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So-so sequel to "Snow White" in which the animated princess must rescue her new husband from the wicked Lord Maliss.


Irene Cara
as Snow White
Dom DeLuise
as Looking Glass
Phyllis Diller
as Mother Nature
Tracey Ullman
as Moonbeam/Thunderella
Linda Gary
as Critterina/Marina
Jonathan Harris
as Sunflower
Malcolm McDowell
as Lord Maliss
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Audience Reviews for Happily Ever After


Enjoyable as a child, but paying attention to it now, it has many flaws, has quite a few good things to it, but putting all down, the movie itself is almost cheesy in every way. Let's start out with the idea of a sequel. As many should know, the idea of a sequel to an already amazing film (Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs) sounds like a bad idea from the start. This sequel failed, but was charming on a stand-alone movie. Characters: The main character in here was supposed to be Snow White herself, but the film also seemed to have been focusing on other, much sillier characters. Let's take the Dwarfells for example; the female 'cousins' or the Dwarfs from the prequel we all know, only with their own special powers, but most of them being useless throughout the entire movie (& Moonbeam being the most useless of them all) except for Thunderella, who had a pretty decent hero-girl movie through the end, but even then. And then comes the villain, his main point, kidnap Snow White, but failed every time due to some predictable cause. The prince, even more useless than the dwarfells, Malice might as well have ridden himself of the prince for good. And finally Scowl the Owl & Batso the Bat; other than having extemely uncreative names, the two have no real purpose through any part of the movie, just there for laughs (which I humbly enjoyed). Animation: Nothing special, even for it's time. It was he 90s, but even then, many 90 cartoons & animated movies had better animation. The film itself would take scenes that happened before & use them again & again for another 2 times in other parts of the journey. And the cell coloring wasn't all too good either. Voice Acting: Pretty good, but there were moments in the film where the characters themselves didn't sound like they were taking themselves seriously. Mainly the magic mirror himself sounded like he was taking his role as a joke. And as for the wolf scene, who's idea was it to make Critterina & the wolves sound like they were speaking in a fake animal gibberish? I even recall hearing one of the wolves saying "dessert" as the growled at the ladies. Plot/Story: Though decently done, we might have seen it before, & as I mentioned, it was rather cheesy & laughable. Music: As a fan of musicals, this movie's songs couldn't win me. Many of the singers in here had voices that sounded as if they had scratched their own voice boxes (but they sound better than the Jonas Brothers), & the lyrics were just laughable. So overall, this film isn't the best animated sequel but it's also not the worst. Recommendable to kids.

Frisby 2007
Frisby 2007

Super Reviewer


Snow White is prettier in this, but a thousand times more annoying and helpless. I appreciate the whole female empowerment thing they've got going on here, but next to the original dwarves they pale in comparison.

Jennifer Xu
Jennifer Xu

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Not so great imitation Disney.

Anthony Valletta
Anthony Valletta

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