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January 3, 2016
Holly Hunter plays Renata, an Italian 30-something who belongs to a close-knit family headed by Joe Bella (Danny Aiello). After taking a real-estate seminar in the Carribean, Renata falls for Sam Sharp (Richard Dreyfuss), an obnoxious salesman who immediately disrupts the Bella's organized and peaceful life. His abrasive behavior cause tensions between Renata and her family.

This under-rated gem of a film succeeds because of it's true-to-life observations, a terrific cast and a zany script brimming with great lines. Richard Dreyfuss gives one of, if not his best performances here, pulling out all the stops. Holly Hunter is utterly believable as a distraught woman looking for happiness. Danny Aiello is just right as the family patriarch trying to hold the family together. Also look for fine work from Gena Rowlands, Laura San Giacomo. I've seen this film at least 20 times and I always go back to it!
½ October 1, 2014
Bittersweet family dramedy could've been a disaster but is raised up by great performances.
March 14, 2014
Any critic that pans this should never write another review! Hands down the most romantic and sensitive Rom-com ever put to film! Ken K.
January 10, 2014
Superb performances from Aiello, Dreyfuss and Hunter. Excellent movie.
December 26, 2013
This is such a great film. It keeps you guessing up to the very end on whether or not Sam Sharpe is a swindler or not. Turns out he's not which is surprising because you really want to believe Renata's family for not liking him. The performances are what make this film worth the watch. It's also the first film to ever leave Roger Ebert speechless. Ha!
September 14, 2013
:Love this movie, funny! I think it had points in it people just over-looked. It had comedy, drama. sex and everything a movie needs to be great- AND a plot!
August 19, 2013
Deeply touching film about the rites of passage and family, with all it's ups and downs, strife and love, conflict and acceptance. Richard Dreyfuss. Holly Hunter, Danny Aiello, and Gena Rowlands are brilliant, and the rest of the cast is excellent.
June 14, 2013
Watchable movie but those accents are more NY than Boston.
April 8, 2013
A rather fun movie with good acting by all. Grab a bowl of popcorn and a drink, put your feet up and enjoy a couple of hours of just good old fashioned cinema.
½ November 18, 2012
de esas pelculas que pasand espercibidas y tal vez ni siquiera en renta ya, pero fue bastante conmovedora e hilarante :D
½ November 7, 2012
Extremely underrated and moving melodrama that doesn't overplay its hand despite a good half dozen tear-jerking scenes in the latter half. I never felt manipulated, and it never seemed inauthentic.
October 20, 2012
Heart warming feel good movie.
September 2, 2012
distant, some good moments
½ June 3, 2012
This is an overlooked gem. Frustrating and even difficult to watch at times, it is quirky and complex and has some riveting performances by a cast of very gifted actors. Very strong stuff and how one calls in a comedy is anyone's guess.
½ November 21, 2011
[C/55] Schmaltzy melodrama that strives to be a heartwarming storybook on the trials, tribulations, and soul-searching of a Boston family that must come to terms with an obnoxious American-Lithuanian condo salesman who weds their desperate-to-be-married daughter. A bunch of scrappily developed characters meander through a go-nowhere plot full of half-clichés and gassy heart-rendering moments. Methodically empty.
October 12, 2011
Another one of those cutesy flicks worth seeing once"
October 4, 2011
I thought this was just a romance, not a "love life" movie. It was far more dramatic than I bargained for, and I'm not a fan of being tense through a whole movie just waiting for the other shoe to drop. I would not recommend this to anyone unless they are a fan of tension.
½ March 13, 2011
great movie, amazing performance - so heart warming.
February 28, 2011
One of my ALL time favorite movies ever!!! I always play it for friends who have never seen it. They ALWAYS love it! It has all the elements... guys love this movie, too! =)
January 16, 2011
Bella e interesante película,
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