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½ June 29, 2015
Hope can not help float this movie.
February 18, 2015
I just loved this movie! :) It was sweet, fresh and funny...:) And it was great to see that Colin Firth can actually be so amusing...:)
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½ August 3, 2014
I picked up an ex rental for $2, and I think I still paid too much.
I usually don't mind Heather Graham's rom coms, even the silly ones, but this was just crappy. Wtf with her getting drunk in the car and then taking off all her clothes. It was like watching a special needs person.
Also, the sound on the dvd is atrocious. The music is much louder than the speaking, so I had a choice between keeping the volume low and not being able to hear all that was said, and keeping it high and having music blast out loudly - as in, neighbours will complain, loudly.
I lasted 40 minutes. Just long enough got Minnie Driver to show up. It's a pity she and Colin didn't just go home at this point and end the movie.
January 26, 2014
I put this on early morning as it was the only thing on the dial I hadn't yet seen. Having been born and raised in NH and having spent a lot of time in Vermont I know what a New Englander sounds like and Mary Steenburgen didn't sound like one us. Steenburgen sounded more like New York than New Englander which was a poor choice of accent for a Vermonter. Real Vermonters know that history tells of Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys drover the "yorkers" from Vermont. Heather Graham sounded like a woman from the midwest, oh, waith, she is. At least Colin Firth had the right accent. Ok, so there's more to a film than accents, but if you set a film in a place and you don't take care to get the sound right, you're probably not going to care to get other things right.
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September 6, 2013
Awful, awful, awful, AWFUL. Colin Firth is probably regretting ever making this film and Heather Graham proves yet again that she has no acting skills whatsoever. The storyline for me, had no thought behind it and it's forgetable. Even now, I'm struggling to remember parts of it. I'm being generous by giving half a star.
May 19, 2013
A good cast. Not a good movie. Vapid and utterly without lasting impact. Hard to believe this was written by the same writer who wrote "The Graduate."
February 28, 2013
Cute little romcom, but the main selling point is Colin Firth (sigh).
January 8, 2013
Not a bad movie but not brilliant either. You can save it for a rainy day.
December 29, 2012
Loved this film, watched it again and again and still love it
½ October 1, 2012
Going to the cinema having read the critic's reviews first, is very 'hit & miss'. I really enjoyed this film - then I'm looking back 20 years ( wait until you get to where I am now).
August 26, 2012
It was completely unexpected but I loved this film.
May 28, 2012
nice but fail to meet many things
October 25, 2011
Sucked! Who wants to see a man choose between two crazy women?!?! Minimal nudity. Not worth it at all.
August 25, 2011
Don't quite know how Colin Firth got into such a terribly cheap movie
½ August 13, 2011
I actually really like Minnie driver usually, but this was just really boring. I started to tune out after about 15mins and didn't really manage to tune back in again!
July 7, 2011
It is sure that the story is not impressive and some scenes are awkward, but the film itself is better than the flixster ratings.
July 6, 2011
not bad, had some funny parts & I adore Colin Firth, had some funny moments, another library pick, saw last week.
May 26, 2011
I'm surprised by the negative reviews of this. I rather enjoyed it. Nice and quirky, just how I like it.
May 3, 2011
Well, Colin Firth, Minnie Driver, Mary Steenburgen - how bad can it be, I thought? The cast did well with a terrible script. Minnie in particular gets some good lines as panto villainess, and delivers them well. Plausible it isn't. How ever did this get made? And why did these actors agree to make it?
May 3, 2011
A romantic comedy in which a typical dry British sense of humour meets the quirky and crazy American outlook on life. Very funny and at the same time as comforting as a cup of hot chocolate on a winter day. And of course Colin Firth is brilliant... yet again...
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