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May 14, 2019
I hated 'Tangerine' and yeah this looks great but it's boring as hell. Verite cinema is not an easy skill to pull off but I do think you need side with the characters portrayed. I found nearly every character in this film annoying.
April 28, 2019
The Florida Project teaches the audience empathy and does so with impeccable acting and directing.
½ April 6, 2019
I never write a review in rotten tomatoes although I go to this site very often. The only reason why is because I hated the Florida Project so much that I had to. I can't believe believe actually like this movie. Not only is it disgusting, the characters of this film have no redeeming vile AT ALL. I could not, for the life of me, get emotionally involved in these horrid people. I can't believe people actually liked this movie, which made me very sad as a human being because one, not only do you have no taste but you actually approve what these characters are doing. Now I know the writers are not saying that we have to be like these characters, but this movie has NO plot, NO redeeming value or lesson, and characters that are so obnoxious and vile that I could NOT stomach watching the movie. If you like this movie, I feel sorry for you.
Super Reviewer
March 13, 2019
Almost feels like a documentary about poor people living in motels within striking distance of Disney World, that's how authentic the acting is and how real the conversations sound. Especially the kids actors are absolutely outstanding, with Dafoe being the calming heart of the film but also a constant reminder that you are watching fiction. It's as much a portrayal of social misfits and their daily struggle as it is a film about a little girl's summer she won't ever forget. That doesn't even mean that something outrageous happens, at least not up until the end. And yet you can't help but laugh at Moonee's audacity and ultimately cry with her despair.
March 2, 2019
8/10 so powerful albeit low beat
½ February 28, 2019
While there isn't anything in this film we don't already know as a nation, it does an excruciatingly exceptional job of shifting the viewpoint to those living directly in its consequences.
February 25, 2019
"If you want a happy ending, you‚(TM)re gonna have to go to that headspace of a kid because, here, that‚(TM)s the only way to achieve it.'‚?
February 20, 2019
Storyline has tremendous potential...until the perplexing ending. Pace changes, camera drops to a weird angle, it is now a documentary-style vision (?)... what happened...
February 15, 2019
Al inicio pense que saldria decepcionado y aburrido luego de verla, pero fue lo contrario, me dejo con ganas de seguir viendo la historia que desarrolla, desde la inocencia de los ninos. Es un regalo este film
February 12, 2019
Director Sean Baker caught my attention with 2015‚(TM)s Tangerine, a story of down-but-not-out transsexual prostitutes in Hollywood shot entirely on iPhones. His latest film shifts locations to Orlando, Florida, but retains the emphasis on those doing it hard at the bottom. More poignantly, his focus is on very young children who retain a wonderful joie-de-vivre despite their situation. Specifically, these kids live at a motel (‚Magical Kingdom‚?) that is managed by long-suffering but good-natured Bobby (Willem Dafoe, the only recognisable cast member, in a perfect performance). He looks after his long-term tenants, particularly Halley (Bria Vinaite), a young unemployed single mum, who loves her six-year-old daughter Moonee (Brooklynn Prince) but wouldn‚(TM)t win any parenting awards. Moonee and her friends are free range, running wild across parking lots between shops and busy roads, making mischief but having fun. Things are not so easy-going for Halley but she tries to have fun; however, her rebellious anger (who gives a f attitude), seemingly (but not overtly) attributable to her lack of money and opportunity, causes problems for her. Baker shows us just one ‚magical‚? summer (from the kids‚(TM) perspective) but we know it can only lead to a dead end. It‚(TM)s wistful, slice-of-life stuff ‚" but there‚(TM)s an unavoidable tension here, particularly for parents. Baker doesn‚(TM)t judge his characters, he just shows us how bleak things are, in the shadow of a real fantasy world only moments away but impossible to reach. The kids just don‚(TM)t know this yet.
January 20, 2019
Really, one of the finest films I've ever seen. Tone is pitch perfect as to dialogue, and the acting is impeccable. We're completely immersed into Moonee's world, and as her mom continues her downward spiral our feeling of dread grows. Beautifully filmed, and the fantastic (as in it's a FANTASY, people; for that moment only do our characters leave their realism) is genuinely heartbreaking. Beautiful and thought-provoking film.
½ January 19, 2019
Wow, this movie is an astonishing achievement. Prepare to be transported to the gritty summer experienced by a six year old living at a cheap motel near Disneyworld. The storytelling style is a bold experiment, focused simply on the characters' actions, sometimes mundane and sometimes enormous. There is no exposition, no one explaining the backstory, but this isn't needed. A far greater depth of characterization is achieved by watching their lives. It takes incredible actors working with a brilliant storytelling vision to make this work so well, and the movie has both. It also takes some patience on the part of the viewer. Luckily, the cinematography is beautiful and the pacing is perfect, leading the viewer through the summer by the hand. Yes, even scenes in hotel parking lots and bathrooms can be artfully shot. Ok, I didn't love the final 30 seconds, but I'm ok with that. This funny and heartbreaking portrayal of childhood, poverty, constraints and choices, is worth your time.
January 13, 2019
If you enjoy watching kids being brats then you will enjoy this movie. Yes it is sad people actually live this way. Being poor is no reason not to make your kids behave.
½ January 11, 2019
Although the movie was a bit longer than needed, the ending made the movie, I was laughing, cheering, and crying at the same time, during the final scene. There was the sheer joy, playfulness, and wonder of childhood,and sometimes it's just kids running around like crazy, driving you nuts, and a mother who was, on one hand, as involved in the imaginative, in-the-moment playfulness as the children, but also her irresponsibility, crudeness, and aggressiveness. I've seen this in our world, and stayed at a somewhat similar motel when I visited Disneyworld with my nieces years ago. It was so well depicted--the neon motel culture with some permanent residents--kids running around unsupervised, people hanging clothing from balconies.....and then that huge contrast with the Magic Kingdom. Is it about reality versus fantasy, about childhood imagination and dreams, escapism of all types, freedom and responsibility, the innocence of children, the difficulty of living in poverty, and its effects. All in all, just short of a great film, but the ending was just perfect. Great performances by Brooklynn, the actress who played her mother, as well as Willem Dafoe.
January 5, 2019
What an amazing movie! First rate in every regard, and a genuinely egregious snub by the academy in virtually every category. Deft verisimilitude provides an engrossing snapshot of marginalized characters in an unflinching juxtaposition.
December 30, 2018
One of the best films of 2017, The Florida Project manages to recreate the reality of many poor families in the United States through the innocence of children, raising their social denunciation throughout the film, with colorful and happy scenarios that contrast with a strong and difficult story. With great characters and an incredible script, the film reaches an almost real level, thanks to the stellar performances of the entire cast (mainly Brooklyn Prince and Willem Dafoe), and a strong ending that establishes the film as a masterpiece on poverty and marginality.
December 26, 2018
One of the best films I‚(TM)ve seen in ages! The cinematography is as colourful as the language used - a raw, realistic story of working-class life in America.
December 24, 2018
I truly love this film. One of my favourites from 2017. This film is real life and it's honestly breathtaking.
½ December 23, 2018
Really an amazing movie, tells a lot about the current condition of U.S. Very grim in its message, althrough there is somewhat of a hope left. Visuals are breathtaking, the colours are fantastic.
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