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½ May 19, 2019
Very fun to watch, underrated
January 1, 2019
A Very good Horror/Thriller/Mystery with a great plot twist which brings the whole story together. No noticeable plot holes and an amazing cast makes this film one of the better in its genre,
½ December 30, 2018
A lot of films call themselves thrillers, but there are some out there that should not be allowed to take that liberty. This one however, surely can. There are many movies that get off to a promising start, then plummet when they get to the halfway point or end. This movie isn't like that, if anything, it only gets better as it goes on. In the opening, we barely a clue as to what is going on. All we know is that some guy named Malcolm Rivers is being convicted for murder. We don't know how many he killed, but it's clearly more than
one. Then, we cut to our man characters, ten people people who are caught in a fierce rain storm who are forced to take a shelter at a motel. These people include a young recently-married couple, a police officer transporting a convict, an ex-police officer now turned limousine driver, a prostitute, a young boy, his father, his mother who has been hit by a car, and of course the motel's owner. Some recognizable faces were cast, such as John Cusack (Say Anything), Ray Liotta (Goodfellas), and Rebecca De Mornay (Risky Business). Now that they are isolated from the world, this is the perfect time for the murderer among them to make his/her move... and that's exactly what happens. As the bodies begin to pile up, the characters begin to point fingers and try to figure out who's committing this atrocity before all of them are killed, and we feel like we're right there with them. Drawing slightly from the popular 1939 book And Then There Were None, Identity is suspenseful, thought provoking, and concludes with one of the most original endings
I've ever scene in a motion picture.
December 27, 2018
I bought it, all of it. The only blemish is to find out afterwards that the shifty eye guy has a condition that makes him go shifty eye, and not acting per se.
December 12, 2018
You should go into this knowing this is meant to be a psychological thriller. From that perspective, it's a very good movie. Otherwise, you'll be quite unsatisfied!
October 1, 2018
))() Great movie, in interest. l 17liter of beer, who drink ....... Thanks You Rotten Tomatoes sincerely to permit myself to express. in care
½ August 19, 2018
How on earth did I miss this fabulous movie until tonight? It got my creative thoughts stirring. Inside the mind of a serial killer with multiple personalities. Disturbing and yet so true. Fast pace. Lots of intrigue. You always know in your gut who the true killer will turn out to be in the end, but damn if it doesn't keep you guessing. Fabulous writing.
August 6, 2018
Identity is a very entertaining and highly intriguing movie that is full of great twists. Even if some of the characters are clichés, the movie accomplishes what it wants to in being unpredictable and suspenseful
½ July 19, 2018
Very good plot thats also very scary. It's captivating from beginning to end. Great acting.
½ July 12, 2018
Identity by James Mangold is a good thriller. Boasting of a huge cast it is a take on the Agatha Christie idea of death of every character one by one as the killer is finally revealed. The setup is a motel in Texas where one night a group of 10 strangers come together and one by one start getting hacked off. The acting is uniformly good and the pacing is good. Identity has a 60 percent average overall but it is a better effort than that.
½ June 20, 2018
Interesting but not good. Nothing really adds up if you pay attention.
May 26, 2018
Got a lot better after a dodgy start ; and certainly was not predictable!
April 13, 2018
A very good thriller, original and clever. Good cast, even John Cusack acted well. That's the movie you want, if you love suspense and 90's horror-thriller!
March 28, 2018
½ February 1, 2018
Good atmosphere, the ten little Indians part is ok, the rest is really kind of a mess.
January 28, 2018
A disappointing exercise in trying to outwit the audience that starts off strong but ultimately begins to unravel in the second act and completely derails by the climax of the film.

Identity has a fairly strong opening. Its a setup that we've seen time and time again even long before the film's original release in 2003 but the film takes its time to show the different perspectives of how everybody came together. The film starts off with a strong structure that allows you to understand everything occuring with ease. The film takes its time planting loose threads and possible motives all over the first act, most of which were done quite well for the time being. Where many films of this variety stumble right out of the gate Identity begins on a great footing. That, unfortunately, just makes it all the more disappointing that the film begins to trip over its own feet afterwards.

Starting from the second act onward the film's problems begin to crop up. Artificial conflict between some characters begin without any setup at all while points that should create conflict between other characters simply don't. Characters that mostly behave logically have complete lapses in basic judgement when there's a known serial killer on the loose when they're all crowded in a perfectly safe, secure room with two armed police officers. There is a fine line between irrational paranoia and blatant foolishness and characters frequenty trudge into the latter realm. The film mostly stops using its cuts into chronology like it did earlier in the film and settles into a more traditional method of storytelling, something which does nothing to distract from the logical issues with the script.

Identity is very genre conscious, with characters at one point even saying that the situation that they're in is like in movies that they've seen before. The film tries to be very clever in itsreptition of undermining audience expectations, or at least trying to do so. You may think "oh, they're going with this tired cliche" when they subvert it and then introduce another that they, again, subvert. Its an interesting idea for a script but most of the subversion fails. If you have a keen eye you'll notice what are supposed ominous hints that ultimately are techical failures that don't hold up to scrutiny. Some characters outright state things that are factual in its world and the the real world that directly contradict the direction that the story is headed . Some absolutely essential details are omitted and then the film frames it as a shocking twist when there was no reason to leave the audience in the dark about it to begin with. In a sense, the film "cheats" in other ways that I couldn't describe without getting deep into story spoilers. Identity's worst sin is that at the end of every one of these subversions is just one of the cliches that was on your shortlist of possible cliches to begin with, usually the one most worth an eyeroll and exasperated sigh. That isn't subversion, its tedious process of elimination. Identity's genre consciousness is an ambitious idea that ultimately disappoints over and over. With each revelation a larger failure than the previous one, the final act is filled with disappointing ends to every thread and every opportunity to put itself back on track by revealing a shocking twist ends up just derailing the film even further as you immediately reject the twist without even having to wait for a pause in the action to think it over.

Identity starts off with strong writing, acting, and directing. but as the film proceeds each of those categories begin to suffer. Its final act in particular is a trainwreck of comic proportions, so misaligned with the beginning of the film that you suspect that it was written by somebody else entirely. Identity clearly had the potential to rewrite the genre by being aware of it and trying to subvert genre tropes and cliches but ultimately it ends up emulating of the worst of the genre, leaving you to roll your eyes so frequently that you'll need to schedule an appointment with an optometrist shortly after viewing.
January 19, 2018
A very cool take on the Agatha Christie play And then there were none. While it is dated a little bit and the ending twist is predictable, it's a very solid thriller. A great cast and a great premise. The 1st act has some great writing about how they all end up in the hotel. I wouldn't call it scary. The deaths are more funny than horrifying. It's unique and worth checking out.
January 14, 2018
Awesome murder mystery with plenty of twists and thought provoking moments.
½ December 19, 2017
Actually, the main attraction for this film that saved it with a boost in entertainment value isn't the mystery game but the plot twist that led into another after couple of twists and turns, whether you heard of it vaguely or not, it'll still shock you and make the viewing worthwhile. (B)

(Full review TBD)
October 14, 2017
It was original I'll give it that much. Identity is a film that is worth seeing once due to its impressive cast and unique premise, but save it for a rainy day (which is exactly what I did)
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