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½ April 5, 2019
As the own Travolta says in a beginning, dialogs have no sense, as well as the plot. However, you must recognize they can make a entertaining show.
December 9, 2018
John Travolta is good in this film. Don Cheadle is good in this film. Halle Berry I imagine tries (albeit unsuccessfully) to wring some interest out of a character that I'm sure was written in the script simply as SEXY CHICK until the final draft. But this is Hugh Jackman's film. This is part two of his double bill coming out party (with X-Men, natch). This is the film where he has to act hacking into some unhackable computer system in 60 seconds whilst receiving a blowjob. This is the film where he has to act creating some nebulous computer hacking program or something, which the naturally theatrical Jackman turns into some kind of mad scientist, musical genius concoction scene, with lots of wine. No other actor would have given these scenes such commitment and gusto. No other actor could. It's all so gloriously over the top and ridiculous and lots and lots of fun. Sure, it's actually terrible of course, as all the actual reviews will tell you, but it's one of those comic book action films that aren't actually based on comic books, and they're like catnip for me. Also, remember when Vinnie Jones had the best agent in the world and he managed to show up in a slew of Hollywood films?
December 3, 2018
So I watched this movie again after some years and it's still enjoyable. The soundtrack is solid. The action is pretty neat. The plot has strange twist. Yeah it lacks some logic in some places and the hacking scenes are just... well stupid. :D But still I give it solid 4/5 :)
½ December 2, 2018
Not worth watching. Corny writing - Jackman attempts to do som acting but the lines are right off. There is a line about ordering a triple espresso which is cringeworthy. One of Travoltaï¿ 1/2 1/2(TM)s least believable performances
½ November 29, 2018
Gratuitous and graphic and smug, and nowhere as interesting as it believes itself to be
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October 7, 2018
The film has style to spare and is soaked in action but the plot is really dull. There was a better film here and Travolta almost saves this from being an utter bore. The opening explosion scene is incredible and only sets the scene for a film that isn't like that. There are multiple action scenes and a chase down the hill that is just as insane as some of the plotting. Sena has yet to prove his filmmaker abilities, the only reason this film is bearable is the cast, they bring the depth not the filmmaker. You can't see where brings a style or tone, it just looks like a producers product. Enjoyed the conclusion and the beginning, the rest of the film is pure fodder. 06/10/2018.
September 5, 2018
The actors are too old to play these one-dimensional characters, the screenplay too convoluted and illogical to keep our focus, the direction too incompetent to ever rise to the level of ironic self-awareness where this would turn into camp. Gratuitously misogynist and unabatedly chauvinist, like the Mountain Dew-induced fever dream of a forum-dwelling incel, the sort who turned the Internet from a revolutionary communications technology to a nightmare of toxic machismo. Halle Berry wantonly demeaned by the male gaze, which sees her as nothing more than a body, stripping her and lynching her for the satisfaction of her male counterparts; Hugh Jackman reveling in front of his computer screen, like a teenager alone in his locked bedroom; John Travolta being John Travolta, riding his 90s comeback into the dirt-the whole venture is joylessly idiotic and cruel, nihilistic sleaze of the worst order.
½ August 19, 2018
cool movie with some great scenes and memorable moments. different in a lot of ways but nothing ground-breaking. great cast (about 3 viewings)
July 28, 2018
Pretty good. Entertaining.
½ April 14, 2018
hugh jackman and john travolta are miscast in this horribly scripted dud. only a few decent lines and a rubbish story.
March 30, 2018
The moral of the story, kids, is-- If you have absolutely no scruples or morals, you too can use a brilliant hacker to steal millions of dollars by intimidation at gunpoint, the hackers teen-age daughter strapped with explosives and a timer, and deception to get what you want. The only saving grace is the lovely vision of Halley Barry's birthday suit.
January 23, 2018
It is worth watching this movie for the wine drinking/dancing/hacking scene alone!
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½ December 4, 2017
Possibly the stupidest movie title ever? We do find out why during the film but still. Possibly the stupidest look for Travolta? The most camp hairdo? Gotta be contenders huh.

This film is basically about hacking computers, stealing lots of money and transferring it here there and everywhere in a flurry of slick sexy sequences. That's pretty much it, Travolta's character tells us its all in the name of national security and for US protection against terrorism, which it does seem to be. So this begs the question why is Travolta and his goons made out to be bad guys when they're working for the US government and hitting back at dangerous terrorists? The FBI finds out about the operation, OK its a dodgy op but what's wrong with it?

Apart from being very much like an ensemble 'Bond' flick the film actually offers a few interesting insights. Halle Berry's first topless scene is the big one (no pun intended), doesn't really add anything to the film and feels pointless but its there. This was only Vinnie Jones second major Hollywood film and again he has very little to say, still weird to see him in a Hollywood film at the time though. Twas also only Jackman's second Hollywood action film also, after 'X-Men'. This was one of the earlier films for Cheadle which started to push him further into bigger action films. Likewise this was a film within a string of action films for Travolta that all kicked off after success with a certain Tarantino film.

A bland film really with little to show, the action is impressive but doesn't feel required. It also seems way way over the top just for the sake of it. The plot doesn't really make much sense, its simple yet made out to be grand and complex with lots of tech talk and government plots. Thing is you can see right through it, its just an action film with too many big stars that are knee deep in makeup. An odd collection of stars too, none of them really gel together.

I really got the impression that certain scenes and stunts are in there just to keep you the audience interested, as none of it serves the plot. At the start where Travolta's character is doing his own little Tarantino-esq bit of dialog, Berry topless as said before, Jackman's character getting a blow job whilst trying to crack a code, sexy ladies asses on display, a car chase where Travolta uses an M60 machine gun (I think) etc...The story could be told without all that.

Its like a compilation of sexy smooth cool sequences which is assumed people will like. The actual plot and character development seems to have been added afterwards as an afterthought.

The finale typifies how the director tries to make this out to be a clever film. Travolta's character seemingly escapes in a chopper but gets blown to kingdom come by a rocket launcher. We then discover that a body double was in the chopper and Gabriel tricked everyone. But how did Gabriel know his chopper would get shot down? What if Jackman's character didn't use the rocket launcher? He didn't have to, he may not even of thought of it seeing as the weapon was back on the bus.

That was the clever twist the film had been building up to! that and another which wasn't exactly groundbreaking. So really the bad guys entire dastardly plan seemed to hinge on whether or not the good guy would use a particular weapon at a particular time, that's some good crystal ball skills right there.
½ November 10, 2017
This is a really cool, stylish film. It's very underrated and I'm not sure why. John Travolta is at his coolest in this film. From the beginning to the end it's non-stop, high-adrenaline stuff.
July 3, 2017
This got panned on its release and I remember hating really it. However, I enjoyed it the second time around. Travolta got a Razzie nomination but I love him in this, he is off the chain and so OTT. The action during the finale is solid and although it is a bit of a cop out and completely unbelievable it shouldn't have been surprised as it is in tone with the film. Wank but fun. Halle Berry one of the sexiest performances in the history of cinema.
½ May 7, 2017
Maybe this is what people in the early 2000's thought about technology. really has that early 2000's vibe. Add with it, a bit of Jason Bourne.
May 6, 2017
A highly stylized action flick about a computer hacker played by Hugh Jackman who is recruited by the leader of a secret organization played by John Travolta to steal money from the DEA. Movie is a bit disjointed and a little weak on the storyline but it has a lot of action.
½ April 22, 2017
Worst film I've ever had to endure.

Like paper maché first it's wet, limp and thin later it's brittle, vacant, completely void and similar to a daily newspaper my interest had wained after reading the funnies!

The dialogue was "Stan", "Stan", "Stan" - like repeating his name (Hugh Jackman) would somehow make us like him more, wrong!

Awful action scenes and score. Storyline was inept and the acting wasn't any better.
April 9, 2017
Decent visuals and big hudget, but seems like it is trying to be more slick than it actually is.
March 20, 2017
Stupid film. Bad acting from all involved. Halle Berry is a really ugly person.
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