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April 22, 2015
biker version of 'high noon'
August 4, 2006
Ahh, bad biker flicks. Bad biker chicks in underwear. Bad Jack Nicholson before he got any respect. Bruce Dern is the star of this piece, and he's an actor in search of a plot. His wife (in real life), Diane Ladd, has thankless role as a damsel in distress. Cameron Mitchell is no help. Jack Nicholson leers and tries to look menacing. I believe Harry Dean Staton plays comic hipster biker in 1940's be-bop suit but I could be mistaken. Best scene is when Nicholson and Dern are arguing, and Dern tells him to quit grinning ... how either one of them kept a straight face during the proceedings is beyond me.
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