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January 30, 2019
Essentially this is Rosemary's Baby with different scenery, but I liked it. Lilith was great. What was the deal with Mr Howard? I think he should have his own sequel.
March 16, 2017
Es muy aburridora, la idea era que la muchacha se casara con un demonio, lo hizo al final sin saber que era un demonio y luego, ¿qué? O sea, ¿pa' que casarla?
July 18, 2014
Rosemary's Baby grew up to be 'The Devil's Daughter'--Hail Diane, princess of darkness... The Devil takes His due!!
April 5, 2014
Rosemary's Baby grows up and finds some demon ass.
½ February 16, 2014
A television rehash of Rosemary's Baby, but chilling enough.
December 5, 2010
Enjoyable yet tame made-for-TV occult/horror movie with the always-amusing Shelley Winters, here giving an unusually restrained performance as Lilith Malone, head nut-job of a Satan-worshipping cult, pushing the daughter (Belinda Montgomery) of a deceased fellow cultist to join in all the fun and frolic and become the bride of one of Satan's right-hand men . Ultra-high camp, but everybody plays it straight, including "Barney Miller"'s Abe Vigoda as a cultist, and "Dark Shadows"'s Barnabas Collins (Jonathan Frid) in an oddly-dialogue-less part as Lilith's mute manservant.
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