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February 9, 2019
I watched this movie as a small child and recently watched it this past christmas. It is an amazing movie with nastolgic animation. The story is cute and heart warming.
February 22, 2014
This is so adorable, and has a great message!
January 5, 2013
Not sure how they could get so much acting talent and end up with such a lame movie. Guess you still need to spend a few bucks on animation and a director.
December 5, 2012
i wanna see this movie
May 15, 2012
my all time fav. child movie
March 14, 2012
Please shoot me... Or just pummel me with tangerines to death. I am soooo not watching this piece of poo.
June 14, 2011
I get that it's totally the wrong time of year for this, but I've been watching a lot of Jonathan Taylor Thomas's work lately and came across this one, and decided to watch it anyway. It's really cute, albeit really cheesy. The animation isn't some of the best I've seen, but it's whimsical and cute in a way that only Christmas specials can be. I liked this more than I expected to.
September 12, 2009
I've seen part of this movie, but it is definitely for kids. :)
September 28, 2008
i REALLY love this movie!!
November 24, 2007
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, especially watching it with my daughter, who watches it over and over again. It's definitely for kids, and adults or "mature" viewers wouldn't find it interesting at all.
August 15, 2007
almost cried in front of the kids i was watching, not going to lie.
½ August 9, 2007
I know its a lil kids movie but i watch it all of the time i forced my mom to but it!!!
August 8, 2007
Excellent values, non-religious, my toddler watches for hours on end.
½ January 23, 2007
DUDE! ive seen this movie.... wow...
January 19, 2007
"Discount table? What's a discount table?"
December 21, 2006
Aww...A little Tangerine Bear!! So CUTE!!
½ December 10, 2006
Weak movie. VERY WEAK
November 29, 2006
i luv this movie so much and it is soooo sweet 2!
November 13, 2006
i think i saw it a long time ago.. wait.. maybe that was the velvetine rabbit.. lol
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