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March 17, 2019
All human life is here in this impressive showcase of new UK film-makers. Stand-out talents to emerge are Layke Anderson's 'Shopping' in seamy Soho; the witty and intriguing 'The Door Into' and George Taylor's delicate technique with 'Dog Days' and pinpoint economy of word and action in 'Felines' --where you also get a star-turn from Juliet Stevenson. Excellent.
March 10, 2019
George Taylor‚(TM)s ‚~Dog Days‚(TM) stands out ‚" a sharp, sweet micromance that crosses racial barriers and quintessential London settings, from City grime to Hampstead pastoral. His ‚~Felines‚(TM) is less London but more sinister. Both follow the postwar British film tradition of understated humanity with a strong sense of place.
March 9, 2019
What a fantastically creative idea this was and more than repaid the ticket. I loved seeing the new ideas and way of seeing. I particularly enjoyed George Taylor's Dog Days which had a luminous feel and a truth about it. The final shot was beautiful
March 8, 2019
Really great to see these shorts showcased like this. Lots of ideas, some real entertainment, but quality mixed both creatively and in production values. Outstanding pieces by George Taylor - Dog Days perhaps oddly inconsequential, but beautifully done. Felines simply brilliant - a very complete if mysterious story packed into a tiny space - and not just because of brilliant performance by Juliet S.
March 6, 2019
George Taylor outstanding
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