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January 18, 2019
Harry Enfield gold. Two aspiring DJs hit up Ibiza.
August 3, 2018
This movie defined my teenage years, probably because I was a 16 year old who (like Kevin and Perry themselves) wanted to travel to Ibiza, soak up the EDM scene and become a DJ. This movie is hilarious, with a killer soundtrack that hasn't quite been surpassed in a movie since. If you want a laugh and miss the nightlife in San Antonio, then this is your movie.
July 20, 2018
Amazing soundtrack, great setting, great characters, great humour & memories. Cult.
December 28, 2017
A film to haunt the mind and chill the spine, Kevin and perry have achieved cinematic glory and some wicked gags. To
The film is at its most convincing in those intimate exchanges between Kevin, with his melted eyes, and Perry with her anime like eyes. Kevin and perry certaintly do indeed go large
September 17, 2017
i have watched this numerous times. Love it and it has some great trance tunes in it. If you have a sense of humor you will like it. I must say the only american comedy I have watched more than once is Scary Movie 2.
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June 30, 2017
OK so I guess I should explain the background for this movie, for the non British folk. This movie is based on a silly comedy character created by British comedian Harry Enfield. Enfield had a comedy show on BBC2 way back during the 90's which featured a variety of his wacky outrageous characters. Enfield himself being a staple part of the alternative British comedy scene during the 80's and 90's.

In the show the Kevin character originally started out as a feisty young boy under the age of 13. He was kinda spoilt, annoying, hyperactive and always wanted the latest toys, but essentially a fun-loving kid . Then in one episode its Kevin Birthday, he finally reaches his teens and morphs into a thoroughly obnoxious and rude teenage who screams at his parents and sulks a lot. Its at this point we meet the character of Perry (Kathy Burke), Kevin's best friend. Perry is a short chubby fellow with greasy hair, a pale complexion and what seems like a limited intelligence. During the series we follow Kevin and Perry and their various teenage escapades in small episodic bites of comedy gold.

Much like any other TV character brought to the big screen the plot naturally has to be bigger, more flash in order to survive. With that the basic concept of Kevin the teen and his poor parents had to be expanded tenfold. So in a brilliantly ingenious bit of writing, Kevin, his parents and Perry (but not Perry's parents) all go off to Ibiza, Spain for a holiday after Kevin and Perry accidentally stop a bank robber and get a monetary reward. But the boys have an alternative plan in Ibiza, they plan on becoming famous DJ's in order to get loads of money and have lots of sex with hot birds. Yes it really is that simplistic, its almost like something from [i]The Beano[/i], but for adults.

So apart from the fact this movie was based on a popular Harry Enfield character, something else was needed to lure in the crowds. And that something was hard hitting house & dance club music. Again for anyone not in the know, Ibiza was the mecca of clubbing back in the day (probably still is, unsure). A small island off the east coast of Spain that is somehow almost entirely devoted to clubbing.

I think its pretty obvious what you can expect from this movie given everything I have told you thus far. Plenty of in-house footage from various famous clubs in the heart of Ibiza. Loads of scantily clad females dancing in cages and on the dance floor. Loads of beefy blokes dancing, and plenty of boozing and sexual innuendo from the main two lead characters. That's pretty much it really, Kev and Perry trying their best to get off with hot women who are out of their league. Whilst at the same time they both try to avoid Kev's crushingly boring and embarrassing middle aged parents.

Easily some of the best scenes involve Rhys Ifans outrageously cuntish Mancunian character Eyeball Paul (he's called 'eyeball' because he takes in alcohol through his eye) . Ifans is absolutely spot on with this performance, he captures that Mancunian vibe with his accent, clothes and that hair perfectly, its almost annoying. The way he shamelessly abuses Kev and Perry whilst being a total misogynistic prick is a joy to behold. Ifans is clearly having a ball with this devilish character as he chews up the scenery beautifully. Shout out to James Fleet and Louisa Rix who play Kevin's poor parents (Rix being Kevin's mum in the TV series). These two capture the pain and suffering of a middle aged parental couple nicely. Those moments we can all relate to when your sad old parents would embarrass you; and now being middle aged myself, those moments when you cringe at the way teenagers show-off and behave around the opposite sex.

Looking back its actually possible this movie could of inspired the now classic vulgar British teenager comedy show 'The Inbetweeners'. Its very clear how similar the two are by watching this now, Kev and Perry could easily be a part of the Inbetweeners gang. There are quite a few familiar elements such as almost every character being a cockney, strangely (apart from Eyeball Paul). The spot squeezing sequence with the girls is both utterly revolting and a typical Inbetweeners-esque type scene. The language used infuses both modern and classic British profanity such as 'shag'. And for some reason Kevin has a Union Jack bedcover, who has that??

Yes the comedy is somewhat deliberately sexist and chauvinistic, dated, highly childish and in places quite disgusting. Yes much of what you see is highly predictable, stereotypical and cliched. And yes we've seen it all before many many times. But at the end of the day this movie is essentially a time capsule from the late 90's. The clubbing, the music, the clothes, the hairstyles, the comedy and general attitude towards British middle class life etc...Its actually more of a trip down memory lane combined with morbid curiosity rather than a riot of comedy. That's not a bad thing though as I did find myself kinda enjoying the trip.
June 11, 2017
Bons tempos em que passava na Globo...
April 12, 2017
under rated by most critics, yet it gives american films a run for there money. A must watch
January 23, 2017
Do film soundtracks get any better??
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½ December 21, 2016
I was never a big fan of the TV show but when this film came out I was only 10/11 and this was the film that everyone at school talked about, I think the only people who watched this was everyone who wasn't supposed to, Maybe back then I'd of give it 5 stars but now being much older it's not that great really, The humour is poor and the story has been done loads of times, The best thing about this film was the classic 90s dance anthem that really bring back some great memories and Rhys Ifans as Eyeball Paul was the funniest thing in this movie, It does grow on you but it's just a very silly film about horny teens with a amazing soundtrack.
October 8, 2016
Only saving grace is the music and late 90s outfits.
October 1, 2016
Classic. So funny. Well worth a watch for a good laugh.
½ July 7, 2016
Fantastic film. Hilarious with a banging soundtrack.
½ April 19, 2016
A terrible, really boring movie with no laughs whatsoever.
½ March 17, 2016
A terrible, really boring movie with no laughs whatsoever.
February 13, 2016
This film is cringe and ridiculous. The joke's are silly and infantile but yep, still entertaining. The parody of teenagers, their mood swings, and the big dreams of becoming famous to get laid are ludicrous but that is very much the point. For what the film is, it grabs in a downright British way.

'Can I have a jam sandwich, Mrs Patterson?'
½ February 8, 2016
What a poor excuse for a movie. I don't know what made the director to make so much Shit. The story is horrible, the characters are ridiculous and they have some weirdo who is a DJ and is their idol. Not a very nice movie, i found the acting to be horrible and the way the two main characters go on is stupid.
January 24, 2016
I remember seeing this when I was fifteen years old, and it immediately left a horribly foul taste in my mouth. To be specific, I felt disgusted by the film's gross obsession with teenage sexuality, along with the main characters being obvious teen stereotypes. Since then, I've seen several bad movies, so I would have thought that I'd be used to some of the worst cinema has to offer, but after seeing this again, I can say without a doubt that this is the lowest of the low, worse than anything else I could possibly have seen before. The whole film revolves around Kevin, a delusion and perverted caricature of a British teenager written and played by a man who, by the time of the film's release, was nearly forty years old. The problem is that the writers clearly don't know what they're doing. They didn't do any research on what it was actually like being a teenager in the 90's, going only by what's popular now, and the end result is probably the ugliest teen movie in history. For starters, the main characters are chavs (you know, the kind of people I loathe with searing disgust), and their whole goal is to be DJ's and get laid in Ibiza (hint: they do this in the end), and everything between the beginning and end is a horrifying experience that makes you wonder why you even subjected yourself to it in the first place, as I did several times. The main characters are completely unlikable, mainly because they represent some of the worst teenage stereotypes the media could come up with. I swear that older film writers like Harry Enfield have such contempt for younger generation that they just shove stereotypes down their throats and expect us young people to take it lying down. I bet Mr. Enfield took some sort of sick pleasure in making Kevin and Perry two of the worst characters ever written. The script is just terrible and cringeworthy, and given Enfield's visibly jaded writing, that would have been enough were it not for the fact that the two "teenagers" are also vile and repulsive creatures. All they ever think about is sex, to the point that in one scene, Kevin is entirely okay with slipping someone the tongue before she could consent. Is that what Mr. Enfield thinks teenage boys are like? If so, someone ought to beat some sense into him, because I've just about had it with rich old people thinking they know what young people are like. The other characters are horrible as well, mainly because they're personality is completely fake. Of course, this is just one of several reasons why the film's shallow pretence of satire quickly crumbles, but I suppose the main thing is that the film was pointlessly crass and brutally unfunny. My guess is that they were trying to be crude and offensive just for its own sake, perhaps in an obvious attempt to cash-in on the popularity of gross-out sex comedies, but judging by their failed attempts to get the film rated 12, they did an even poorer job at exploiting the more popular films than the more popular films did at even trying to be funny. Seriously, this is perhaps the flimsiest comedy film I've ever seen, and at this point I say comedy very loosely because there's nothing funny about it at all, not even an accidental joke. In fact, it's so bad that the writers resort to making an erection joke whenever they have the chance, and the way they do it is somehow even more shameless than the opening of The Dragon Lives Again. To make matters worse, the film also sports terribly cheap production values, and the producers seem to be wantonly spamming club music throughout the whole film. Just because it was the year 2000 doesn't mean we wanted to hear horrible dance music all the time. For me, what's really sad is that this was directed by Ed Bye, the director and producer of the Red Dwarf series. If I'm right, then the director/producer of the Red Dwarf series is partly responsible for what I now believe to be the worst movie ever made. As embarrassing as that must sound for Mr. Bye, that's nothing compared to everything else that's horribly putrid about this mess of a movie. With abominable characters, a horribly written plot, awful music, no jokes, and a ton of other details that are best left unspoken, I'm very certain that this bad joke of a film is surely the worst ever made, and whoever made this should probably be embarrassed that they were even involved with it, since they've pretty much brought shame to comedy itself.
½ February 1, 2015
Chuckle by the ten minute.
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