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½ January 9, 2018
Stellar 2D animation and solid plot make this a strong adventure film for all ages.
January 4, 2018
A beautiful film. I love the unique animation style.
August 16, 2017
With simple but beautiful, painterly animation and well written characters, 'Long Way North' is an inspirational story full of hope, courage and humanity. Its contemplative feel and deliberately slower pacing is refreshing and allows both the story and the characters to reach their full potential, the result being a well-rounded, sweet little film that never succumbs to the temptation of being saccharine. It should prove to be enjoyable viewing for the whole family, particularly girls who could benefit from seeing a strong female role-model that doesn't follow the typical stereotype presented in a lot of animations aimed at younger viewers.
½ July 16, 2017
I liked the 2D animation and the story is executed nicely. However, the audio could've been better and the dubbing could've been stronger.
July 4, 2017
A highly enjoyable and uniquely animated venture with heart, memorable characters, and a subtle feminism undertone.
June 24, 2017
Easily the most underrated animated movie of all time
June 21, 2017
Bravo! Muy buena historia!!! Prueba de que guion siempre esta antes que nada. Super recomendable.
June 18, 2017
Despite the visuals and score the film feels derivative and formulated.
Grade: C+
June 4, 2017
In my opinion, one of the most underrated animated movies of all time
May 14, 2017
Long Way North is an animated adventure that shows a unique style. The story revolves around Sacha, a girl from a rich family most known because of her grandfather's explorer status. When her grandpa doesn't come back from his last expedition, a hefty sum of money is promised to the one who finds him and his ship. When Sacha has a falling out with her parents, she runs away from home in search of her grandpa. From here the movie goes into a "growing up, learning the real world" segment and ends in a thrilling adventure through snowy mountains and open seas. The art style is one of the best things in this movie, it is very unique and beautiful, even though it isn't as detailed as better known animated movies. The story and characters are entertaining, but in my opinion are a bit traditional and stereotypical. Overall, surprisingly good movie.
½ February 24, 2017
I am giving this the worst review possible for one reason... The animation is simply some of the worst animation I've ever seen. Every line is pix-elated as if they were made as quick as possible in MS Paint. Not just the lines though, but the frame rate is AWEFUL. I was just in a constant state of cringe. It is a shame because the color choices are really nice, and if you see any frame from long-distance, you would think it looks pretty good, but up close you realize how disgusting it is. On the back of the box, one of the comments implied it was hand-drawn animation. This is NOT hand drawn, and it looks like trash...
½ February 16, 2017
From the makers of Song of the Sea and Secret of Kells, come another strong adventure movie about a courageous and spoiled aristocrat girl decides to run away from home in order to find her grandfather's ship. The animation is beautiful and basic, and the story is bare bones and not overly sentimental. In fact the emotional stuff is done in montage during the credits. It gets the job done, the story is well told and the message is excellent.
February 9, 2017
Beautiful Minimalism. B+
½ January 23, 2017
All in all, Long Way North is an ocularly gratifying film with a feminist message that is easy to embrace.
December 31, 2016
This French animation feature about a Russian expedition feels like a big time Japanese (Studio Ghibli) production. And it all works.

"Long Way North" is a sweeping historic drama presented in grandiose, panoramic backgrounds, creating a majestic, old timey, epic movie feel. Sacha is a spunky and smart teen, who leaves an entitled life to find her Arctic explorer grandfather's ship. Not an easy task, especially in 1882, when resources were scarce, and women were in their "place".

Capturing the bleak and cruel nature of the Arctic is one thing, but unravelling it as a series of gorgeous paintings is truly an achievement. Once "Long Way North" gets rolling, the sumptuous colour palette makes way for a fast paced adventure with a terrific and totally believable heroine in the lead. A viceral, historic yarn well spun.

- hipCRANK
December 28, 2016
Nice drama filled animation, with a wonderful soundtrack.
December 20, 2016
wonderful film for all !
December 20, 2016
Un film beau et intelligent. Une héroïne ni lisse, ni mièvre. Des aventures dans la grand nord que n'auraient pas renié Jack London. Il n'y a que de bonnes raisons d'aller voir ce film au souffle épique.
November 29, 2016
Every once in a while a great feature film comes along that is outside the normal production mould. "Long Way North" (Tout en Haut du Monde) is one of those films. It's the tale of a fiercely intelligent fifteen year old girl, Sasha, who fights against the odds to establish both her independence and her courage while searching for her grandfather and his lost ship, the Davai.

The film is lovingly told with excellent compositions and masterful colour palette choices for each scene that perfectly set the tone for this epic tale. The textured edges in the film add a painterly feel to the minimalistic art style that Rémi chose to use for this piece. The effects are also exquisitely rendered and perfectly juxtapose the billowing smoke of the steam engines with the beautiful sails of the ships. The thoughtful use of effects is a beautiful visual counterpoint to a time when European women were beginning to demand equal social standing and power to their male counterparts.

This film is a tale of a strong heroine while also being a period piece with ties to a Russian society that was undergoing upheavals in it's social structure at the time.
November 20, 2016
The animation is initially jarring, but once the story leaves the city, the film, and especially the visuals improve immensely.
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