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Critic Consensus: Patriot Games doesn't win many points for verisimilitude, but some entertaining set pieces -- and Harrison Ford in the central role -- more than compensate for its flaws.

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In Patriot Games, Harrison Ford plays former CIA agent Jack Ryan, taking over from Alec Baldwin, who had played author Tom Clancy's brainy protagonist in Hunt for Red October. This time around, Ryan foils an attempted assassination, thereby incurring the wrath of a maniacal Irish radical (Sean Bean). After seemingly neutralizing the villains, and deciding to celebrate the occasion with his wife (Anne Archer) and daughter (Thora Birch), everything appears to be back to normal; then all hell breaks loose. Author Tom Clancy himself bemoaned the liberties taken with his novel in the final sequences; the picture scored with audiences, however, and soon inspired a followup, A Clear and Present Danger (1994), also starring Ford.

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Harrison Ford
as Jack Ryan
Anne Archer
as Cathy Ryan
Patrick Bergin
as Kevin O'Donnell
Sean Bean
as Sean Miller
Thora Birch
as Sally Ryan
James Fox
as Lord Holmes
Polly Walker
as Annette
James Earl Jones
as Adm. Greer
Richard Harris
as Paddy O'Neil
J.E. Freeman
as Marty Cantor
Alex Norton
as Dennis Cooley
Hugh Fraser
as Watkins
David Threlfall
as Insp. Highland
Hugh Ross
as Barrister Atkinson
Gerald Sim
as Lord Justice
Pip Torrens
as First Aide
Jonathan Ryan
as Jimmy O'Reardon
Andrew Connolly
as Charlie Dugan
Karl Hayden
as Paddy Boy
Claire Oberman
as Lady Holmes
Oliver Stone
as Young Holmes
Tom Watt
as The Electrician
P.H. Moriarty
as Court Guard
Rebecca Mayhook
as School Girl
Roger Blake
as Constable
Martin Cochrane
as Constable
Tim Dutton
as Constable
Allison Barron
as CIA Analyst
Ted Raimi
as CIA Technician
Philip Levien
as Dr. Shapiro
John Shepard
as FBI Helicopter Pilot
Stephen Held
as FBI Rifleman
Jesse D. Goins
as FBI Agent Shaw
Debora Weston
as CNN Reporter
Bob Gunton
as Interviewer
Ivan Kane
as TV Reporter
Kim Delgado
as TV Reporter
Keith Campbell
as Ned Clark
Jeff Mandon
as Marine Guard
Eric Paul
as Marine Guard
Jeff Gardner
as Midshipman
Franklin Dam
as Midshipman
Bonnie Webster
as Midshipman
Pamela Saxon
as Midshipman
Leah Tabassi
as Midshipman
Fred Toma
as Arab Soldier
Ruben Garfias
as Anesthesiologist
Michael Francis Kelly
as O'Neil's Bodyguard
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Much of Patriot Games is routine: good guys and bad guys running around with heavy artillery. But at its best moments, Noyce and Ford snap the genre back to life.

February 8, 2018 | Full Review…
Top Critic

Patriot Games is a good laugh, and a good look at Harrison Ford, and any connection with political truth, or with the real layout of London, is entirely coincidental.

January 3, 2018

It flounders from one absurdity to another, with results that are hilarious when they aren't insulting. There is as much political realism in the film as there is in Naked Gun 2 1/2, except that in Patriot Games it matters.

November 15, 2017 | Full Review…

While Ford is a solid blend of thought and action in his James Bondish role, and his need to protect his family gives the film some gripping moments, the film's moral viewpoint is strictly neanderthal.

October 30, 2008 | Full Review…

The movie kills most of the fun by watering down Clancy.

May 12, 2001

I expected this one to be a little more cerebral and without the Indiana Jones ending.

January 1, 2000 | Rating: 2.5/4 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Patriot Games

Of all the Tom Clancy adaptations, Patriot Games has got to be one of my personal favorites. The films story, for me has to be the best idea that Clancy had written on paper. The IRA seeks to assassinate a member of the Royal Family, and Jack Ryan stops the assassination attempt and in the midst kills the brother of the leader of the hit squad, Sean Miller. Sean Miller will stop at nothing to kill Jack Ryan and his family, and once he has broken out of police custody, he sets out to do just that. Patriot Games is a a solid, pulse pounding action thriller that doesn't seem too out of style. Sure looking back now, we can see that the political atmosphere has changed drastically, and that the IRA isn't really what it used to be. Despite the fact that times have changed, and the worlds focus is elsewhere, and I say this because when this film was released, the IRA were at the top of their game and still a threat to Britain. Getting back to the film, This is a top notch film that Clancy fans will relish and surely enjoy. Sean Bean's portrayal of the villain Sean Miller is terrifying, and diabolical, and for me, its one of his best performances of his career. Bean always knows how to play a villain well, and Patriot Games proves it. Patriot Games is a solid film that still holds up to this day. This is a film that very thrilling and action packed and remains one of the best adaptations of a Tom Clancy Novel. A good story, good acting and non stop thrills makes this essential viewing for Tom Clancy fans.

Alex roy
Alex roy

Super Reviewer

Harrison Ford's first Jack Ryan movie is a convincing action thriller. While some parts feel a bit simplified, probably even more so when compared to the novel, the film still flows perfectly and has you on the edge of your seat, especially during the really exciting showdown. One might say with a cast of names like this nothing can go wrong but the good direction should get its credits as well. Also: There's just something really satisfying about seeing Harrison Ford all pissed and ready to strike back in bloody revenge.

Jens S.
Jens S.

Super Reviewer


Having recently seen Salt, by director Phillip Noyce, I became curious to find out what other movies he's made. So I did what I always do when in need of such info: I turned to IMDB. It was then that I stumbled upon this film. A thriller not unfamiliar to me, but one I've (for some reason or another) neglected until now. At any rate, there's a lot to like about the cast in this film. Not only does it star one of my all-time favourite actors, Harrison Ford, but it also includes a superb Sean Bean, and great supporting roles by actors like James Earl Jones and Samuel L. Jackson. That in hand with some riveting drama bits and suspenseful action scenes, makes this into (to use a military metaphor) another medal on Phillip Noyce's uniform. Maybe not a golden one, but shiny nevertheless.

Mike S
Mike S

Super Reviewer

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