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April 13, 2017
Reasonably good film but difficult for me to follow and understand
March 11, 2017
Four stories, representing the emotional principles of love, pleasure, sorrow, and happiness, come together in this episodic drama from first-time director Jieho Lee. A powerful crime boss, Fingers (Andy Garcia), subtly controls the destinies of four people whose circumstances have brought them to a crossroads in their lives. A quiet business executive (Forest Whitaker) is told that an upcoming horse race has been rigged and bets everything he has on his belief that the story is true. A noted pop singer (Sarah Michelle Gellar) discovers her career is hanging in the balance when she's forced to sever ties with her manager. A doctor (Kevin Bacon) must set aside a physician's traditional guidelines when circumstances demand he treat the woman he loves after a serious accident. And a criminal (Brendan Fraser) has a powerful vision of the future, but can't decide if his premonitions are to be trusted.
January 23, 2016
I think people's perspective of the film is a bit myopic. The film is cerebral, and if you're into those kinds of movies, this is outstanding. It simply, for those not willfully hindered by the Gateless Gate, asks one to ponder the meaning of their emotions. I loved it.
½ July 30, 2015
A charming yet simple story. It's an anthology piece which focuses on 4 different people. 3 of them in their own way help the 4th person be able to escape the life they are in. The acting is good and the writing is fine. To some it can come off as pretentious but I personally don't think it is.
It's different from what I usually enjoy but I surprisingly liked this film.
July 9, 2015
4 stories that all become intertwined together around one gangster. Has a star studded cast but nothing could save this film. Just a giant jumble of messiness.
April 12, 2015
Jieho Lee's debut is a well shot and interesting film revolving round a, well cast, ensemble and how their lives intersect. The way in which the protagonist changes is very natural. The first protagonist is Forest Whitaker and by the end we should feel as if we know each character very well. This is not the case though, the characters are quite one dimentional and uninteresting but brought to life by some good performances. The opening credits was the first sign to be wary but other than that the film was consistently shot well but it did seem the emotional intensity was lacking. It is worth a watch if you are a fan of any of the main actors - no one goes above and beyond what your used to but are allowed to broadcast their talents (some better than others). Otherwise I wouldn't recommend it to many as it didn't explore its ideas as thoroughly as I think it could have felt disjointed with its inconsistent tone.
Super Reviewer
January 2, 2015
This movie have got a superb cast of great actors like Forest Whitaker , Andy Garcia , Kevin Bacon and more.. and thats one reason i had to see it. The movie are divided in different parts in a way but have the same thread til the end with a pretty decent story overall. Bank robber , gangsters are some content which is always nice in movies.
December 23, 2014
While at times silly and not widely praised, the film deserves credit for its performances, namely Brendan Fraser, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and especially Andy Garcia, who plays the role of the evil crime lord Fingers so terrifyingly that he steals every scene he's in.
½ May 1, 2014
Drama, dripping in drama, with a side of drama. A bit too much.
½ February 23, 2014
What even was this movie?
½ December 8, 2013
A drama based on an ancient Chinese proverb that breaks life down into four emotional cornerstones: happiness, pleasure, sorrow and love. A businessman bets his life on a horse race; a gangster sees the future; a pop star falls prey to a crime boss; a doctor must save the love of his life.

stars Forest Whitaker, Brendan Fraser, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kevin Bacon, Andy Garcia, Julie Delpy, Clark Gregg, Emile Hirsch and Cecilia Suárez.

directed by Jieho Lee.
November 24, 2013
I loved this film. The acting was really good, hardly the best in Whitaker's career, but still darn good. It was interesting, unlike a lot of films these days. And the ending was really well thought of. I don't see why the professional critics gave this such a bad rating, and the film Crash a good rating. They're similar and, in my opinion, equally good .
½ September 30, 2013
Really interesting & great way they joined up the stories!
½ May 18, 2013
The Air I Breathe. Same concept as Crash where everything connects but this was not as good. I don't mean to take away from this because i liked it a lot and there were many redeeming qualities. It was slightly unrealistic at times and extremely at other times but it's a dark and mildly depressing drama that has a "happy" ending. Emile Hirsch is incredible and though he was not in it for long he was as great as usual. Andy Garcia played a great part and did phenomenal. Solid movie with an all-star cast. 7-7.5/10
½ April 24, 2013
watchable slow-action movie
½ April 3, 2013
Great cast, and I did like Brendan Fraser in it, but the plot was boring.
½ March 31, 2013
I always wondered, when a butterfly leaves the safety of its cocoon, does it realize how beautiful it has become? Or does it still just see itself as a caterpillar?
½ March 28, 2013
things we can't change end up changing us..

i like this movie..amazing casts, very good story.
March 11, 2013
Rushed. Overly fabricated. Unconvincing.
February 15, 2013
A movie where people's life intertwine like Crash. It had a good cast, but some parts just didn't do it for me.
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