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Critic Consensus: Sliver is an absurd erotic thriller with technobabble and posits prime Sharon Stone as a professional book nerd.

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This thriller begins as a divorcee, seeking to start over, moves into a new apartment in a high-tech Manhattan building and begins an affair with her neighbor. Her happiness is shattered, however, when she learns that a number of her neighbors have mysteriously died -- and she may be next.

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Sharon Stone
as Carly Norris
William Baldwin
as Zeke Hawkins
Tom Berenger
as Jack Landsford
Martin Landau
as Alex Parsons
Polly Walker
as Vida Jordan
Nina Foch
as Mrs. McEvoy
CCH Pounder
as Lt. Hendrix
Keene Curtis
as Gus Hale
Nicholas Pryor
as Peter Farrell
Anne Betancourt
as Jackie Kinsella
Tony Peck
as Martin Kinsella
Radu Gavor
as Dmitri
Melvyn Kinder
as Dr. Palme
Allison Mackie
as Naomi Singer
Jose Rey
as Detective Corelli
Jim Beaver
as Detective Ira
Gilbert Rosales
as Janitor Rodrigues
Mik Scriba
as Security Guard
Steve Carlisle
as Security Guard
Sid McCoy
as Mr. Anderson
Robin Groves
as Mrs. Ballinger
Matthew Faison
as Mr. Ballinger
Marnette Patterson
as Ballinger's Daughter
Patricia Allison
as Waspy Woman
Victor Brandt
as Detective McCracken
Ryan Cutrona
as Detective Ennis
Robert Miano
as Detective Howard
Steve Eastin
as Detective Phillip
Wendy Cutler
as Mrs. Colson
Craig Hosking
as Helicopter Pilot
Cliff Fleming
as Helicopter Pilot
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Sharon Stone goes cold in this botched thiller-maybe from the effort of pretending that her character, a beauteous book editor, would fall for the preening young computer wizard played by the vacant-and-proud-of-it William Baldwin.

June 12, 2013

Bogged down by dialogue by the vaunted Joe Eszterhas that utterly fails in its attempts at chic Manhattan wit, Sliver proceeds at an escargot pace to unfold the creepy happenings.

May 30, 2018 | Full Review…

...stripped of its thriller elements, the movie is really just a subpar 9 1/2 Weeks clone...

July 15, 2006 | Rating: 2/4 | Full Review…

Director Phillip Noyce's camera will leer at anything that clenches and unclenches with a steady rhythm.

March 27, 2006 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…

A glossy, trashy psychological thriller that manages to entertain despite a reshot ending which is too abrupt.

October 9, 2005 | Rating: 3/5

A hot follow-up to "Basic Instinct"....just as sizzling

April 25, 2005 | Rating: 3/5

Audience Reviews for Sliver

Yes, it's a dumb movie, but kind of fun in a tacky way. I saw it many years ago on VHS and felt like a rewatch. It's still just as dumb today, and there's a lot of sex in it, way more than I remembered, maybe I watched a pg version originally, or I just forgot, not sure which. I actually bought it down half a star from my original rating because it relies too much on sex to lift a weak story line, but then again, 90's Sharon Stone, it's not like that's a shocker! She's a watchable actress and quite pretty here. Ending is like a jolt, very abrupt, thought so the first time I saw it. She does have good chemistry with William Baldwin on screen. As I previously stated, for a bit of 90's tack, you could pick worse, but it certainly does have it's faults, although the voyeur plot certainly is a little different.

Nicki Marie
Nicki Marie

Super Reviewer


Ah yes, back in the early 90's Sharon Stone had the reputation of being Hollywood's dirty star, thanks to 'Basic Instinct' and this. At the time I was a young teen and Stone was notorious for her antics on film, we all talked about her, we all wanted to see her films, Stone was the pinnacle of naughty films we weren't allowed to see. Apparently the film is based on a novel of the same name and I'm sure the book is much better than this film. Its basically a murder thriller in a tall apartment block. Stone has just moved in, there's a young stud on one floor who fancies her and a middle aged bloke on another who fancies her too. One of them killed the previous owner of Stone's flat (yes in the UK we say flat), choose between the paranoid loony or the enormous peeping tom. I admit the film does well in hiding who committed the murder (and the other one during the film), you're never really sure which of the two chaps did it right up to the end. Tends to swing from moment to moment, one minute you think its Baldwin, the next its Berenger, nicely done I guess. The thing is the whole film just feels like its capitalising on Stone's previous massive hit 'Basic Instinct'. If they had another female lead in that role I just don't think it would have attracted the same publicity. After all this was Stone's sex sequel, her second big sexual escapade and boy did they nail that home!. I mean the film is reasonably enjoyable but its merely one sex scene after another, once Stone's character meets Baldwin's creepy duck faced character it just becomes one sweaty sex sequence followed by some dialog, then another sweaty sex sequence etc...It does actually feel as though the director is simply giving you a breather from playing with yourself with some boring plot, until the next big tissue inducing sequence (its not that dirty by the way). Gotta give it to Baldwin, he really does come across as a slimy creepy pervert that you know not to trust. Whether that was good acting or just the way he is I dunno. I quite liked the sub plot revolving around his electronic spying, you know its gonna play into the murder plot because he has cameras in every nook n cranny of this building, kinda obvious what will happen. Berenger is OK as this jealous oddball who breaks into peoples apartments all the time, a bit bland though, kinda plays it safe with his performance, nothing too special. A bit sickening watching both these guys trying to schmaltz their way into Stone's knickers, I wonder if the script is the same as the book?. Stone moans, groans and exposes herself well throughout, nothing more, she does exactly what you expect and its pretty much all she can do. Really it just feels like a quickfire follow through after Stone hit the big time, its very simple in premise and hardly a thriller in any aspect if you ask me. Its not even that sexy really, I don't wanna see Baldwin's sweaty ass!. Some nice visuals though, a bit noir-ish I guess, soundtrack is a little haunting also, so not all bad. The films title suits the content perfectly, you really do feel like you need a shower after this sleazy affair.

Phil Hubbs
Phil Hubbs

Super Reviewer


An ok raunchy thriller, not at the standard of Basic Instinct or Fatal Attraction though. There aren't that many twists or shocks in store, it's fairly predictable, although the ending felt rushed? Sharon Stone does what she does best.

Dean King
Dean King

Super Reviewer

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