wolverine is a fun and entertaining movie and nothing more.
October 12, 2018
This movie is one of the reason why Wolverine is my favorite male superhero.
½ September 8, 2018
Hugh Jackman is the man
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