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July 13, 2019
Verges On One Big Saturday Night Live Skit. It Still Has Some Very Funny Bits & I Find It Hard Not To Love Jase Bateman's Dry Wit With Deadpan Delivery, He's The Everyman That All The Other Characters Bounce Off. There Were Parts However That Push/Blur The Boundaries Of Comedy Leading Insanity, Which Is Almost Fascial At Times. These Flaming & Roasting Shout-Fests Usually Involve A Large Mixture Of Swearing, Violence & Insults..This Has It's Moments, But It's Lowest Common Denominator Humor With Tiny Moments But Little Substance, Often Making Joke References To BETTER Films..It Frustrates Me When The Storyline Drifts So Far Off-Track With Partying, Drug-Use & Jackass Behaviour, That By The Time We Hit 1hr-20min The Storyline Suddenly Needs To Wrap Itself Up. So Characters Appear Shameless & Easily Forgiven..With Little Style, But I Guess You Know What You're Getting Here, So Really, You Shouldn't Be Surprised By This. Other Party Movies Tho, Have Made A Better Effort To Pivot Towards An Ending.
May 20, 2019
A great cast in one of the most forgettable Christmas comedies you will ever see.
½ March 2, 2019
Clichà (C) filled waste of time. Only a couple good jokes.
½ February 17, 2019
All the cast are familiar and easy to enjoy, and there are a few laughs in the movie, but overall, it just gets sloppy and lazy for the end. Has an alright story, and pacing is okay for most of the film, but with the cast they have it could have been a lot sharper and enjoyable.
½ January 20, 2019
pretty funny and fun. lots of cheesiness and unfunny and stupid (2 viewings)
January 13, 2019
This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Why were so many known "celebrities" in this movie? They must have been promised a huge salary or a cut of the profits. I'm sure it didn't make money for whatever company made this film.
December 26, 2018
½ December 24, 2018
A few decent chuckles in the film does not help this film rise above mediocrity.
½ December 23, 2018
A so-so comedy that could have been much worse really. Not much I can say about this one other than it made me laugh a few times sure and Olivia Munn is still mighty fine. Oh, and Jennifer Aniston's legs steal the show once again.
December 21, 2018
Just playing lame from time to time but not completely painful to watch
December 21, 2018
It's official, no one knows how to make a decent Christmas movie anymore, especially when it comes to comedies. With the exception of Rare Exports, if you're looking for a great Christmas movie you need a movie from the 80's. This latest attempt at creating a Christmas classic is mildly amusing at best. It's like the Hangover movies but moved to the festive season. The story is about big meanie Scrooge type character played by Jennifer Anniston looking to shut down failing companies she is the CEO of to maximise profits elsewhere. Jason Bateman and T J Miller (who most British audiences will know from Deadpool) throw a massive office Christmas party to win over a potential contract that could save the company. Chaos then ensues with booze, drugs, prostitutes, guns, kidnappings, riots and car chases. How any of this all fits together is anyone's guess and then we end the film with a tech genius saving the internet....naturally.
It raised a few smiles but was instantly forgettable and leaves you longing for classic holiday comedies like Trains Planes and Automobiles that never fails to make me laugh no matter how many times I watch it plus it had something missing from modern comedies, a whole lot of heart and a great story.
December 20, 2018
Okay, the trailers promised me the party sequences of Bad Neighbours but in an office. Sure, everything needs a story, no matter how half-assed it might be but I don't want to watch a movie in where they throw a party because of boring business stuff. Don't you raunchy comedies know that every single R-rated comedy that has ever existed has a big-time periphery demographic? Even when things do go insane, I never felt as caught up in the moment as in the Neighbours movies and Bad Moms. If it has any notable good things about it, it's that the cast is talented and do allow for some laughs every once in a while and the characters themselves are likable and charming. The most notable ones for me being Jason Bateman and Dopinder from Deadpool as the boss of these two guys who don't believe that he has a girlfriend. I was actually hoping that she existed. Damn :(. But Office Christmas Party is, forgive me for this, boring. Something a movie that's all about a party shouldn't be especially with its forced sentimentality and a conflict that I'd prefer was brushed off as an afterthought so that the movie could
December 7, 2018
All the right ingredients but a bit of a shocker
December 5, 2018
5 stars, any party movie that includes a real baby and the Iron throne is amazing
½ December 4, 2018
A lot of laughs to be had, but a very limited narrative.
½ November 27, 2018
Woof! This one is really bad. Very few laughs and it's 104 minutes long. They couldn't squeeze this much bad movie into 90 mins? Instead they have to waste another 14 mins of my life on this stupid movie? I also want to say this...Jason Bateman is overrated and NOT very funny. Can Hollywood STOP putting him into comedies? His acting ability is severely limited and he's not very funny.
½ September 9, 2018
Terrible premisse of a story that is too strange and absurd to work. Bad boys and girls with lots of money trash the place. Hard to find the good in it and little humour as well.
½ September 4, 2018
Office Chistmas Party pierde peso por su argumento tan cliche y basico, pero sus personajes logran aumentar el interes de su ejecución , es basica y tal ves en un tiempo no recuerdes a verla visto ya que no ara nada por sobre salir.
August 19, 2018
Strengths: This movie is loaded with talented comedic actors. TJ Miller (Clay Vanstone), Jason Bateman (Josh Parker), Olivia Munn (Tracey Hughes), and Jennifer Aniston (Carol Vanstone) all do well as the four main characters. However, it's the supporting cast who really bring this home. Kate McKinnon (Mary Winetoss) steals the show as the Human Resources lady. Her jokes almost always land and she plays a bigger role in the end than you'd expect. Jillian Bell (Trina) is funny as a pimp, Courtney B. Vance (Walter Davis) has a blast playing something fun, and Rob Corddry (Jeremy) was his usual enjoyable self. There were several big stunts that work surprisingly well in a film like this. Things get wrapped up in a relatively nice bow, making for some good, yet vulgar at times, holiday fun.

Weaknesses: Unfortunately, it's not a very memorable movie. The world of Christmas movies is crowded, so you must stick out. Even average ones tend to have something memorable. Nothing about this movie makes it stand out and you probably won't remember much of what happens a day or two after you watch it. Bateman's character feels like the only one to grow and have something resembling a true arc. Things go a bit too far over the top for every joke to hit and some of the minor characters play out like clichés who don't really click.

Overall: An enjoyable holiday flick. There are plenty of laughs and fun characters. It just doesn't do enough to distinguish itself in a crowded genre and comes across as kind of forgettable.
Super Reviewer
June 18, 2018
So I'm gonna try and get this review done as quickly as I humanly can given that it's 9:01 pm right now and I haven't eaten yet but, who knows, I may be here until midnight. I always say that I'm gonna try and make these reviews more concise but I always fail. It's a curse. Eh, not really. I've never understood office Christmas parties, particularly those that are mandatory. I realize that if office Christmas parties weren't mandatory nobody would actually go to them. If you're spending 40-50 hours per week in an office the last thing you want is to spend more time than you need to at the office. Plus these parties often have the reputation of not being very good. As far as the mandatory aspect of it, I mean, really, how can you force people to do something they don't want to do after their work hours? Are you gonna fire them? What if they have a special needs kid at home that needs a lot of attention? You don't know the circumstances of someone's life and who might need them. I wonder if not attending one of those parties is grounds for termination. Because, honestly, that would be the stupidest reason to ever fire anyone. I don't even know why I'm talking about this. I'm bored, I'm tired, the last 9 days of my life have not been very good. I don't know. Anyway, for those of you who may not have known (Letterboxd, since I haven't reviewed one of his movies on here yet...or copy-pasted some from RottenTomatoes), I'm a big Jason Bateman fan. As far as modern comedic actors, there's very few like him that have the timing, the delivery and the facial expressions to, truly, make one of the most complete comedic actors working today. That he doesn't have the best track record, as his filmography is concerned, does not have anything to do with the fact that he's an untalented actor. Far from it. It has more to do with the fact that, sadly, he's been typecast in a certain type of role as a result of his tremendous performance as the straight-man in Arrested Development. I even know someone who hates Jason Bateman as a result of how much of an asshole he was in Juno. And I'm like, thinking to myself, well that's just how good of an actor he is. That your hatred of him transcended what's on-screen. But, I mean, as far as hating Jason Bateman, that should just be illegal. I suppose that's neither here nor there. The reason that I chose this is the same reason that I chose 13 Going On 30, I wanted something to forget all the shit that's been happening. And, also, the cast is full of some really talented actors so that made watching this, for me at least, a must. Well, not necessarily a must, but I know that dating back to its release I was like, even if this movie sucks, I wanna see it. That can be associated to the cast. Having said that, though, does this movie, in fact, suck? No, honestly, I wouldn't go that far. Is it a good movie? I don't know, I suppose we'll get into it. Answering those two questions leads me to this third one. Did I have fun watching this? Unequivocally, yes, I had fun watching this. Does that make me an awful person? No, I'm not Donald Trump for fuck's sake. I'm not saying that the movie isn't without its flaws, but I enjoyed my time with this and will, gladly, give it a positive rating. Story basically sees this struggling tech company, and its branch manager (Clay), trying to save this branch of the company from being shut down by the manager's evil sister (Carol). They do this by throwing this epic party for this man (Walter) that might help them save their company if he decides to go with them instead, of say, Dell. Walter approves of the company, but not of its culture, so the party is Josh (Bateman) and Clay's way of showing that their culture is great and that they treat employees like family. Simple and to the point. Of course, everything starts going to shit and, by the end of the film, the entire office ends up absolutely destroyed after everyone finds out that they're gonna get fired since the branch is closing down. Having said that, I will say that, to me, one of the faults definitely has to be how forced parts of the movie feel. By that, I mean the party gets way out of control. It starts out quite boring, before Clay inserts some energy into it and then they're off to the races. But, as I mentioned, it's quite a bit contrived in how they get to point A and then skip all the other letters to end up at Z. It happens immediately and, really, I don't buy things going this crazy this quickly. It's like the people here, all of a sudden, started acting like they were in Mad Max's universe. And I get that it gives the film an energetic and out-of-control vibe, but it just felt like too much happened in too short of a time span for it to be believable. All of this takes place during one day, basically. Though, if I'm being fair, this isn't the only film that I've seen where too much takes place in too short of a time period. It is what it is, but I can't really overlook it. Having said that, I still had fun watching this movie. I don't really even know what it is. Because, if this had been any other day of the week or I haven't been through a terrible week where a loved one has been in the hospital for something that will change her life forever, then I probably would have been more critical. But, maybe, I was just more 'susceptible' to what this film had to offer. Who the fuck knows? All I know is that the film has a great cast and, clearly, they were having a blast and, to me, that's always really important in a film like this. It's one of the most underrated qualities in a broad comedy as this one. If the actors are having fun, theoretically, that should rub off on the viewer. Of course, that's not always gonna be the case given that you have a wide variety of different people with different tastes that may not buy what you're selling but, for the most part, you hope that it ends up working. In my case, it did. Then again, as I said, I was probably more susceptible due to my emotional state and the fact that I enjoy a lot of the actors in this movie and they all did a very good job. Obviously, it's not like I'd say that the scripting is great shakes or anything of the sort. But, if you were gonna slack on the script, you picked the best cast to do it with. Not that I would ever condone not putting in the effort to produce a strong script, it's just that it's easier to make mistakes because you have such a talented cast to, hopefully, elevate the material. They do elevate it, but it's not like this is gonna be any sort of Christmas classic. They weren't shooting for that, though. They were attempting to be a solid diversion and, to me, that's exactly what it offered. I enjoyed this movie and I don't regret giving this three stars at all. I wouldn't say that you need to go out of your way to watch this, there's very few movies I'd actually say that for, but I had fun watching this movie. And, in the long run, that's all that matters. If you hated it, good for you. I liked it and you can't take that away from me, you fucking assholes. Ok, that escalated quickly. Seriously though, fun movie here.
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