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August 4, 2013
Jeff Fahey is a scruffy-looking police sketch artist who sketches an eyewitness account of a suspect that looks eerily lil egis wife, Sean Young. Despite the low-quality stars, this film is actually a fairly effective pot boiler. It helps that it was written by "Battlestar Galactic" writer/producer Michael Angeli and had a decent supporting cast that included Drew Barrymore (still in her transitional "Poison Ivy" / "Amy Fisher Story" phase of her career), Charlotte Lewis, Stacy Haiduk (who I had a crush on from SeaQuest) and character actors Frank McRae and James Tolkan. There's also an excellent moody score by Mark Isham. Nothing brilliant, but kind of entertaining in a tawdry sort of way.
August 4, 2013
this is a great movie
½ August 13, 2012
Pretty decent murder mystery that is raised above the TV quality level by a rather great cast. The characters and performances certainly save the plot from stalling as i'm sure it would without them. A far better watch than your average TV mystery and worth a watch.
½ February 14, 2011
W: 0. Really bad. Thought it might be interesting to see young Drew Barrymore. Not.
½ September 11, 2010
Don't you hate it when you get kidnapped by aliens from another solar system, and they won't let you go until you tell them all about American fashion of 1992? I'd never really had a concrete answer for them until I watched this movie. Other than in that situation, this film isn't all that valuable.
½ January 7, 2010
Sketch Artist (1992)

Jack Whitfield (Jeff Fahey) is a down on his luck sketch artist for the L.A. police department. He doesn't use the computer or those little transparency flippy things, but draws on paper using colored pencils while he talks with the witnesses.

With the reluctant help of a courier, Daisy Drew (Drew Barrymore) who bumps into a woman before discovering a murdered fashion designer, Jack finds that he's drawing a perfect likeness of his Wife, Rayanne (Sean Young). He hides this drawing making a different one that ironically looks just like another suspect.

He's further altering other evidence that can point to his Wife, but now he's resolved to try to solve the murder himself, but when Daisy is found murdered, he's finding that he's becoming more of a suspect himself.

It was great seeing some actors back when they were very young. One of the detectives, Sturges is played by a very young Mark Boone Jr. as well as Frank McRae who is playing Detective Milon, Jack's only friend on the force. Another detective, Jimmy was played by the asian actor, Ric Young. Finally, Lieutenant Tonelli (James Tolkan) was a little over the top as the chief, barking out orders.

This made for cable movie is a dark erotic noir drama. It has a great bluesy sound track, but it's sort of slow-moving and frankly kind of predictable. Not a total waste of your time seeing it on cable, but not really worth renting.
½ July 3, 2008
Boring thriller with Sean Young. Drew Barrymore has a ten minute cameo and then dies. Boring.
June 9, 2008
Nice movie a bit old though but nice
April 4, 2008
Jeff Fahey (Frank Lapidus on LOST)
Also starring the lovely and talented Miss DREW BARRYMORE.
November 8, 2007
Not my favortie movie. I thought there should have been more action. I was kind of board. Would not watch again. The only reason I Tevo'ed it was because I have Drew Berrymore in my wish on TeVo. I learned she was only in the movie for a short time.
Super Reviewer
½ June 10, 2007
Not a bad sexy thriller of a police sketch artist whose rendition of a murder suspect - concocted from a description given by a briefly seen Drew Barrymore - turns out to be the spitting image of his wife.
½ June 9, 2007
I didn't like the fact that the sketch artist redone the picture after the witness identified his wife as someone who left the crime scene, but it's understandable why he'd do it, just not right though. Otherwise, ok movie.
½ August 29, 2006
5.5/10. Mediocre mystery thriller, the cast is good, but the characters are not very deep or likable, and that is the main failing of the film. the story has an interesting premise, and is generally interesting.
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