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November 10, 2019
Tremendous. Gorgeous cinematography and a powerful, truth-telling story.
½ July 25, 2019
It is a very good remake of the story, but I did find that some of the characters have been tamed a little.
The songs are just as good as the original.
Definitely will be buying this when its released on blu-ray.
July 6, 2019
To be honest I'm not into watching remakes but this is worth it for simba!
April 11, 2019
Can't wait to see with one of the greatest Disney classics being remade into the real animal world. I wonder what Judaea dying in real life is going to look like!
February 25, 2019
Just a repeat of story
January 31, 2019
So exited for this movie
December 27, 2018
I'm not ready to see Mufasa die again as lion that looks so real damnnnn. Will watch this using boxxy software 
December 24, 2018
totally looking forward to this omg
December 21, 2018
I grew up with the original, it was my first movie too, and I'm very excited to see how this turns out!
December 12, 2018
What the hell is the point of this cash grab?
December 11, 2018
can't wait to see the realalistic version of one of the best disney stories of all time
December 4, 2018
Am i the only one who got goosebumps watching this trailer? Disney is manipulating us with nostalgia. Can't wait to watch using boxxy software !
November 29, 2018
I will not miss this.
November 27, 2018
ALL Disney movies u can watch on boxxy software , also with subtitles available
November 22, 2018
Looks like a live action facsimile of the animated version. Also an obvious cash grab. Only reason to see it would be the score.
December 30, 2017
This is the movie I want to C I love lion king
October 7, 2017
Though turning one of the best animated films into a live-action CGI remake is not the most original idea in the world, that doesn't mean that it's not a bad idea. I am really looking forward to this film as much as I did with The Jungle Book remake. And I am confident that it will just be as good (If not better) than the original.
September 20, 2017
If this is a realistic CGI Lion King movie, I can't wait. I don't really know if this is necessary though because the original is one of the best movies of all time but I'm still excited for this.
June 6, 2017
I say this is not going to be a good movie
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