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March 10, 2019
This was just awful. The story line was awful, it was just disgusting and there was no point to it. It made me uncomfortable and for that to happen takes a LOT. I love horror films and this was just a huge waste of my time.
February 15, 2019
The Farm is definitely a unique story and concept perhaps poorly executed. It´┐ 1/2(TM)s a film that left me feeling uneasy for days. The acting is terrible at times. However, the lack of dialogue throughout the film is pretty terrifying. Worth a watch.
½ February 12, 2019
Awful movie and serious waste of time.
February 2, 2019
I have never been more annoyed after watching a movie. I love scary movies, even the bad and low budget ones. This movie made absolutely no sense, the storyline was a waste of time. Apparently they spent all their money on renting farm equipment and only had $1 left to pay for a screenplay. Absolutely horrible, and had so much potential. What an absolute waste of my time, so incredibly annoyed by this film and want my $4 back for renting it.
½ January 29, 2019
This is actually the worst movie ever made. It's worse than I Spit on Your Grave, worse than Garbage Pail Kids, at least those movies know what they are and don't try to be more than shitty exploitation or gross out humour. This film actually has the impression it's an art house like picture (I swear the ending shot is ridiculous in how obviously the director sees it as some kind of artsy bullshit)

The acting is atrocious, the characters are unlikable and underdeveloped, the cult make no damn sense, and the idea of how this farm actually works is never really explained. This movie is just exploitation gore that has the audacity to try and be some kind of art house project. It's clunky, confused and the mindless gore doesn't mix well with these silent sequences that the director places in for no other reason than to give himself a kiss on the ass.

This film was actually unbearable in every sense of the word. I have nothing against brutal gore and cruelty, but at least present it in a way that makes sense. Not this contrived, pretentious, shit! This is the worst film I have ever seen and I almost feel like I deserve an apology from the director for watching this peak of trash!
January 27, 2019
Different horror flick. Predictable but still kinda fun in a bizarre way. We liked it!
½ January 26, 2019
Boring, derivative, uninspired. A waste of time
½ January 25, 2019
This is literally the worst movie I've ever seen not only do most of the actors not know how that act but they also play music loud over the talking. It was very predictable and just not entertaining at all!
½ January 18, 2019
Horrible movie. Plot, acting, just everything about this movie was terrible. I'm mad I spent $2.99 to rent this disaster of a movie. 0 stars, but apparently I have to rate it at least a 1/2 star.
January 12, 2019
5/5 for being one of the most F'd up movies I've ever seen and pushing the edge of what is acceptable to show in a movie. I wouldn't be surprised if this movie gets banned. The story is basically what might happen if a cult of vegans formed and took revenge on humans on behave of the animals. You'll see humans captured and treated like livestock and butchered for meat. The movie follows the story of a young couple who stumble into this mad town, get captured and try to escape! The movie doesn't waste time like other horror movies on insane clowns with cheesy lines, guys with knives on their fingers or anything like that, just a couple of redneck characters and a bunch of other characters who stay in silence behind creepy animal masks as they treat their human livestock how animals might be treated by the meat and dairy industry today. Not for the faint of heart, very realistically gory and very disturbing, but a must see for anyone who appreciates original, and seriously F'd up movies.
½ January 1, 2019
This was the worst movie I have ever seen. It should have a -100% rating. The movie was not scary by any means. I do not know how this was ever produced. I was forced to give this movie half star rating just so I could post this.
½ January 1, 2019
worst movie ever .. terrible acting.. no horror, disgusting and so stupid
½ December 26, 2018
If i could put 0 stars i would. As a mother this movie is beyond humane. I literally watched 10 minutes before forwarding it to see if it gets better just to see them take a baby, weigh him then smash his skull in. Not worth the time or money to go see. On top of that, poor acting, seems like a backyard movie.
½ November 24, 2018
so so. creepy ending. weird movie
½ November 19, 2018
I thought Year One was the worst movie I would watch in my lifetime... I stand corrected...
Half a star because you can't choose zero or negative 5....
November 19, 2018
Cool concept, but slow, stupid, and made 30 years too late...
November 17, 2018
Weird & just plain wrong in one part in particular!

November 14, 2018
The Farm, looks to be like a perfect slasher with the name already eurging audiences to guest what happens.
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