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½ April 15, 2012
Here's a film that does some things really well in the writing, but is overall miserable. Jaffe Zinn does a good job keeping with the suffocation motif, and the performances are all right I guess, but the film is just so dull. It felt like it was trying to be emotionally tough, but nothing really seems that heavy. Yeah, this kid killed a girl by accident, but I could hardly feel anything for him. We see him feel guilty by almost drowning himself and just being down all day, but there wasn't much going on that made me feel a connection. The convenience store scene with him was just laughable. There were so many things that you could tell was written because they wanted it to be slow. The last 15 minutes when everyone starts connecting in the story actually becomes a little interesting. What does the guy dealing with the suffocating fish have to do with the police officer? Or is he connected to the boy? I'm still wondering at this point why the mom ran into the garage. Just so that later on when you discover they can't make money off the fish it becomes more emotional? I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I didn't find the movie interesting. It had me interested in the kids, but then after a while I just didn't care. You have to give your audiences a little more as the film goes on rather than just letting the characters just stroll on through the film. The mother doesn't even realize her daughter is missing until 45 minutes in (and it's an 80 minute movie!), and after that happens nothing really picks up. Unfortunate, really. It's an interesting idea done very poorly.
½ April 10, 2012
an amazing film, dark and tense, i've seen it at rome film festival, super direction and acting.
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