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September 6, 2015
A really good long forgotten film with really fine performances especially from Strauss and Mosley.
January 16, 2015
The success of the "Rich man, poor man" TV series could explain why this TV film was presented in theaters in Peru. Shooted in the real Folsom prison with the real inmates. It gave a strong feeling of reality to this production.
March 25, 2014
Made for television but it opened a lot of eyes as to what a talent this guy was.
April 1, 2013
One of my all time favorites. Superb performance by Stauss.
½ January 31, 2013
Directed by Michael Mann, this has a hint of Miami Vice about it, with some musical scene-setting montages and plenty of jive in the dialogue. Being from the 1970s, the audio was a little muffled and some of the prison colloquialisms didn't exactly help, but the story was enjoyable enough with a kind of "I'm Spartacus" twist towards the end. A perfectly watchable 7.25/10
½ January 13, 2013
Why is this NOT available on DVD?????
May 15, 2011
Michael Mann's understanding of cinema is already evident in his first feature. The story is also a good one, and the film shows understanding of its characters, their values and situation. The atmosphere of the prison was well created, and the dialogue created a true sense of the place. However, most of the acting was rather average, so the film as a whole didn't rise to the level it could have with a better cast.
½ January 10, 2011
So it's a made for TV movie, it's about running, it's filmed in Folsom Prison with real inmates and it's directed by Michael Mann...yeah that one. It's pretty good although quite dated. (The dialogue in particular is VERY 70s). It's broad brushstrokes really in the hope you won't realise how bizarrely unrealistic it is and in true Mann style it's most interesting when exploring male relationships. Worth watching on many levels although I suspect pretty tricky to get hold of...I still can't get my head round it all to be honest!
½ July 18, 2009
A simple, yet inspirational movie. Great performance by Peter Strauss.
June 18, 2009
The other TV movie that doesn't suck. Probably the best running movie I've ever seen (of the what, three?).
May 2, 2009
Michael Mann made for TV film surpasses many theatrical releases. Filmed in Folsom State Prison with actual inmates.
March 30, 2009
This is a great movie.
November 16, 2008
Michael Mann's first film and already an incredible piece of work.
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