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½ May 4, 2019
I don't usually say this about any film, but this is a soulless, corporate sellout if I've ever seen one.
½ March 26, 2019
Upbeat, polished, bland, and overproduced: An apt surrogate for modern pop.
January 17, 2019
I loved this movie! I thought the story was great, music was great, acting was fun. I loved the emotion, singing, hair, costumes, relationships among the sisters, and the story with the Dad and robot. This was a feel good movie with heart, and the good guy and gals won. I had never seen the animated stuff. My first exposure to Jem and the Holograms was this movie. I loved it!!!!!
½ January 14, 2019
This movie is loose and just like it doesn't stick to the original (like the fans actually wanted) it also doesn't stick as a good movie and here's the thing, who in their right mind doesn't love Molly Ringwald, but I don't know if she was in her right mind when she accepted this role
½ December 16, 2018
Terrible movie! I wasted time and money on this flop. I did not enjoy any of it. A terrible plot that was miles away form the Source Material, bland acting, sub-par story overall, bored out of my mind
½ November 12, 2018
This is a trash movie and a horrendous addaptation.
½ August 23, 2018
I have never seen the show but even i can see what a cash grabbing sellout this movie truly is. The only good thing about this movie are the songs, and even they are not enough to say this movie is decent. If you are a fan of the show, AVOID THIS MOVIE.
July 24, 2018
I understand this movie wasn't true to the source material but people got so caught up on that that they ignored how great this movie was just as its own thing,
This is without a doubt my favorite movie ever made and I wish fans of the show didn't destroy what could have been a great series just cuz it wasn't the show in movie form.
June 27, 2018
Personally, I loved this movie because it was a great adaptation to the original series but with a twist. Even though I wanted to see the Misfits, the movie was really about overcoming your fears and being your true self. I cried during one point because there was a lot of emotion (no spoilers) but there are people who will disagree with me. If you have seen the show, then you should watch the movie not because of the characters, but because it is a great Coming Of Age film and it is for the entire family.
April 12, 2018
Ok I gave it two stars.. not because I bothered to seen it... but because the creators attempted to make it. In this day and age of amazing CGI, I had hoped that they would borrow from the Magic Visual Styling and effects of Scott Pilgrim Vs the World, along with a more campy / funny/ Comedy feel. Someone please remake this and make it count. They've rebooted Batman and Hulk Several times , I don't see why Jem can't be in that list..... and be truly outrageous!!!
April 3, 2018
I really likeed it but i love cheesy movies like this so if you dont like cheesy movies you wont like it.
½ April 2, 2018
The random weird videos of music lowered the quality by some much. The lead girl was not chosen correctly, she didn't suit it. This could have been really good and did have the potential but how it was put together weighed out the good.
½ March 19, 2018
I liked this film better than most reviewers. Call it nostalgia or call it a love for dorky flicks.
½ February 15, 2018
Judged on it's own merits and not comparing it to the source material it's actually a flawed but well intentioned movie about the origins of a pop star and the problems of fame.
½ November 14, 2017
I don't even want to give this film half a star. It's not only an awful reboot but just generally an awful film. All involved should be ashamed.
October 27, 2017
i love the Jem and Holograms movie it was full of great music and fun and a good story line
October 10, 2017
I really like this Outrageous film and pretty fun but the true is I dont know why everyone who hate this film or why, I was there in theater but no one watch it. but this movie is really truly outrageous film, fun film, and I dont care what other peoples have to say this movie, its you Jem fangirls or fanboys like the show? give it try it on Netflix or you could see it on DVDs as Shout Factory. but yea its Guilty Pleasure for me
August 4, 2017
No...just no. Feels like a bad Disney Channel movie. No wait...the problem is I'm not a tween girl.
July 20, 2017
I like the creativity and family aspect of this movie and the villain isnt so harsh. An everyday family favorite.
½ June 18, 2017
Traer de vuelta un clásico y para nada... Por que no logro capturar nada de lo que era la animación.
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