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April 29, 2019
Anyone that rates this movie lower than a 3 took it too seriously, this is the kind of movie that is bad on purpose so relax and enjoy the absurdness of it!
½ April 26, 2019
It's cheap. It's cheesy. It's ridiculous... and that's the point. The plot only serves to tell ridiculous one-liners and move us toward the most epic climax. "I am bleeding, making me the victor."
½ April 24, 2019
Bizarrely entertaining and packed with inventive, ridiculous action, it's only a deliberately underwritten script that lets it down a little. Either way, ignore the critics score, this movie is a hell of a lot of fun, if a little repetitive at times.
April 12, 2019
Face to Foot Style.. How you like it?

I bought this for my daughter when she was about two. She is now almost 13 and still enjoys watching it (2nd time this week!)

Some neat audio tracks: One includes a what they are actually saying, and another one has a British man narrate the whole story.

You will either love it or hate it
March 22, 2019
Never have my eyes laid eyes on a film that ages quite like this. Self-aware, daring, and intellectually stimulating. Every generation has a film that perfectly captures their moment in history. I implore you to watch this film for the hundredth time. Your soul will be rewarded.
½ March 10, 2019
After this movie i play Wii U
March 5, 2019
Seemed poorly done with a lot of lame jokes. Some woman in the film was so annoying with the voice over.
February 28, 2019
I've never laughed so hard in my life. Every time I thought "This is as ridiculous as any movie can get," it got way more ridiculous.
February 22, 2019
Steve Oedekerk's magnum opus, A true cinematic masterpiece. Must be seen to be believed.
February 11, 2019
I was 12 when this movie first came out, and now that I'm pushing 30 and am slightly more wise and world weary, I can honestly understand why so many people hold negative opinions about this movie. Sure, the dialogue is often immature and uninspired, and many of the jokes seem almost forced at times. Maybe it's due to the fact that I watched this movie literally hundreds of times in my youth, or maybe I've just grown up, but the truth is that this movie doesn't really make me laugh anymore.

However, Kung Pow will always hold a special place in my heart. I will never forget the experience of watching this with my dad for the first time, both of us struggling to breathe through fits of laughter. I don't think anything had been that funny to me before, and nothing has been as funny since. In fact, I would assert that this film was the single greatest influence on the development of my sense of humor.

So, while it may not be the most intelligent or sophisticated movie, or even an objectively GOOD movie, it is unequivocally my favorite movie. I doubt you'll ever read this, but thank you, Steve, for creating one of my favorite childhood memories, and for making me laugh harder than anyone else ever has.
February 7, 2019
It´┐ 1/2 1/2(TM)s awesome!!
February 7, 2019
One of the funniest scenes in any movie I've ever seen. I thought I was going to pass out I was laughing so hard.
November 28, 2018
This movie is the definition of so bad it's good,I mean come on,what's wrong with it??
November 12, 2018
The camera techniques were quite clever and there were quite a few humorous situations in the film, but overall most of the "comedy" present was more annoying than funny and the over-the-top dialogue was the main reason this movie wasn't really worth watching, even though it's purpose was satire.
October 24, 2018
Wonderfully awful.and the start of barnyard is a great surprise.
October 18, 2018
So stupid it's funny, this one is a hit or miss with most people i talk to but what a hit. Random, off the wall skits and dialog make this one an instant classic.
August 24, 2018
The critics of this movie have their heads so far up their asses they can't enjoy this clearly nonsensical movie. It's comic genius that apparently can't be appreciated by some hoity toity uptight morons. Look where most of the bad reviews are from NY and CA. Tell's you right there if they hate it, it's bound to be at least a good movie.
August 17, 2018
Such a hilarious movie! It doesn't take itself seriously at all, Anyone that dislikes this has no sense of humor.
August 9, 2018
Why so low though "I'm just birdy too
½ July 17, 2018
The only bad part is the cow fight!
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