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December 31, 2013
Not bad 90's movie. Had never seen this before.
Gold digger (Ally Sheedy) tries to contest the will of a wealthy elderly man she had a 7 year affair with hoping to be written into his will. When that fails, writes a tell all book about her love life to earn money. The only problem is, she made 90 percent of it up.
When the ex she was briefly married to (C Thomas Howell) is implicated as a previous bastard ex, his name is ruined and he loses his job as a children's entertainment actor as he is no longer wholesome enough after being falsely exposed as being into some kinky/abusive stuff.
He then tries to expose the gold digger as a liar which involves putting his acting skills to the test.
A few laughs and entertaining. Won't win any prizes, and has a straight to video feel to it, but I liked it
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