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May 21, 2018
This is what we used to call a perfect date movie, now I guess a perfect Netflix-and-chill movie: A good film that is almost transcendent in its eroticism, but not just about sex, so your love interest may be turned on but not think that's all you want.
April 23, 2018
El film de las pullas. Cada suceso que ocurre en ese pequeño baño tiene su significado, que estén desnudos ya dice una cosa. Pero más vale verlo, y sumergirte en las palabras de Miguel, que el guion es oro puro.
September 8, 2015
taboo, disgusting, yet beautifully presented.
May 16, 2015
Had potential but pretentious and mostly boring.

Mardrid 1987 had heaps of potential: themes like the passing on of knowledge from generation to generation, experience vs youthful innovation, formula vs originality.

Yet, it just scratches the surface on these themes. Instead it is overly consumed with hearing an old guy bloviate on all kinds of meaningless, pretentious things.

The only saving grace is the girl who is stunningly beautiful and tempers some of the old guy's painful speeches. Unfortunately, she doesn't come any where near to balancing it out: he has about 90% of the dialogue... A much better movie would have been where she counters every in-my-day diatribe or senseless musing with some witticism of her own.

On that note, here's hoping to see Maria Velverde in many more movies. She is the only reason to watch this, ultimately.
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½ July 9, 2014
A terrific, two-person character study, along the lines of My Dinner with Andre and The Sunset Limited. Two unlikely people, a young journalism student and her older, jaded interview subject find themselves thrust together in an awkward, almost claustrophobic, situation from which there is no hope, without outside intervention. Almost the entire film consists of their two-day conversation while awaiting rescue. A very sensual film, but somewhat philosophical as well. The two actors kept the absurd situation believable and the conversation never flagged. I very much recommend this to those who like their films wordy. In Spanish, with English subtitles.
May 18, 2014
The old man talks way too much.
½ January 11, 2013
Spanish film Madrid 1987 written and directed by David Trueba. About an arrogant newspaper columnist, who is requested by beautiful young attractive new journalist for an interview. They spend time in unusual manner locked inside a compound washroom, where the rest of the film is shot. Only María Valverde is worth looking the film for, a young talented Spanish actress. Sometimes entertaining and sometimes dull and boring.
November 17, 2012
Between 2.5 and 3. Some things, really interesting and, others, not so. The pity about this movie is that, being María Valverde a good actress, not a very powerful character has been assigned to her.
½ July 14, 2012
If you can bear two things, you will enjoy this movie. (1) A filthy old man who is naked in most scenes, (2) Long and incomplete dialogues which somehow shows the way we live.
And of course you have naked "María Valverde" as a cruiser!
May 31, 2012
Good-at-times dialogues, acceptable acting, cheap scenography. Watch and forget.
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