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April 12, 2017
Low budget,cheap looking and amateurish.
½ June 3, 2016
What more could anyone want? I'm a sucker for a detailed plot and Six Gun Savior delivers all the way. Lane McCrae (Kaleo Griffith) becomes a bounty hunter for the Devil (played by the incomparable Eric Roberts) in order to save the lives of him and his brother after an outlaw murders their family. Even though his brother's soul is leaning more and more towards the darker side, Lane never gives up hope or his loyalty to his brother. It is apparent Lane is on the right path when he is joined in his quest by Elizabeth Russell, Muna, and Kyle "Hawk" Hawkins (all shown to have the purest of intentions). Matthew Ziff in particular shines as Hawk, a cowboy displaced by strange events that joins up with Lane in order to fight against the many forces of evil threatening humanity. I particularly love his authentic Western accent and acting range within this movie.

Another shining star is Lorraine Ziff as Zathera, who walks the earth giving people the chance to choose death or life (which is more like being in perpetual purgatory since it will damn your soul for eternity). Bringing complexity to a character that is literally death itself, Lorraine fights with and manipulates the darker characters in order not to be used for their vengeful desires.

This all culminates in a riveting battle of good vs evil that you won't want to miss. I rented this on Amazon Video, but I loved it so much I just pre-ordered it on DVD. Six Gun Savior is one of those movies that you appreciate more and more each time and I play on enjoying multiple viewings. Enjoy!
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