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La Personne aux Deux Personnes (The Person Who Is Two Persons) (Me Two) Reviews

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½ April 29, 2012
Ce film est un film de taré..
Super Reviewer
October 8, 2010
(2008 Directors: Nicolas Charlet, Bruno Lavcaine)
½ October 19, 2009
C'est beau comme une R17 avec des sieges en moquette.
October 19, 2009
Du tres bon Chabat. Auteuil est excellent et le concept COGIP est tres drole.
½ July 21, 2009
J'ai A-DO-RE !!! Si on aime l'humour Chabat, on aime ce film !! Je le recommande à tous les fans comme moi. Je me suis marrée tout le long (au ciné et quand je l'ai revu à la télé), des répliques qui fusent, bientôt cultes ! ("Ou alors je suis en Enfer, c'est ça le concept de l'Enfer en fait, c'est des bureaux") Et "Flou de toi" (tellement années 80!!) et "Pitou" ah la la ! Excellent. Le scénario est plus que bizarre, mais c'est sympa, ça change !
½ July 9, 2009
drole, limite lourd parfois!
July 8, 2009
Une comedie lourde et poussive a base d'humour Canal rechauffe au micro-onde. Il y a deux-trois bons gags (le faux tube "Flou de toi" facon 80's est fendard), mais ce qui fonctionnait bien sur les sketchs courts des "Messages a caractere informatif" devient rapidement penible sur la duree d'un film. D'autant que la realisation est nulle, plate, avec un montage scolaire et des cadres peu inspires. Nicolas & Bruno sont loin d'avoir le talent d'un Spike Jonze, dont le "Dans la peau de John Malkovitch" traitait d'un sujet assez proche, mais avec nettement plus de brio et de creativite. La, on reste dans l'empilage bancal de scenettes plus ou moins droles, facon Duplo, qui s'enchainent parfois assez mal. La fin est particulierement ratee avec sa cascade d'epilogues navrants.
June 28, 2009
Tout simplement excellent...
½ June 4, 2009
Et ben ! �tant un gros fan des "messages à caractère informatif" et ayant a mort accroché au clip de Gilles Gabriel "flou de toi"... Je me devais de voir ce film ! Et Ce que je peux dire, c'est que je ne suis pas déçu ! Alors certes, c'est moins drôle que ce que j'en attendais, je me suis poilé mais pas autant que je l'espérai... La faute à un petit soucis de rythme de blagues... Par contre, le film se rattrape sur l'ambiance et le ton ! C'est d'ailleurs incroyable de voir ce film : Je ne pensais pas que c'était d'ailleurs encore possible de faire un film aussi kitsch avec des acteurs n'ayant pas peur du ridicule. Bref, je suis déçu que le film n'ai pas bien marché (apparemment... ?), il mérite tellement plus et j'attends vraiment une nouvelle comédie de Nicolas (...) & Bruno !
June 1, 2009
C'est plutĂ´t rigolo :-)
May 10, 2009
Tres bon
Retro, absurde et servi par un Daniel Auteuil surprenant
May 2, 2009
Franchement, je m'attendais Ă  une merde...
Et j'ai adore, du debut Ă  la fin.
A grand renfort de kitsch, le film recree l'atmosphere particuliere des "messages a caractere informatif".
Un must.
½ May 2, 2009

La meilleure comédie française des années 2000 (avec les OSS 117)
April 24, 2009
This little comedy went by almost unnoticed upon its release but deserves much more attention. In terms of story, this is B-movie territory but it does very well with it, making the film much more original and clever than expected. The combination of Alain Chabat's jokey voice-overs and the ever-reliable Daniel Auteuil's brilliantly geeky character, as well as a snappy script and stylish direction all makes for a very funny, entertaining, odd film which is well worth checking out. It may end somewhat abruptly and could have easily gone on for a bit longer but this is minor criticism. See it.
April 22, 2009
juste pour rigoler, bravo pour Daniel Auteuil. Priceless.
March 28, 2009
The omnipresent and very likeable Daniel Auteuil is the star of this movie, as a hapless, daggy and boring accountant who is brought to life by a stray spirit.

Jean-Christian Ranu (Daniel Auteuil) is hit by a car driven by a has-been popstar from the 1980â??s Gilles Gabriel (Alain Chabat). Somehow Gillesâ?? spirit also enters Jean-Christianâ??s head, so he has to deal with having two persons in his head. Conflicts emerge because the mundane life of an accountant doesnâ??t fit well with hedonistic Gilles. While Jean-Christian is all stressed out because of a major presentation that he needs to do, Gilles is more interested in making a comeback using Jean-Christianâ??s body. Of course such situations provide a lot of laughters for this movie. Like, how will Gilles deal with Jean-Christian going to the loo? Or his early bedtime at 8.30pm? Will Jean-Christian also help Gilles check on his wife?

The movie has a lot of funny moments, but they don't make the movie extraordinary. Auteuil is really a chameleon as he can inhabit whatever character that is thrown at him. Some of the scenes are too OTT (over the top) for my liking and made me cringe - I wonâ??t spoil the surprise by revealing which ones, in case youâ??re going to see it. If you feel like being entertained by some light french humour, Me Two may be a good option for you. If you want a smart, witty comedy, this wonâ??t please you as much.
March 20, 2009
I initially decided to see this film because Daniel Autieul looked so ridiculous in the promo pic. Pretty flimsy reason, but I also thought him and Alain Chabat would make a great comedic duo, which they do. The premise sounds like one of those body-inhabited-by-another-person comedies that Hollywood was churning out in the late 80s, early 90s, like Heart Condition, Like Father Like Son, All Of Me, etc. I'm sad to say there isn't much advancement on the sub genre with this effort. On paper it sounds promising, ultra insular and nerdish accountant, Ranu, gets hit by a car driven by faded 80s pop star, Gilles, and the latter's 'soul' enters the former's body. The two personalities then fight for control with the likelihood that Gille's creativity, ambition and joie de vivre will open Ranu's world. This film is a stark reminder that no matter how absurd the story, it has to have its own internal logic. It is so hard to swallow that the inept Ranu could hold down the job that he's had for decades, or that his successful and beautiful boss would be the least bit interested in him. None of the characters beside the titular "two" feel remotely plausible. No scene illustrates this problem more than when Ranu stages his accountancy presentation as an electro pop performance. Its quite hilarious initially, but why would a room full of accountants suddenly get up and dance and go wild and why would the company promote him on his musical ability and a couple of lines of rudimentary accounting policy? There's an unexpected plot twist two thirds of the way through which is a real zinger and suddenly the whole thing is ripe with interesting possibilities. Unfortunately the writers then take the easy way out and wrap things up with an ending totally naff and disappointing.
March 9, 2009
Great movie and quite funny. Daniel Auteuil is hysterical as always and I just love Alain Chabat, he always makes me laugh!
March 9, 2009
Pas entierement mais tout de meme tres drole... Le film est un ovni dont les dialogues desuets et le final hilarant valent largement le detour...
February 19, 2009
tres drole, tres a part, tres glauque, tres bien joué, 4 choses auquelles on s'attendait pas
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