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February 7, 2015
The story was alright the acting was ok. Just lacking a bit of kick somehow. But it's ok to watch
½ October 11, 2014
"Scream Queen" Danielle Harris stars in this ho-hum serial killer movie that never features enough killing or tension to make it interesting for 90 minutes.
½ January 10, 2014
not a bad movie,but it is Casper Van Dien remeber
November 30, 2013
Shiver is ok thriller about crazy man that like to cut the heads off of woman victims. To low budget problems with story. C
November 22, 2013
This movie lacks of scaring its audience. The first 45 minutes of the movie is just very repetitive of the killer killing woman after woman. It briefly explains the killer's background but it also lacks of demonstrating the characters. The whole film was terribly written especially after the part where the girl just walks away after she had just gotten attacked.
½ November 17, 2013
I enjoyed this movie. It was believable and I applaud john jarretts performace. It was a movie based on plot and acting.
October 28, 2013
The scariest thing about this movie was the writing and the acting. Horrible plot, horrible acting, not scary at all. Dumb dumb dumb!!! Save your money and your time.
October 24, 2013
31 Days of Horror (2013): #11
October 13, 2013
Danielle Harris gives her strongest performance here, but the film itself isn't much to write home about.
½ September 22, 2013
OMG, this movie is so bad it's unbelievable that it could have even been made. How, in this era of great quality, low budget indie films popping up like mushrooms, could this piece of crap get a farthing of funding? With the exception of Danielle Harris, whose performance stands out like a spotlight protruding from a dung heap, and John Jarratt, who is convincingly creepy, there is nothing...and I mean waste one's time and money on. Don't even rent the stupid thing.
The acting is bad, the scriptwriting is laughable and the storyline is amateurishly stitched together from about a half-a-dozen other -good - stories and movies.
The fact that I actually paid to see this mess makes me Shiver. This is a warning: Don't make the same mistake!!!!!!!
½ November 10, 2012
A film that not even its main actress liked, this is a terrible film with moments of unintentional comedic value.
October 26, 2012
Ridicules but fast paced made for DVD Serial Killer film.
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