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September 1, 2018
Absolutely moving film! Being a musician you can really understand every bit and the emotion going into it. Aneurin is absolutely phenomenal actor and really recreates Mozart well!
January 1, 2018
This sumptuously filmed, fictional account of the gestation of Mozart's opera of Don Giovanni has a few grains of truth but the majority of the plot is fictitious. Not that this necessarily makes for a poor movie but for me, it did rather get in the way and simplify the inspiration behind the masterpiece and the creative processes that forged it. If you are hoping for a history lesson, move on, if however, you are looking for a passable costume drama, then Interlude in Prague may just fit the bill.
½ November 5, 2017
This film is for the most part, a well-acted, overly dramatic, and untrue part of history that was interesting enough to make me care about it, but I definitely understand why it was only shown at select theatres. My main problem is the unbelievable drama of the film. It sometimes makes the acting seem terrible, and often times the editing makes this even worse. Besides that, I do think it is well-written and well-acted, but it is also very untrue to history. There never was a Zuzana Luptakova and when you find that out, it kind of ruins the magic that the film is true to what happened as it labels itself as a documentary. One more thing really bugged me about this movie. I myself am an opera singer and currently I am in a production of The Magic Flute (an opera by Mozart). And though the operatic scenes are well shot, the way the singers sing the opera is very synthetic, autotuned, and very untrue to the very personal, real, and natural way opera is sung. Anyways, I'd give this film a pass unless Mozart is really your thing.
½ October 10, 2017
Beautiful music is a given, but also an intriguing fictional look at what might inspire a composer to create a character like Don Giovanni. Unevenly paced but entertaining and enjoyable.
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