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½ July 19, 2013
CKS agent is sent to Megaville on a covert mission with ulterior motives by his superiors. Confusing story that leaves many plot elements unexplained. Leader of CKS should probably shift focus to his alarmingly declining health; I don't think he'll reap the rewards of the Dreamalife project.
½ June 20, 2010
My husband and I watched this often when we lived in England where there are only 4 TV channels. It became a cult movie in our home, our little escape back to America. Megaville was the sunny place we longed for, even if the Mustang in the movie kept changing from a GT to an LX with different interior. It was fun to watch. My son used to mimic the "dream a life" scene with the gardener. And he'd be kidding around tapping on his hand mimicing a commercial they showed in one scene at the hotel.."I gave you 5 talons of gold.." but he'd said cold..he was 2. Well, anyway, thank you for letting this movie be our escape. It became an entertaining, mocking movie, we still use some of the phrases from it today when we joke around. IOur favorites:
"wear your good shoes"
"you wouldn't have to ..this media if you joined the army like your father"
"dream a life?"
" "my son doesn't like violence"
"The body is a finide(sp?) instrument"
October 13, 2009
Pretty messy movie here. What I thought was going to be a low rent Equilibrium (which would have been amusing) turns out to to be part Alphaville, Part Total Recall and maybe part Empire Strikes Back. With a very stupid plot, Megaville is pretty boring. But Billy Zane, with the most unsubtle Widow's Peak in movie history, IS pretty to look at.
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