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January 22, 2016
adding based on Joe Bob Briggs' recommendation
February 7, 2014
love the movie wished i had it
February 17, 2013
No. It's not Carrie White. It's a shy girl named Maggie whose soul is taken over by Satan. It all happens at a birthday party where Maggie is to meet her blind date, Carl. To hide from one of God's bounty hunters (as well as the inventor of the Condom), it leaps into the body of Maggie for a momentous stay. From what was an innocent girl is now a sexy temptress with looks that kill! She's ready to raise some hell and is planning on taking every man's soul along with her through deadly intercourse. The sex scene in the bathroom was the lamest soul sucking I've ever seen. It was just the use of a fog machine to never show the "drying" out of Maggie's date.

The misogynistic bounty hunter and the devil have been fighting for hundreds of years. They've shared a relationship at one time until he wanted to kill her. You see before this guy became God's bounty hunter, he was some sort of reporter or gumshoe before he died. I guess that explains his attitude, but whatever. God appoints him to kill the devil inorder to prove his worth to be in heaven and stay out of purgatory. He takes on the task, thinking it'd be easy until a lover's quarrel turns into decades of fighting.

This is pure cheese, but it's so stinky that it makes you gag while watching. At one point, Maggie as the devil says "God! This is so boring!" It really is. There's a few little one-liners and gags that made me chuckle. Nothing too funny except on how poorly made this film really is. It's limited budget wasn't too bad and Liane Alexandra Curtis seems to really be enjoying herself as she plays a Satanic bitch. Dispite this film's braindead execution, it did go on to establish a cult following and inspired a stage musical.

Overall, too misogynistic in the last half of the film.
February 27, 2011
One of my favorite horror/comedies from back in the day.
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