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Lt. Dick Chasen (Casey Adams) narrates the strange story of Charles "Butcher" Benton (Lon Chaney, Jr.), a condemned man who came back for revenge. In prison, Butcher refuses to reveal to his crooked lawyer Lowe (Ross Elliott) where he hid $600,000 from a bank robbery. Even though he's due to be executed, Butcher vows revenge on Lowe and his partners, Squeamy (Marvin Ellis) and Joe (Ken Terrell). Lowe visits stripper Eva (Marion Carr), to whom Butcher has sent a map of the spot in the Los Angeles sewer system where he hid the loot, but Lowe opens the letter first, and secretly takes the map. After the execution, Butcher's body is taken to San Francisco scientist Prof. Bradshaw (Robert Shayne) who's trying for a cure for cancer, but instead his experiments bring Butcher back to life. His cellular structure has been increased to the point where he's nearly indestructible, and he is incredibly strong. He kills the scientist and his assistant, and heads for Los Angeles. When stripper Eva turns out to be very different from the person he was expecting, Dick becomes attracted to her. Butcher, who can no longer speak, arrives and learns she doesn't have the map. Aware of Butcher's vow, he tries to inform Squeamy, but Butcher kills both Squeamy and Joe. The panic-stricken Lowe punches a cop and gets tossed in jail as a way of hiding from Butcher; when the cops threaten to release him, he talks and reveals the map. Butcher overhears Dick and the others planning to take care of him with flamethrowers, but just as he finds the loot, he's hit with a bazooka and blasted with the flamethrowers. Hideously burned, he leaves the sewers and climbs to the top of a big crane, which runs into high tension wires, and Butcher is disintegrated. And in the end, Dick and Eva get together.

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Lon Chaney Jr
as The Butcher/Charles Benton
Marian Carr
as Eva Martin
Creighton Chaney
as The Butcher
Ross Elliot
as Paul Lowe
Ross Elliott
as Paul Lowe
Robert Shayne
as Prof. Bradshaw
Ken Terrell
as Joe Marcellia
Marvin Ellis
as Squeamy Ellis
Stuart Randall
as Police Captain
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A murdering psychopath (Chaney, of course) and career criminal is reanimated after being sentenced to death. The gang that ratted him out to the D.A. is now in trouble as the reanimation included making the brute super strong and invulnerable. So now he's a modern day Frankenstein loose in Los Angeles. Sometimes so corny it lends itself to laughter, but still better than many others in this genre. There's plenty of babes wandering the set in their swimsuits, too.

Kevin M. Williams
Kevin M. Williams

Super Reviewer


A mix between a Frankenstein story and film noir. Lon Chaney Jr. only has two lines in the whole film but he manages to carry his scenes alright. Kinda slow at points but manages to get some good thrills, especially at the end. Overall, not a bad way to waste an hour.

Christopher Heim
Christopher Heim

Super Reviewer

How many times has Chaney been brought back to life with electricity? This movie's pretty boring for the most part, but it's also kind of cool in some parts too like the ending.

Aj V
Aj V

Super Reviewer

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