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½ May 18, 2019
Well words almost fail me! Ponderous plodding pretentious claptrap......and that's being generous. I would have walked out of the cinema but didn't want to be the first. At the end of the film which mercifully came sooner than expected and the lights went the audience looked like they had witnessed a fatal car crash. 2 hours staring at a blank wall would have been more entertaining.
May 16, 2019
This movie manages to make father-daughter bonding over flying into a black hole boring, and manages to make almost adopting a dog....well...still boring...but somehow less boring than the black hole.
½ May 15, 2019
This film took forever to go nowhere. That the characters are criminals seems to be an excuse for them to act irrationally. I watched the whole thing, it has a sort of hypnotic and watchable quality, but ultimately not much happens. Surprised at all the great reviews it garnered here.
May 15, 2019
High Life intrigues, but slowly plods along with a forgetable and dull plot that doesn't flow. It's pretentious at times, aiming for shock cinema moments. Credit to Pattinson, who is on form, but it's not enough to rescue this from the darkness.
May 13, 2019
I'd been waiting for High Life for a long time, the premise, cast and visual strength made this a film that I highly anticipated, needless to say by my rating I was a little underwhelmed. I can't fault High Life on a technical level. Denis directs beautifully and there are many mesmerising shots and moments aching with beauty. In fact, the whole film is shot beautifully, with even bleak imagery seeming strangely vibrant. Pattinson is ultimately the shining light, giving an understated portrayal of loneliness and misery. My reservations with High Life is that it's a bit too experimental, a lot of the time I was confused and felt it became a bit self indulgent at points. The meaning of the story also seemed to arch this way and that a little too often and I could've done with a bit more direction, although I know people will disagree with me. High Life is a beautiful film with big questions about life itself but it's over-eagerness to impress and provoke let it down massively.
May 12, 2019
Slow moving, pointless film.
Seems like it is trying to say something but never manages to do so.
½ May 11, 2019
Pointless waste of time. No story, not a single aspect of the film makes sense.
May 11, 2019
Now, I do arthouse (regularly), I do slow, I do atmospheric...but this was a mess. Didn't know what it wanted to be. Patterson is fine, but Binoche's twisted doctor was so over acted she was like something from a comedy. And the constant annoying voice over...so lazy! Plus could've been way shorter.
May 8, 2019
Hypnotizing, and remourseless Scfi drama that is so ambiguous, you will think about it for while.
May 7, 2019
Do not fulfill others expectations -stay true to yourself
High Life. This movie clearly did not resonate well with much of your audience, but it could have. Forget the low budget, who cares. It is the message that will remain in the minds and hearts of your audience. When you develop your energetic vibrations and connections with every person in the audience you will have arrived as an actor. I commend Robert Pattinson for his efforts and determination not to be swayed by outside influences. I speak two languages. The first is universal energy and the second is English. In the movie High life- Robert Pattinson is obviously beginning to own the language of the universe. There is a much faster way to accomplish this and reach everyone in your viewing audience. Everyone understands universal energy (they just don't know they do) Your audience will get what you are delivering on a lasting energetic level through your artistry. I have viewed many of Robert Pattinson past movies and I see the slow process he is going through trying to grasp the language of universal energy. Exptamircle.
May 5, 2019
Not a great film- different, visual, well acted but ultimately disappointing.
The day the inmates took over the asylum. I prefer Don't Look in the Basement to this- the payoff was better.
Still it's good to see Pattinson, Binoche and Mia Goth do something different.
May 3, 2019
What a terrible movie. Great command technically of the camera and actors, but what a nothing story. I have no idea what im supposed to glean from this. It felt so avant garde it was like a farce. Made me think of those old SNL sketches of the modern dance people.
½ May 3, 2019
A pretty exceptional film, if you like thought provoking & complex cinema.


If you don't have a good attention span, find actual mature content difficult or off-putting, or just like formulaic/easy movies, you might not like this film.
½ May 3, 2019
I really had high hope for this film because I always saw it on TV channels saying that it's kind of a good film. Moreover, Robert Pattinson was in it. So, I thought the film wouldn't turn out to be that bad since Twilight was good and I could watch it. But I was completely wrong.

When I was watching it, I felt so boring and it almost made me fell asleep. After ten minutes passed, no improvements. So, I skipped some more minutes. Twenty minutes to be exact. But it's still boring. I gave it one more chance. I skipped ten minutes again. Sadly, no improvements. Hence, I stopped watching.

I don't know about others. As for me, this film is so terrible and so, it's not worth to watch. Not even once.
½ May 2, 2019
The story is really new, but it came out way boring, I kept waiting for something unexpected to happen, something to elevate my heart rate, but nothing happened. If the duration was shorter, it may have been more exciting to watch
May 2, 2019
High Life is one of the greatest films in 2019 (so far)
May 2, 2019
If only they had a better script. It was somewhere between porn and sci-fi and unfortunately the script was closer to porn. The well crafted moments visually meant nothing without substance. Wasted space. Literally.
May 2, 2019
Soooo boring! Well, I anticipated it somewhat by the same nature of where the... action is been set: A deep space vecel with a destination of no return, a black hole. The target is to harness the immense power of the black hole for the benefit of mankind. Also, obviously there is another goal, to reproduce people in the radioactive environment of the spaceship. But years go by and no kid grows up there. Partly because women passenger doesn't want to. This is the first question mark: Why?
As time goes by passengers go violent and/or crazy, and die or get murdered one by one. Typical. And there is no explanation of what they think, or how they feel, because almost no one actually speaks, except for the weird witch fertility doctor and Patisson. Eventually, a healthy is born by the sperm by our hero. Then the doctroress suicides and the remaining passengers die or get murdered. Without much explanation.
Thereafter, Patisson grows the baby girl on his own. The girl grows up and has become a beautiful lady when they reach their destination, the black hole. And what they do? They ride a small spaceship and dive into the black hole! Or they maybe orbit the event horizon. How knows!? And no f...ng experiment on the black hole takes place, neither is any indication of there was such orders to the passengers, or some automatic procedure to be performed by the spaceship itself. WTF!??
Movie concludes with a bizarre (and of course, completely unexplained and incomprehensible) end scene of the father and his daughter.
Oh well, a very moody song by Tindersticks follows. That's all that I got from a 100 minute boredom.
No, it's Solaris by a mile. Avoid it.
½ May 2, 2019
This movie is crap. Save your money and your valuable time in life and skip it. It's terribly boring, storyline is ridiculous, CGI is 5th grade, ending totally worthless. Summary: convicts get exiled to space, convicts on ship kill each other and have strained sexual behavior, baby cries for 40 minutes of the movie, actors sit in faux garden for 30 minutes. Final scene: everyone dies. The end, that's it, there is no more, and I my summary is more interesting than the movie actually is. Oh, in a twisted sex scene, you get to see Juliette Binoche with massively glued on, fake crotch hair. In space does your crotch hair grow extra bushy? Ahh, the central question of the movie has now been discovered. It ain't worth it, believe me. You've been warned.
½ May 2, 2019
One of those complicated serious movies. This one is way too complicated.
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