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May 22, 2019
Is a nice movie especially for kids, don't expect an enchanting fantasy adventure, what it offers is a likable outing by dorky kids with a new take on the Arthurian legend. As an adult, I got bored by the end and was feeling sleepy while my 8-year-old nephews were having a good time.
May 19, 2019
Cute and entertaining, but presumptuous if it intends to make believe that the current problems can be solved by reevoking the chivalric code.
(Mauro Lanari)
May 11, 2019
unwatchable. boy, are those kids annoying.
May 10, 2019
A modern retelling of the timeless classic King Arthur story. The film does a great job in weaving more serious undertones of modern life into a family friendly good vs evil flick. Entertaining for both kids and adults, The Kid Who Would Be King reclaims the crown of the 80's and 90's live action fantasy.
½ May 9, 2019
This movie left us cheering. So well done. Kids and adults alike will enjoy this confidence-boosting film.
May 8, 2019
The Kid Who Would Be King is a modern day retelling of the legend of King Arthur. For those that don't know the story, Excalibur was an ancient sword, embedded into a stone through magical means. The mystical weapon could only be removed from the rock by the one, true King: Arthur; destined to be the savior of the land with the help of his Knights Of The Round Table.
The legend of King Arthur is a story that continues to be told over and over, much like that of Robin Hood. What makes this movie stand out is that this version is targeted at a younger audience, in the present day, unlike Guy Ritchie's version from 2018.
As a father I know it's difficult to sell a story of knights and dragons to young children in today's world. If it's not super-heroes or big stompy robots they don't seem to be interested. Joe Cornish had a tough task here, making a story that not only appeals to the younger audience of today but also by making it relevant.

Writer and director Cornish is best known for his gritty, urban sci-fi hit Attack The Block. He's also credited with writing the screenplay for the Marvel Movie Ant-Man and Steven Spielberg's 2011 Tin Tin movie. This r´┐ 1/2 (C)sum´┐ 1/2 (C) should give you the confidence of knowing that he's capable of writing young characters and delivering comedy in group or team situations.
This was a well written screenplay that, although it didn't have much impact on me as an adult, my kids really enjoyed it. There were a number of laugh out loud moments. Taking an old time story like this a setting it in today's world is certainly the right way to make it relevant. Kids can relate to the everyday situations, like being at school or the local park. The only part I felt that could have been done better was when our 4 heroes set off on their adventure, purchasing medieval armor as protection. With the story being ground in the reality of modern times, some sports protective equipment or modern day combat clothes would have fit better with the tone of the film.

There are some very well crafted action sequences throughout, with some beautifully designed creatures. The portrayal of the main villain, Morgana, played by Mission Impossible's Rebecca Ferguson, was chilling and quite scary for the younger audience.

With a reported $60 million budget a lot of respect needs to be given to the special effects team. There are some incredible action sequences where dead, fiery demons emerge from the ground and chase our heroes, and these looked fantastic.
The arrival of Merlin always came with a transformation to and from a bird, and again the movie delivered these flawlessly. One particular scene which caught my eye was when Merlin, in bird form, flies through a window and hits a door while transforming into human form. Rather than cut away and back with a puff of smoke, the camera doesn't move and shows the transformation perfectly.

Patrick Stewart and Rebecca Ferguson take top billing for this movie but they are very much fringe characters, both only being seen on screen for a matter of minutes. The true cast is made up of 4 young British actors, none of whom have vast IMDB listings. Let's not forget Attack the Block, though. Joe Cornish's breakout film, with a cast on young British nobodies, was led by John Boyega, who has since gone on to be one of the biggest stars in the world today playing Finn in Star Wars episodes VII, VIII and IX.

This may not be a film to set the box office on fire, or one that will have critics shouting from the rooftops about its grandeur, it may well find its true audience on home release. However, this is a fun, action packed movie that provides 90 minutes of enjoyment to a youthful audience.

Delivering all this without any A List Hollywood stars on a moderate budget is an achievement in itself, and puts Joe Cornish on the list of directors worth keeping an eye on.
½ May 6, 2019
This is the classic story of King Arthur experienced by a kid in the modern world. I was pleasantly surprised with this movie, it is way better than i first anticipated. The characters are realistic, relatable, and charming. The kid actors did a wonderful job and Patrick Stewart did his thing. The worst part by far is the villain Morgana who is told to be fearsome and powerful, but comes off cartoonish and a little corny, but the heroes of the movies overshadow everything else and are really good. The movie is also a smidge to long and you are sometimes left wondering how much longer it is. Angus Imrie was the standout actor of the movie for me with his charismatic performance and his quick and witty nature that made him a great young Merlin. This movie did a really good job of setting up all of the character and building them up throughout the whole movie so that when the emotional scenes came, i really cared about what happened. This is a great family movie with a good message that I agree with, and can entertain all ages.
May 4, 2019
Wonderful story and message. Need more movies like this.
April 28, 2019
Best movie of 2019. Louis is really the next big actor, truly great actor. A lot of action for the whole family. Grab your popcorn, you'll not want to miss a single second.
½ April 27, 2019
I thought this was a very interesting modern twist on the Excalibur legend
April 26, 2019
Great revamping of Sword in the Stone tale. Merlin is especially good
April 26, 2019
My family really enjoyed it. Everything about the movie from the acting to the special effects quality were great. I'm glad we rented it. I liked the fresh take on the story of King Arthur brought into our time.
½ April 25, 2019
es mejor de lo que la premisa ofrece, tenia bajas expectativas sobre ella pero me equivoque totalmente divertida e entretenida
April 25, 2019
'The Kid Who Would Be King' is an odd movie that just sometimes makes you cringe. Although nothing is really terrible, nothing is really amazing either, which results in just a mediocre film.
½ April 23, 2019
The medieval being crossed with the modern has been a problem in movies over the last few years. Robin Hood and King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword both failed to find audiences and were mercilessly hammered by critics. The Kid Who Would Be King might have been widely praised, but certainly wasn't widely viewed. It runs too long, doesn't have a high standard of acting, Rebecca Ferguson is completely wasted as one of the lamest villains of recent memory, and it's full of gaping holes of logic, forcing me to ask questions like 'Why did King Arthur imprison Morgana instead of just killing her?' 'Why didn't Morgana send more than a few undead warriors at a time to attack the heroes?' 'Why am I not watching a better movie right now?' It does have a certain charm, and the battle sequences, especially at the climax, are really impressive, with no fast cutting or nauseating camerawork, allowing you to enjoy the fighting and CGI. But the baddie is so rubbish and the story so tedious that I could never get fully invested. I appreciate what it tried to do, it's just that it didn't do it very well.
April 22, 2019
It's for the kids. So this is about a young boy named Alex (Louis Ashbourne Serkis). He's not the most popular kid in school, but one day he pulls a sword from a stone, and it ends up being Excalibur. Turns out that he did this just in the nick of time, given that Morgana (Rebecca Ferguson) will be seeking to get the sword for herself in three days time. He must rally up some allies that can help him posthaste. Now I wasn't really looking forward to this; I thought the trailers looked very direct-to-video at best, and it just had a very cheap vibe that gives the impression of a shoestring budget. Positive reviews started to roll in, but my interest never spiked enough to see it in a theater. I finally checked it out when it hit home market, and I do think that this it ended up being better than it looks; it's not something I was left glowing or raving about, but it was better than the movie that I was initially sold. Now what I hadn't actually realized until the opening credits started to roll is that this is directed by Joe Cornish of Attack the Block fame. That did give me hope, and to the film's credit, I think this starts off very enjoyable. I dug the way that it establishes rules to this universe, and regardless of what your personality is, I can see this easily connecting with children who are approaching or are in middle school. These are types, but everybody is having a good time at playing make believe. The main character played by Louis Ashbourne Serkis is almost a dead ringer for Sean Astin circa The Goonies, but he is actually the son of the great Andy Serkis, and I would say that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I also liked the workaround for Patrick Stewart to play Merlin; obviously, he is no spring chicken anymore, and they made it so Angus Imrie did all the heavy lifting in a role played by two actors. My only major problem with this is that it is a full two hours for no good reason. There's even a pretty a decent spot to wrap everything up at the 90 minute mark, but then it hits you with a surprise fourth act a la The Last Jedi. It's doesn't knock this back to make me completely lose goodwill, but it did wear me down to the point where I was consistently watching the clock. If that doesn't tell you a movie has worn out its welcome, nothing will. This is decent, and I will take this over the unintelligible nonsense that Guy Ritchie calls a movie any day of the week.
April 21, 2019
Just seeing Sir Patrick Stewart play Merlin has to be worth 5 stars.
April 21, 2019
Ce film est genial ! Toute la famille a adore, une tr├Ęs belle histoire, touchante, de l'humour, du suspens comme on l'aime et de l'action. Un grand bravo aux realisateurs !!! Je suis fan!
April 20, 2019
This movie is fantastic and absolutely adorable! Fantastic movie!
April 19, 2019
Look, if you are a 10 year old kid, this movie was made for YOU. You will love it.
If you are an adult, it is bad. Not unwatchable bad, but everything about it is stupid. I won't get in to all the plot holes because it really is a fantasy movie, but I just kept groaning at the screen. Also, strangely, I found the child actor playing Merlin (the one character I enjoyed watching) WAY more interesting than Patrick Stewart - who just distracted from the movie.
Also, the 'moral core' of the movie is hollow. Basically, evil is allowed to win if men's hearts are hollow and they become leaderless? So all you need is drive and direction? Like, say, Adolf Hitler? Just stupid.
Call it a 5 if you are a kid and a one if you are an adult - split the diff for a 3.
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