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April 28, 2019
Love this whole cast.
Hilarious frickin movie.
½ April 12, 2019
It could be said that cinema as a whole has been a way for people to delve into what they could turn reality into from films such as "Le Voyage Dans La Lun", A film that at the time opened the world to new perspectives and left in man the impression to truly reach up and touch the moon. To recent films that awaken us to harsh realities we don't know live under our noses such as "Five Feet Apart" a showcase of the intricacies of places where man's thoughts almost never drift. Film as a whole has a way of rooting in individuals beliefs passion and at the same time wonder and amazement of what could be and a simple peeks at what goes on in places even as close to us right now as what our neighbors next door. Masterminds could have been a small peek at the dreary yet intriguing aspects of desperation, hopelessness, and even heartbreak. Yet cheap film simply twists the picture to what they believe will sell and when a Masterminds was produced what sold was a hot girl, a hitman and a cheap laugh. Sadly not even that could save this film from failure
½ November 22, 2018
This so underrated. I love this movie
½ November 14, 2018
This film was almost good.
October 20, 2018
I'm pretty upset this movie has such bad reviews. This made me laugh my ass off. Yeah it may be silly, but it's hilarious! And these are some of my favorite actors/actresses so it's extra great. And the fact that this is based off a true story is super cool. But bottom line, this movie is hysterical!!
August 20, 2018
For a comedy that knows that it is meant to be silly, "Masterminds" is an okay one. However, the biggest disappointment about it is that it seems to waste such a talented slew of comedians. I love most of the actors in this movie and I felt their talents were somewhat wasted as a lot of the jokes fall flat. I did find a decent portion of the movie to be funny and the premise is interesting enough. I think with this cast, a much funnier movie could have been made, but as it stands, it's an acceptable comedy that won't stand out but will entertain you if you know what you're in for.
½ July 28, 2018
Couldn't even finish it
½ July 8, 2018
A little too quirky to be a true classic, but it still was entertaining.
June 14, 2018
good time filler a few laughs.
not a serious movie just a light hearted comedy
½ June 12, 2018
Has it's weaknesses, but all together a pretty engaging and funny movie... Typically great character acting by Galifinakis, Wilson, and Wiig... Liked it a lot!
May 8, 2018
It has been years since I laughed so hard. The scene where he wore the disguise had me laughing so hard it was painful and tears streamed down my cheeks. I'd watch this movie again.
April 4, 2018
Damn! How I despise these comedies that are released each year which you know are not going to be innovative but you still hope you'd get some laughs out of it nonetheless. This one doesn't even accomplish that... No wonder that the comedy genre is currently the least acclaimed (camon, there's 1 to 2 great actual comedies each year comparing to drama's countless solid offerings). This film feels like an overlong SNL skit with an underused Kate McKinnon, a truly unfunny Zach Gali-I-give-up-couldnt-you-just-picked-a-stage-name with film's worst accent and Wiig actually being great, as usually (but her eyes scream to be freed from the screen, though). The characters are so underdeveloped that everyone's convinced to do a robbery in 30 seconds! No surprise that 90% of the jokes fall flat and the ones with potential are spoiled in the trailer. I do have to say it's consistent: for example, the characters are plain bad and the dialogue is there to match them, the directing is poor and the soundtrack harmoniously concurs, and so on and so forth. Do yourself a favor and go watch... anything else, really.
January 30, 2018
Strengths: The cast is chock-full of comedic talent. Zach Galifianakis (David) was pretty much the perfect choice to play the lead. It's a character that suits him. Kristen Wiig (Kelly), Owen Wilson (Steve), Jason Sudekis (Michael), and Kate McKinnon (Jandice) were all funny in their own way within their roles. Jared Hess does well enough to make sure this features his brand of comedy.

Weaknesses: Despite being based on a true story, too much of this was way over the top. The situations felt super contrived and as if the writers added or embellished on too much in an attempt to be funny. There are struggles to tell a consistent story, while things go from funny to goofy too often. Jones and Jon Daly are mostly a miss as the cops on the case. None of their scenes are even remotely funny. In fact, that's the case with a lot of the jokes, despite the talented cast. The script lets them down at every turn.

Overall: Considering the quality of the director and the talented cast, this feels like a letdown. It just misses the mark in a lot of ways and tries too hard to go over the top in retelling what was already a wacky story.
January 29, 2018
The charming candle-light that illuminated Jared Hess' first couple of hits just doesn't seem visible anymore, as Masterminds tries to see everyone as a jokester, but really, not everyone is, and even with a true story and production values that help, it feels more empty than humorously dry.
½ January 22, 2018
With this cast, you can imagine that there's not a serious moment in the entire film. And, there isn't.
January 16, 2018
So for once I actually looked up the reviews of a movie before watching it but I'm glad I ignored them. Masterminds got like a 35% on RottenTomatoes (a site I am now a top contributor on) and they could not have been more wrong. Thank God there are good honest Americans like me on there giving my unfiltered and unbiased opinions I loved this movie but I am notorious for liking terrible movies and TV shows. An absolute star studded cast. Zach Galifianakis, Owen Wilson, Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis, the Waitress and unfunny Kate MicKinnon who sucked in this movie like she has in every role so far. I like Kristen Wiig, shes been in some bad movies but this was not one of them. This might have been her best role yet, she killed it. Also, Owen Wilson as the villain?! Hook it to my veins. Jason Sudeikis was probably only in like 15 minutes of this movie but every second of it was great. Zach Galifianakis played his normal quirky weird self and was perfect for this role. This movie had everything, comedy, action, romance, drama, suspense, you name it. I won't give away too many spoilers because everyone should see this movie. 10 outta 10 would recommend to a friend.
January 6, 2018
"Masterminds" is quite disastrous even if it is taken from true events with dumb slapstick comedy, but there is just enough funny moments with its all-star cast to make the film decently entertaining.
January 1, 2018
AMAZING MOVIE! I loved it! Super funny. Great plot. Great characters. I would HIGHLY recommend watching this movie!
December 30, 2017
Está película comienza muy pero muy mala, con una comedia basada en chistes de gases y una narrativa floja pero a la segunda hora de la película la película cobra otro rumbo totalmente diferente, de comedia pasa a ser totalmente drama y uno muy buen logrado con pasados trágicos realmente emotivos pero su gran error está ahí.
½ December 24, 2017
Fun well written comedy
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