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February 29, 2020
Charlize Is Virtually Unrecognisable..But In Doing So, The Character She Plays (iLene) Speaks Volumes. There Is Always Another Side To The Story, Which This Film Shines A Light On Very Well. Even If It Is Uncomfortable In Doing So.
½ April 19, 2019
In its lesser moments, this is a highly-elevated Lifetime Movie. But in its better moments, it's a shocking piece of cinematic empathy. It would be so easy to write Aileen off as a monster, but Jenkins is more thoughtful than that, presenting her as a person with history, agency and reason. Theron is great, but Ricci is even better, both of them grounding these unlikely women with strength and humanity.
½ March 10, 2019
Charlize is phenomenal, she is able to find the humanity within a "Monster". It helps when trying to understand Aileen.
February 27, 2019
Alexander Ray
Professor Kee
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February 27th, 2019

Film Review: Monster

Basic Information: (director, writer, key players, producer)
Director: Patty Jenkins
Writer: Patty Jenkins
Producer: Charlize Theron, Mark Damon, Clark Peterson, Donald Kushner, and Brad Wyman
Key Players:
- Aileen Wuornos- Charlize Theron
- Selby Wall- Christina Ricci

Brief story description:

The film, Monster, was based on a true story of a women in the 1980‚(TM)s who killed a total of (6) six men. Aileen Wuornos was played by beautiful Charlize Theron. She won countless awards for her role in the film. The film begins by showing Aileen barley getting by in life, selling herself for sex in exchange for cash that never lasted long. Weather at a bar, getting picked up on the side of the road, or being driven ‚home,‚? she always found ways to seduce men into having sexual intercourse. The viewers are showed glimpses of her being young girls and always wanting to be someone great with all eyes on her. Some may say this led to her need for attention from men. Soon later in the film she meets her new lover, only this time it was a woman. After letting down her own mind barrier of the idea she may be homosexual, her and her lover, Selby Wall, quickly fell into a sex strung relationship whom Aileen loved. During her confusion in changing sexuality, Aileen continued to sell her body for money to live on. However, during one of these events, she felt as though she was being raped which led to her killing him. From this moment on, during a one-year time span, she killed (7) seven men in what she thought was self-defense. Throughout the film, Aileen never truly came to the realization that she was a murderer. This is because the viewers were repeatedly shown how she justifies the murders as bringing justice to those who rape. It was a truly heart wrenching film that made my stomach turn the entire time. Aileen was later executed in a Florida prison for her actions.

Production highlights (positive or negative):

The highlight of this film I believe is when she first told herself that killing the first victim was this was the right thing to do and stopped that man from doing it to someone else.

Overall Recommendation:

I would recommend this film. Specifically, to someone looking for a movie watch with their family. Due to the relevance in how soon this occurred, it is weird knowing most of the people I know lived while this was happening.


Perfectly portrayed acting by Charlize Theron, easy to follow sequence of events, and beautifully directed by Patty Jenkins.
February 11, 2019
Director: Patty Jenkins
Writer: Patty Jenkins
Producer: Charlize Theron, Mark Damon, Clark Peterson, Brad Wyman and Donald Kushner
Key Characters: Aileen Wournos ‚" Charlize Theron
Christina Ricci ‚" Selby


Monster is based on the true story of Florida serial killer Aileen Wuornos who was sentenced in 2002 for the murder or 7 men. Director Patty Jenkins takes us through the troubled life from Aileen from the time she was a child; constantly seeking acceptance and her need for attention and recognition. Her rough upbringing, promiscuity and lack of education leads her to becoming a troubled hitch-hiking prostitute. In her journey, Aileen ends up in (unbeknownst to her) a gay bar where she meets Selby. Aileen and Selby develop a romantic relationship ‚" something Aileen has longed for her entire life (love and acceptance) and is willing to do anything for. After Selby goes against her family‚(TM)s wishes and decided to follow Aileen in her journey and build a life together, their relationship faces many ups and down since they are constantly struggling financially and lack stability. Despite Aileen‚(TM)s attempt to quit prostituting, her desperation to keep Selby and make her happy leads her back to it. It is during one of these instances when Aileen is confronted with a man who rapes her and nearly kills her. As she fights for her life in self-defense, she murders her first victim. It is this event that unleashes her killing spree and pattern of murdering her clients and stealing their cars. In a turn of chaotic events, after murdering 7 men in one year, Aileen Wournos is caught and arrested at a local bar.

Production Highlights:

The best production highlight is Charlize Theron‚(TM)s transformation to become Aileen Wuornos. From the hair, make-up, special effects and Charlize‚(TM)s ability to transform the way she speaks and carries herself. This alone solidifies her incredible talent as an actress. Her hard work and incredible performance won her the Best Actress in a Leading Role, Oscar in 2004. Another production highlight for me was the final scene of the movie which is a big reveal. As Aileen calls Selby from prison the camera, the scene changes and the camera Zooms into Selby while they‚(TM)re talking. As the conversation carries on, the camera zooms out to reveal that Selby is in a room with detectives and the conversation is being recorded. This and the conversation reveal to the audience that Aileen‚(TM)s love of her life has turned her back on her and is cooperating. This leads to the conviction and end of Aileen‚(TM)s life as we know today.

Overall Recommendation/Conclusion:

In conclusion, I highly recommend this movie. Real-life dramas are my favorite type pf movies. Patty Jenkins, screen writers, the production team and actors casted delivered an amazing film. As a movie should, this production was truly gripping.
½ February 10, 2019
The 2004 film ÔŅ 1/2MonsterÔŅ 1/2¬? is an extremely dramatic film written and directed by Patty Jenkins. ÔŅ 1/2MonsterÔŅ 1/2¬? stars Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci. ÔŅ 1/2MonsterÔŅ 1/2¬? is based on the true story of the life of Aileen Wuornos and her relationship with Selby Wall. ÔŅ 1/2MonsterÔŅ 1/2¬? starts off following Aileen played by Charlie Theron as she struggles through life as a prostitute. She eventually gets to the point where she seems to want to end it all until one day she stumbles into a bar and meets Selby. Selby is played by Christina Ricci. Selby is a lonely young woman who is staying in Florida with some family friends. Selby is alone at the bar trying to make friends when Aileen walks in. Selby tries to buy Aileen a drink by Aileen rejects her and calls her out for being a Lesbian. Selby reassures her she was just looking for a friend and they end up having a great night together. This starts a great friendship between the two of them and leads them to start a romantic relationship. The film then follows the two of them struggling to make ends meet. Aileen has quit being a prostitute and is trying to find a job so she can support Selby. After weeks with no luck finding a job, being humiliated, and the threat of losing Selby, Aileen turns back to prostitution as a last resort. This is where things really go downhill. One-night Aileen is attacked by one of her customers. In self defense she pulls out a gun and shoots him. This ignites something in her and Aileen starts killing her customers. As things progress Selby starts to find out all the things Aileen has been doing and the consequences they bring. In the end Aileen sends Selby back home so nothing happens to her and Selby brings everything to an end. ÔŅ 1/2MonsterÔŅ 1/2¬? was a very powerful and dramatic film. It really explores the sad reality of victims becoming offenders because of the traumas they suffered at the hands of someone else. I found the film hard to watch in some parts due to the graphic nature. Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci both gave excellent performances in the lead roles. Even though what Aileen did was very wrong you canÔŅ 1/2(TM)t help but feel a bit of sadness for her having been through what she had throughout her life. I wont be watching this film again but I would recommend this film to anybody that is looking for a strong drama with great acting.
½ February 10, 2019
Monster is directed by Patty Jenkins and the screenwriter is Patty Jenkins. In fact, this is a film based on real events (a murder of a road prostitute in the United States in the 1990s). The main participant is Charlize Theron, a South African beauty, and the main producer is Mark Damon. The story mainly tells the story of the heroine's childhood misfortune, experienced a sinful life, and provided low-level sexual services for the drivers on the road. When she felt that life was hopeless, she met a gay girl who was passionately in love. In order to be with the girl, but because of the demand for money, she interviewed a lot of work, but was rejected by the company because she did not have a degree. She can only return to her old business, but when she encounters a perverted passenger, she angrily kills the passenger. After several cases, she is finally captured. Her gay girlfriend accused her of killing, and she suffered a betrayal of love. Making highlights I think Charlize Theron is in this film, breaking through his beautiful image and transforming into a monster performance, and won the Oscar for best actress, and the film is better than most of the same sex films. Another highlight is that the film was produced in 2003, which was still very impactful at the time. I think this movie shows a girl who could live a carefree life and become a monster story after being betrayed and beaten by family, society and partners. I am full of sympathy for the heroine, even though she is a bottom niece, but her heart is full of love, family cravings, she has encountered misfortune again and again, I am sad that she went to apply, she did her best biggest effort. This movie reminds me of Homeless to Harvard, also in 2003. It also tells the story of a girl trying to get into Harvard. Sometimes the world imposes too much unfairness on the poor. I think I highly recommend this movie. From the perspective of women, we tell the story of the heroine. We will feel sad and weep, but we will feel lucky because of our living environment.
½ February 10, 2019
Director/Writer: Patty Jenkins
Key Players: Aileen Wuornos (Charlize Theron), Selby Wall (Christina Ricci), Thomas (Bruce Dern), Vincent Corey (Lee Tergesen)
Producers: Charlize Theron, Mark Damon, Clark Peterson, Donald Kushner, Brad Wyman

The Movie ‚Monster‚? is a true story based on the life of Aileen Wuornos, a woman in her early 40‚(TM)s whose anger for the cards life has dealt her result in prostitution, theft, and a serial killer of 7 men. To further complicate things, depicted in the movie is Aileen‚(TM)s first lesbian encounter with new-found lover Selby Wall, played by Christina Ricci who in her own feeble mind is struggling with her insecurities of coming out of the closet. This said, what is common to both of these women is there desperate need to fit in and search for true love. While a gruesome turn of events, Jenkins‚(TM), the director and writer, doe sa great balancing act presenting both sides of story line. In particular, the inner thinking of Aileen for the audience to gain insight as to what exactly the cards of life for Aileen looked like. In doing so, the unrecognizable beauty of Charlize Theron in-character is nowhere to be found. Jenkins removes all obstacles and barriers where Aileen Wuornos‚(TM) real-life hard knock experiences come to life and unfold on screen before one‚(TM)s eyes ‚" what a riveting transformation. Starting from the first scene of Theron under a highway bridge, soaking wet by the rainfall, and holding a gun in what looks like her final moments of despair. Jenkins sets the tone by Aileen (Theron) sharing inner thoughts about her not-so fond childhood memories. This subtle yet powerful technique is frequented throughout the story line as it allows the audience to gain an understanding of the pain and hardship Aileen has endured which could potentially explain the circumstances which could have influenced the decisions and choices she made or felt that she was force to make. While a key player, I didn‚(TM)t care much for Christina Ricci playing the role of Selby. Her awkward and out of sorts facial expressions and body language left me thinking that there could have been other female actors who could have done a better acting job. Vincent Corey (played by Lee Tergesen) is the man whose inappropriate behaviors and actions push Aileen to a new level of misdeeds where she wants all men to pay for those who mistreated and caused emotional and physical harm to her. Thomas (played by Bruce Dern) was a great add to the list of actors in this movie and a great reminder that everyone needs a helping friends. Through Thomas, Jenkins introduced a sympathetic caring friend to Aileen who despite knowing her inner demons, did not judge her. Thomas was a Vietnam Veteran who compared Aileen‚(TM)s circumstances to an individual with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Through their discussions, Aileen ‚" right or wrong ‚" rationalized in her mind that everything she did was because it needed to be done in order for her and Selby to survive. In my opinion, introduction of this character was brilliant as it enables one to make the connection with another group of individuals who struggle to fit in following their return from duty as well as those who suffer from mental illnesses. Strangely enough, I was left feeling sympathy for this lost woman whose heart seemed to be in doing the right thing but due to the forces of evil battling in her head, all odds seemed to be against her. Movie is emotionally draining and contains graphic violent scenes. Recommend viewing to learn about Aileen Wuornos‚(TM) real-life story which occurred in the state of Florida. A much noteworthy and great performance by Charlize Theron. Rating: 4.5 stars!
February 10, 2019
Patty Jenkins has done the impossible in her 2004 film ‚Monster‚?. The director has found a way to tell a love story that humanizes the protagonist, Aileen Wuornos, a real-life American serial killer who was executed in 2002 for her murderous crimes. Jenkins tactfully invites the viewer to sympathize with Aileen before depicting her transformation into a monster. This creates an effective internal schism within the mind of the audience, forcing us to question if we were wrong for having rooted for the Aileen in the first place. A great deal of the film‚(TM)s emotional potency must be credited to Charlize Theron, who‚(TM)s depiction of Wuornos is incredibly convincing.
The film follows a middle-aged Aileen, choosing to skip over most of her life before, covering this time only with a quick childhood montage. This early production choice quickly establishes the intentionally narrow scope of the film. By focusing in on the love-story between Eileen (referred to endearingly as Lee) and her younger girlfriend Selby (Sel), Jenkins illustrates an intimate and genuinely moving love story wedged under the overarching portrait of a prostitute turned serial killer. While being sexually and physically assaulted by one of her clients, Eileen escapes and steals his revolver, killing him in self-defense. Her first kill is cathartic and defensible, a the audience roots for her as she drives away from the murder scene. This sense of support for Eileen is further aided by Theron‚(TM)s exceptionally convincing performance, who clearly empathizes with this stage in Wuornos life. After this encounter, we see a visible change in Eileen‚(TM)s attitude about the world. Wuornos has become bitter to other human beings, except for Sel, and she uses this attitude to justify her killings.
We see quick escalation from revenge murder to the killing of completely innocent men, causing the viewer to rethink their emotional sympathy for Eileen. Lee begins to seek out new victims and finds ways to justify her urge to kill in any way she can, projecting misogynistic views on innocent men. All of this amidst the beautiful love story of Lee and Sel, which offsets the horrible nature of Eileen‚(TM)s crime with a compelling romance. Selby, played by Christina Ricci, quickly becomes Lee‚(TM)s last connection to her human side, and Jenkin‚(TM)s constantly contrasts shots of her serial killer tendencies with her genuine love for Sel. By the end of the film, we lose our sense of sympathy for Eileen, but not for the love between her and Sel. We wish the two could stay together, but understand that Eileen must pay for her terrible crimes. The resulting ending is emotionally confusing yet potent. This film was produced by Denver & Deliah films, and written and directed by Patty Jenkins. I highly recommend this film as an honest portrayal of the development of a serial killer, however some viewers may find some of the more graphic scenes to be pretty shocking.
February 10, 2019
An interesting but difficult film to watch, due to its dark, disillusioning and pessimistic tone, far from the cinema patterns of our times, when presenting a series of characters tortured and trapped by life, always at the edge of their world, those places of the deep, dirty, dark and difficult America, with places not too far from hell. One of the successes of Monster is that in a story that could have fallen in condescension and stereotype, in its characters and especially in its protagonist, it draws successfully with a script in which all the characters have human points and dark, the murderer is not justified only because he has had a difficult life, just as man is not a despicable being in all cases, just because he hires the services of a prostitute.

We must praise the script of the director Patty Jenkins, for the subtle nuances that introduces the story and its characters. But this success in the libretto partly eclipses his work as a filmmaker, that although it is justifiable to focus on a certain ugliness, does not interest his images, so the story could easily pass for being a telefilm, full of scenes and sordid relationships (the scenes of Aileen's crimes are overwhelming, it is difficult to keep your eyes on the screen). We can say, however, that the distance between Theron's interpretation and that of the co-star Christina Ricci is abysmal. This is limited to exposing a limited repertoire of expressions making his character unbearable, it is not known whether by this or by the interpretation of a lost Ricci, which seems to cost too much to recover his disheartened star. His scenes partly ballast the interest and rhythm of the film.

And then there's Charlize Theron. As much as it has been said of his characterization (very interesting to hear the actress reflect on this) her interpretation is simply impressive. His body becomes one more nuance of the characterization of a human that practically ceased to be, avoiding sentimentality and overacting. The actress' eyes turn into windows, at times hopeful, to a world that is awakened and emotionally arid. Her expressions, her way of looking and speaking, make her a wounded and childish animal and however cruel and possessive at times, that she hopes to find a way to take her forward and take her out of the spiral in which she finds herself. But that hope clashes with his true self, shown in the film through letters from Aileen herself, in which she reveals her self-destructive and realistic character, knowing, although she never accepts it, her only destiny: her own destruction. That an actress, in only two hours is able to reveal all this about a person, says a lot about his quality as an interpreter, as all the prizes around the world say
½ February 10, 2019
Monster is a well-done crime biography film written and directed by Patty Jenkins. This film was released about a year after Aileen Wuornos, the person in which this film‚(TM)s story is based on, was executed. Charlize Theron portrays Aileen in this film in which she really embodies the story of Aileen, a prostitute who becomes a serial killer. Throughout the story, we see how Aileen believes that she is good with the Lord and this gives the audience somewhat of a sense as to what is driving her to commit these murders. Aileen meets her lesbian partner in the beginning of the film, Selby, portrayed by Christina Ricci. Their journey together gets more and more intense as Aileen keeps killing men to try to better her life. Towards the end of the film is where we see Theron do an impeccable job at embodying the emotions, conflict, and thoughts of Aileen. This is done through her nervousness, her substance use, and inner conflicts that become external from crying, yelling, and little bursts of angry and anxiety. Selby, who seems to so badly want to be accepted and have a better life that she goes along with everything that Aileen has done and the places she demands they go together. Ricci, who portrays Selby, gives off a vibe that perhaps her acting was not up to par with Theron. However, I believe that Selby was really supposed to be portrayed in a way that was unsure of herself and submissive, and in that sense Ricci did well in being Selby. Aileen goes on committing murders and her inner conflict grows more and more as they continue. As she‚(TM)s executing her last two murders, it is clear how conflicted she becomes. Her past trauma comes to play into her decisions, along with her current sins that make her believe that she can‚(TM)t let even an innocent man live because he‚(TM)s seen her. Jenkins did a phenomenal job at directing and writing the story of Aileen Wuornos through the selection of actresses, the scenes in which we see these men that get killed, and how she puts narration over some of the scenes to put the audience in the perspective of Aileen Wuornos. This film would not be my personal go-to, but there are no arguments that this was extremely well done in terms of direction, writing, and acting.
½ February 9, 2019
The director and writer of the film ‚~Monster‚(TM) was Patty Jenkins. It was produced by Charlize Theron, Clark Peterson, Brad Wyman, Donald Kushner, and Mark Damon. It first aired in 2003. The film ‚~Monster‚(TM) tells the story of a famous serial killer named Aileen Wuornos in the late 1980s. The main character Aileen, played by Charlize Theron, depicts the progression of her life from a prostitute in Daytona Beach, Florida to a notorious serial killer. The film starts with Aileen stopping at a gay bar after her freight truck allegedly breaks down. Shortly after arriving and having a drink, a young woman named Selby, played by Christina Ricci, says hello and offers Aileen a drink. She responds very aggressively, and insists she is not gay. The two converse and become friends after Aileen learns to trust her new friend. The film progresses as Aileen and Selby fall in love and start a romantic relationship. Selby is living with relatives in the area with a broken arm at the time they meet. Aileen wants to spend more time with Selby after admitting her deep emotions for her, but without sufficient finances, she has nowhere for them to live; since Selby‚(TM)s family are very much against their lesbian relationship. Aileen prostitutes herself by walking down the highway in Daytona Beach trying to get picked up. After being picked up one evening, she ends up being beaten, raped, and almost murdered by this man. In a quick moment, she is able to remove her bindings and shoot this man dead before he gets a chance to kill her. This is a pivotal moment in her story, because before this point she had never murdered anyone, and had reluctantly accepted the abuse that occurred within prostitution in that area. This first murder she finds justified due to self-defense. However, the way it made her feel, punishing aggressive violent ‚~johns‚(TM) seems to stick.

The film progresses with her making decent amounts of money by drawing in ‚~johns‚(TM) through prostitution, luring them to secluded areas, then killing and robbing them. Aileen is trying to save up enough money for her and Selby to move away together; at this point in the film they are living in a motel that she has been paying for. Selby was not aware of what specifically Aileen had been doing to make money and gain access to different cars periodically. Eventually after tension and an argument about their relationship, Aileen confesses to Selby about what she has been doing, but only tells her about the first murder, where she claimed self-defense. One day Selby is driving one of the cars Aileen stole, little to her knowledge, and they crash into someone‚(TM)s property. This is the first time a stolen car from one of the victims is able to be connected to Aileen and Selby. As they escape the scene of the accident, Aileen freaks out and its very concerned about the accident putting her on law enforcements radar. At this point she further confesses to Selby about the other murders she has been committing against aggressive violent ‚~johns‚(TM). As the film starts wrapping up, Aileen lures another victim into the woods and kills him just to find out he is a cop. She panics and rushes home to Selby to try and make a plan to move out of state. Ultimately, undercover cops put the pieces together identifying and arresting Aileen at a local bar. The film concludes with Selby being forced by law enforcement to inform on and pull a confession from Aileen. She successfully does this in a deal to prevent her own prosecution. Aileen‚(TM)s court case concludes with a death sentence, no matter her defense of being a rape victim.
‚~Monster‚(TM) was a well-produced film with effective use of scenes outlining the main character as an unstable aggressive individual. Charlize Theron played the role of Aileen Wuornos very well, truly bringing the pain and suffering this famous female serial killer had gone through to the audience‚(TM)s attention. The film was able to gain sympathy for the main character, as they developed ethical and moral dilemmas as the story progressed. Social issues are revealed regarding the blatant discrimination against homosexuals in Florida. The story was also able to draw attention to a social commentary about how she was able to continually commit murders until she by chance murdered a cop, which drew immediate attention and accelerated her capture, as well as increased her punishment to a death penalty versus life in prison sentence. Ultimately the production was able to successfully depict Aileen Wuornos as a victim as well as a serial killer.

My overall recommendation for the film ‚~Monster‚(TM) is worth while watching. I would recommended people watch this film if they enjoy romantic murder mysteries or stories about serial killers with a twist. I have never seen any other film based off of a true story on a female serial killer, truly a unique film in that respect. It was well produced written and directed, as it properly used dramatic effect and cinematography to portray a real life story to the audience. In conclusion, the film ‚~Monster‚(TM) is a good film worth watching.
½ February 7, 2019
Monster follows the life of Aileen Wuornos, a prostitute whose circumstance leads her to kill some of her clients. I enjoyed watching Monster for its brutality and honesty. The execution of the story fit the serious nature of the true events the film was based on. I felt the story was gripping and disturbing. I found the use of up-close shots of Aileen in the beginning and ending of the film to be very useful. It allowed for me to feel as though I was her as she experienced things, as opposed to me watching her experience things. I found the use of this tool only in the beginning and end to wrap up the story well. In the beginning we see her crying for obvious reasons, and in the end we see her crying due to the fact that she did not receive justice.

I liked that Aileens character was physically unattractive. I felt the use of crooked teeth, facial weathering, and torn clothing to be suitable. There were many nice touches to Aileen‚(TM)s character which I liked. Her body language was shaped with great intent. She held bottles in an unusual manner, moved oddly, and breathed heavily out of her mouth. She behaved in ways that were consistent with someone with PSTD. She flinched or reacted strongly to physical touch. Causal violent behavior such as yelling and throwing things were consistent with a lack of emotional intelligence. I found these touches to her character to be shaped with great intent and executed with great care.

I felt that transitional moments in the film were handled with great care. In the beginning of the film, we see Aileen acting violently to touch. That shifts in the scene showcasing Aileen holding hands with Selby. Another transitional moment I found to be nicely placed is when we see the sunrise right before seeing picture of Aileen and Selby in the newspaper. This dawn seemed to mark the dawn of a new chapter in the story. I found these transitional moment to be very clear. This clarity made this film very coherent.

I liked the writing that hinted at the idea that Aileen‚(TM)s violence was an effect of circumstance. Mid way through the film, the older woman Selby is staying with hints that some people are simply lesser than the rest. That people cannot simply excuse their behaviors due to things that have happened to them. Later in the film Thomas mentions to Aileen that he feels that her situation is like that of a war veteran; entirely circumstantial. I enjoyed those moments because it did provide a kind of guidance in the storyline.

I did feel that Aileen‚(TM) driving capabilities were odd since she was supposed to have been homeless in her adult life.

Overall, I recommend this film. I would though, not advise that this film be watched by people who may be triggered by scenes of rape.
February 7, 2019
‚Monster‚? Movie Review

The movie Monster, based on a true story about a women serial killer was directed and written by Patty Jenkins. It was produced by K/W Productions and Denver and Delilah Films. This movie remembers the life of serial killer Aileen Wuornos who worked as a prostitute before being executed for killing a half a dozen men in 2002. In the movie, Charlize Theron, who plays Aileen beings her relationship with a woman named Selby in a gay bar on a rainy night. Aileen goes home with Selby that night and realizes this was God‚(TM)s sign to her in her deepest depression that everything was going to be okay. After this, Aileen tries to straighten out her life but fails terribly at every angle and begins working as a hooker. Her first kill was in self-defense but it sparks her kill spree, in which she robs clients of their money and car and blames it on self-defense. In my opinion, one of the best production highlights for me was just seeing Charlize‚(TM)s transformation into Aileen. The makeup, skin, hair, fake teeth, wardrobe and weight gain is absolutely astonishing to see on camera. She doesn‚(TM)t just play the character; she truly embodies her.
I also really liked the scene in the bowling alley where Aileen analyzes all of the men and what she thinks that they would want in bed. I thought it was interesting start to be able to see inside Aileen‚(TM)s mind and how smart she really is regarding men and addressing their wants. Then, she kisses Selby for the first time on roller skates and I believe this is when she realizes she has fallen in love with her. This is a pivotal highlight in the movie that worked for me because in Aileen‚(TM)s eyes, you can see the love and embodiment of the character, which is so intense that it‚(TM)s almost like you forget it‚(TM)s a movie or like she forgets it‚(TM)s a movie. It is also the moment she tries to become a better person because this feeling of love has inspired her so much. But ultimately, this doesn‚(TM)t work and her need for money/adrenaline overpowers her need for love. Overall, I would recommend this movie to anyone wanting to see phenomenal acting skills or for people interested on movies based on true stories about real world problems.
½ February 4, 2019
Charlize Theron made this movie. So exciting to see her play something completely out of her acting "range"
½ January 19, 2019
I have only just watched this film, i had heard it was superb, Charlize Theron's character gave me the willies, she was horrible but amazingly well done, the film was good but not what i expected form a 'serial killer' film as its much more about their relationship
November 23, 2018
Thought-provoking true-life crime drama.
October 7, 2018
I'm Just Focusing On My Top 10 List And My Top 100 List Instead.
½ September 18, 2018
The attempted sympathetic, bold direction seems to soulfully reflect the subject's damaged mentality and Theron vocally rose up to the manifesting transformative challenge, with Ricci's cautiously wild innocence being voluntarily dragged into the emotional roller coaster through life's harsh scenic turns. (B)

(Full review TBD)
½ August 10, 2018
Charlize Theron is amazing. Her range is that of actors like Gary Oldman and many others, as also seen in her later movies like Atomic Blonde. I still cannot believe how she can emulate and portray someone else so accurately like she did in this film. Maybe that's because I'm not an actor, but either way, not everybody seems to be able to do it as well as she does. The story and movie itself aren't amazing, but her acting definitely is. The message her character and the movie send should maybe be taken seriously, also, for everyone's sake. I feel 4 stars is too low for acting of that caliber, but 5 too high, also, so I gave 4.5 stars.
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