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½ January 19, 2020
Great acting from the lead!
December 29, 2019
Without doubt the best movie of 2019.

As usual the ‚??critics‚?? talk out of their arses to please their chums.
½ November 2, 2019
Disappointing. Not believable that this incompetent Joker would become a criminal mastermind.
½ October 30, 2019
The best 10 shades of crazy that I've seen in a long while!
October 26, 2019
With the amount of controversy this movie brought up prior to release I knew it would be a hit. Phonix kills it through a chilling preformance about mental illness and the downward spiral to insanity. If he doesn't get bet actor for this film I will have some doubts about the academy for sure. Other than him the film is dark, realistic and not what I was expecting from a film largely centering off a comic book character, even if the film takes many liberties from the source material. It's violent, crazy, and overall has you rooting for the bad guy throughout, even if the bad guy is a murdering crazy clown. Overall an incredible movie, it may spark some interesting real life events due to its portrayal and glorification of violence and action, however it's brutally honest and true to real life, and should be acknowledged. Reminds me of American Phsyco, and Bales preformance of the insane serial killer he protrays in that film.
½ October 19, 2019
Movies just aren't engaging anymore, I literally switch off at avengers mumbo jumbo! Joker kept my interest throughout! No one can top Heath Ledger's masterclass, but Joaquin Phoenix comes as close as anyone ever will! Oscar worthy performance!
½ October 15, 2019
this is a sad and very disturbing movie. difficult to follow as well.
October 15, 2019
This movie is a nonconventional origin story of the Joker and a look at mental health along with the disparity between rich and poor. I recommend this movie as a film fan, but not as a great adaptation of a comic character origin.
October 13, 2019
Fantastic movie. Generally, I'm not a fan of movies based on comic books, but this is different. It's a darkly disturbing character study that gives a believable backstory to the Joker who is masterfully portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix.
October 7, 2019
Its the Clockwork Orange, the Taxi Driver from our generation, its a beautiful and dark art piece, is unique.
½ October 5, 2019
Well that was dark and depressing!
While the acting was good, it just wasn't fun to watch.
I haven't been to a film in a long time where some of the audience walks out.
All I'm going to say- why so serious!
October 4, 2019
i thought this was a pretty good movie on origin of the joker
½ October 4, 2019
Barrel of laughs. Character driven plot. Phoenix creates a multi-faceted Joker.
May 9, 2019
Definitely not like the original make up looks horrible and probably not gonna see it looks super dumb dumb dumb!
March 29, 2019
people hating on this film already and we havent even got a trailer?!?
March 13, 2019
i want to see it nowwwww it looks interesting
February 24, 2019
El mejor villano que podría existir
February 22, 2019
This will be fantastic probably the best joker
January 31, 2019
my prediciton scores
54% critics 65% audience
63% critics 70% audience
66% critics 75% audience
78% critics 82% audience
hope its one of the last 3
January 24, 2019
I can't wait to see Joaquin Phoenix in action!!!!
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