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September 29, 2018
Saw this movie last night! Shemar is gorgeous. Nadine was great. I loved the story and just felt happy coming out of the theater. Love good ol' fashioned Romcoms!
½ August 26, 2018
Having just fast forward through most of this hideous movie. This is the most BORING movie one could force their self to watch. It is not funny, it is not interesting by any means! The story line is completely bland. The movie show cases a man who is basically just bed hopper with contradicting views, since he has a daughter. The women he choses are total air heads, as well as he portrays himself, a worst air head! Watching paint dry is more exciting than this stinker of a catastrophe. Pass on it, you'll be glad you did!
½ July 8, 2018
Never registered as much as a chuckle or a smirk. All the roles were cliche.
May 12, 2018
Light fare with gorgeous leads, for those who prefer their romcom with a lot more rom than com.
½ March 8, 2018
Cute movie. Just a movie for mostly women when you want light romance and not something heavy or depressing. Enjoyable
October 21, 2017
Cute. A formula rom-com where the guy has to break his a~~ to repair a relationship with an overly sensitive femme. The break-up scenario was a bit thin; but a rom-com must have it. Had not seen Nadine V before. Something of a vision - and the best lips since Barbara Eden ("I Dream of Jeannie") & K. Zeta J. Nicely shot in bright California colors. Overall, a nice date-night movie or chick flick. | - Norm de Guerre
½ September 21, 2017
You know what idiot Shemar fans.
YOU CAN'T BUY CRITIC REVIEWS, OK? Your buying fans' reviews mean NOTHING.
When will you learn that? MORON.
August 5, 2017
the lead actor fucked up this commercial mediocre movie with his maturity
July 13, 2017
Woods and Velazquez have great chemistry together. The film is fun and doesn't take itself too seriously.
May 13, 2017
This movie was surprisingly good. I had low expectations going in, but it's definitely one of the better romance comedies I've seen.
May 8, 2017
Should have been a made for TV movie.
January 12, 2017
The Bounce Back was a fun, clean movie.
December 24, 2016
I saw this movie because the movie I wanted to see only had seating in the first two rows. I had never heard of this movie before I sat down but I love rom coms. I was super surprised that I saw a movie I'd never heard about and ended up really liking it. I didn't know who some of the actors were but I do love Shemar Moore and Bill Bellamy. The lead girl was funny and the daughter was cute. But it was the story I liked. My mom was a therapist and she reminded me of the part. Therapists always think they're right. I loved the love story. I thought it was sweet and fun. It's one of those feel good movies which I really, really needed in my life right now-cause after what I've been through I need to bounce back too.
December 23, 2016
Grade: C+

Rating: PG-13, 104 minutes

In a Nutshell: This SUPER predictable rom-com has a good-looking feature couple, but with very little chemistry together. Their hard bodies are impressive, but this movie is not.

What was interesting is that it was the men in the audience who did all of the laughing.

Uplifting theme:
"What is love? Is it a feeling? A commitment? A live-happily-ever-after pill? I like to think it's a choice." - Matthew Taylor (Shemar Moore)
"Love is the most beautiful thing we can experience in this world." - Matthew
"Communicate, associate, empathize." - Kristin Peralta (Nadine Velazquez)
'People deserve a balanced perspective." - Matthew Taylor
"Create the love you want for yourself." - Matthew
"Live into your future. Focus on the future." - Matthew

Things I liked:
I like the idea of an intellectual debate between the two main characters, although the conversations don't ever go very deep. I liked the discussion about how realistic these "self-help" gurus are or if they just say what we want to hear while they sell millions of "feel-good books."
Sheryl Underwood plays herself as a talk show host.
I've liked Rizwan Manji ever since I first saw him in the sitcom "Outsourced" and wish we could see him in more films.
I like the theme that love is a choice. Choosing to keep a marriage happy is about commitment. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable enough to fall in love with someone is a choice.

Things I didn't like:
Nadine Velazquez is beautiful, but looks and acts really plastic in this movie. You feel her acting, rather than feel her. I was surprised, because I liked her in the sitcom My Name is Earl: Season 3
There is a distracting amount of SUPER white teeth and fake body parts.
Matthew Taylor and Kristin Peralta's first kiss was painful to watch. No chemistry. Blah.
Matthew's ex-wife, played by Denise Boutte, is always super dressed up when she comes to the door. Yeah, like that's what normal people look like when they're home doing dishes.
Bad and choppy editing.
It's more rom than com; there are very few things to laugh at.
Bill Bellamy's character is so over-the-top that he feels like a cartoon character, especially compared to the other actors who are trying to be more dramatic.
I had never seen any trailers for this movie before it played in the theater, so I picked it based off the description that Matthew was an author. I've gone on book tours with my books, so I thought that aspect of the movie might be interesting and relatable to me. Unfortunately, the movie is more about the drama between Matthew and Kristin.
Kristin is supposed to be a therapist. Aren't therapists supposed to listen more than talk? She does an awful lot of talking and bashing, rather than listening.
I've read a lot of movie reviews of this film by people who really liked it, but I left disappointed.

Interesting lines:
"My book isn't about grieving, but creating." - Matthew

Funny lines:
"Just because you have a voice in your head doesn't make you a psychic." - Kristin

Tips for parents:
Pre-marital sex, talk of teens having sex, and inappropriate jokes.
There are a lot of skimpy clothes on various women. You see Nadine Velazquez in nothing but her underwear and bra as she climbs all over a shirtless Shemar Moore in bed.
½ December 17, 2016
A feel good movie for the holidays
December 15, 2016
I was pleasantly surprised with this funny and sweet romantic comedy. I'd never seen Shemar in anything but dark crime drama so I was surprised at how funny and lovable his character was in The Bounce Back. Of course Bill Bellamy helped along with the rest of the supporting cast that was really stellar! Nadine Velazquez' character was intelligent as she was beautiful. And surprisingly, the young actors who played Shemar's daughter and her boyfriend gave standout performances! This is a great date movie!
December 15, 2016
I thought this was a good, feel-good movie. Who doesn't need a feel-good movie with all of the stuff going on?? All of the relationships were positive, and Matthew (Shemar) was such a gentleman. All good examples of what relationships should look like and how to be positive. A diverse group of actors, so something for everyone! A must see!
December 15, 2016
What a great feel good movie about love and heartbreak. My favorite part of this movie was that Shemar was sad and in denial about his ex-wife. There are so many men out there who have to hide their sadness because they are supposed to be machismo. I thought this story was wonderful in that it really exemplified this male sadness. I also loved Bill Bellamy. Haven't seen him on the big screen in awhile. So that was refreshing! This is a must see for the holidays for sure.
December 15, 2016
I loved loved it. It is fun and silly and just adorable. It is a great date movie. Shemar Moore is on his game. Great movie.
December 14, 2016
What a wonderful, beautiful story. Even the actors were beautifully flawless. sheesh. Thank you for this story. It made me in a good mood. I learned that even men can be heartbroken!
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