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Down a seedy city street, a young woman is obsessed with what appears to be a long abandoned theatre. One night, she sees the front door slightly ajar and impulsively decides to sneak inside. But there in the vast, eerie auditorium, a show unlike any other unfolds before her eyes. Its host is an odd marionette-like man who will introduce her to six tales of the truly bizarre: A couple traveling in a remote part of the French Pyrenees crosses paths with a lustful witch; A paranoid lover faces the wrath of a partner who has been pushed to her limit; The Freudian dreams of an unfaithful husband blur the lines between fantasy and reality; The horrors of the real world are interpreted through the mind of a child; A woman addicted to other people's memories gets her fix through the fluid of her victims' eyeballs; And a perverse obsession with sweets turns sour for a couple in too deep. But as the stories unfold, something strange is happening to the woman. Something irreversible and horrific. -- (C) W2

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Udo Kier
as Peg Poett (Theatre Guignol)
Virginia Newcomb
as Enola Penny (Theatre Guignol)
Amanda Marquardt
as Squalid Woman (Theatre Guignol)
Ameila Gotham
as Gypsy (Theatre Guignol)
Jeremy Gladen
as Naked Man (Theatre Guignol)
Liberty Larsen
as Little Girl (Theatre Guignol)
Brett Laudermilk
as Naked Man (Theatre Guignol)
Christopher Sachs
as Groom (Theatre Guignol)
Nicole Fabbri
as Bride (Theatre Guignol)
Catriona MacColl
as Mère Antoinette (The Mother of Toads)
Shane Woodward
as Martin (The Mother of Toads)
Victoria Maurette
as Karina (The Mother of Toads)
Lisa Crawford
as The Naked Witch (The Mother of Toads)
Amélie Salomon
as The Monster (The Mother of Toads)
André Hennicke
as Axel (I Love You)
Suzan Anbeh
as Mo (I Love You)
Harvey Friedman
as George (I Love You)
Cynthia Barcomi
as Mo's Sister (I Love You)
Christian Maria Goebel
as Mo's Brother-in-law (I Love You)
Debbie Rochon
as Carla (Wet Dreams)
Tom Savini
as Dr. Maurey (Wet Dreams)
James Gill (V)
as Donnie (Wet Dreams)
Jodii Christianson
as Maxine (Wet Dreams)
Halfbreed Billy Gram
as Dungeon Master (Wet Dreams)
Lena Kleine
as Mother (The Accident)
Melodie Simmard
as Daughter (The Accident)
Jean-Paul Rivière
as Motorcycle Father (The Accident)
Bruno Décary
as Motorcyle Son (The Accident)
Kaniehtiio Horn
as The Writer (Vision Stains)
Cynthia Wu-Maheux
as Junkie Girl (Vision Stains)
Imogen Haworth
as Pregnant Woman (Vision Stains)
Rachelle Glait
as Older Homeless Woman (Vision Stains)
Alex Ivanovici
as Junkie Man (Vision Stains)
Lindsay Goranson
as Estelle (Sweets)
Guilford Adams
as Greg (Sweets)
Lynn Lowry
as Mikela (Sweets)
Jessica Remmers
as Antonia (Sweets)
Elissa Dowling
as Subs (Sweets)
Erin Marie Hogan
as Test Tube Baby (Sweets)
Jeff Dylan Graham
as Buzz (Sweets)
Dave Grave
as Old Punk (Sweets)
Gregg Shore
as Guitarist (Sweets)
Erica Rhodes
as Cellist (Sweets)
Tree Carr
as Kissing Couple (Sweets)
Adam Carr
as Kissing Couple (Sweets)
Jeffrey Block
as Chef (Sweets)
Damon Packard
as Sous-Chef (Sweets)
Bobby Hacker
as Restaurant Patron (Sweets)
Adam Keese
as Restaurant Patron (Sweets)
Andrew Schwartz
as Restaurant Patron (Sweets)
Jill Snyder
as Restaurant Patron (Sweets)
Whitney Moore
as Restaurant Patron (Sweets)
Lorry O'Toole
as Server (Sweets)
Julietta Randall
as Server (Sweets)
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Critic Reviews for The Theatre Bizarre

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These elements may be shocking and even bizarre. But, like a lot of midnight-movie provocations, they soon turn predictable.

February 3, 2012 | Rating: 1.5/4 | Full Review…

An impressively good hit-to-miss ratio ... Entirely worth a horror fan's time, but is probably too erratic and violent a film for the casual enthusiast.

August 22, 2012 | Rating: 7.5/10 | Full Review…

The Theatre Bizarre is a delicious horror buffet with some gore-geous treats and gruesome confections.

February 21, 2012 | Full Review…

As with most anthology efforts, only a few of the segments truly shine, yet the production as a whole carries itself confidently and shares a few scattered pleasures.

February 17, 2012 | Rating: C | Full Review…

Absent anything scary or even shocking, the only question is why Enola sticks around for all six shorts. Or why the filmmakers think we would.

February 2, 2012 | Rating: 1/4

A macabre horror anthology that suffers from a couple weak entries weighing it down, but still compares relatively favorably to the qualitative mean established by Anchor Bay's 'Masters of Horror' series a few years back.

January 27, 2012 | Rating: C+ | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for The Theatre Bizarre

Grotesque, dark, creepy and (living up to its title) very bizarre indeed. Some stories felt vapid, yes, while some were interesting and bizarre enough to satisfy every horror fan as myself. The gores were over-the-top and very painful to watch that it felt uncomfortably good. The Theater Bizarre has made me stand to my seat and scream for an encore.

August Seria
August Seria

Super Reviewer

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