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½ April 21, 2019
Just suffering porn. It's like shitty 127 hours for straight cis white liberals who want to feel like they're good allies for not beating up a trans person on the street. Not to mention the fetishization of the trans experience. 0/10 would be afraid to leave my kids alone with anyone involved in the production of this shit
March 22, 2019
Riveting movie! I liked the rawness of it, it made me feel empathetic and gave a sense of understanding.
March 22, 2019
I thought Victor Polster‚(TM)s performance was stellar and that the story, although a difficult one to tell, portrayed a young trans girl in a very honest yet vulnerable way. Based on some of the reviews and interviews I have read, I don‚(TM)t feel it is deserving of the backlash it‚(TM)s getting from many critics and members of the trans community. Not everyone relates personally to every story told and this one was based on the true story of a young trans dancer, Nora, who the director (Lukas Dhont) met as a teen while struggling with his own identity. It is a film that brings more awareness to the struggles that trans (and other LGBTQ) people face daily and that in itself is a major accomplishment. We need more films like this!
½ March 20, 2019
From a trans person: This movie is boring, there is no character, much less character development. The core idea of "a woman verses her body" in gender dysphoria compared to ballet is solid but there is no realization. The shots are desaturated and flaccid. The main character says all of 3 lines and encourages no relation. There is no arc, no pay off, and has and ending that paints trans people as deranged and self destructive. Trans people are as irrational and complicated as anyone but the sheer lack of joy in this film is downright sickening.
March 17, 2019
Not an easy to watch popcorn stuffing crowd pleaser, but an unflinchingly honest and convincing portrayal of one MTF transgender child's transition into womanhood. Gosh knows that navigating one's teenage years can be socially brutal even without the further challenges of transgender issues, but 16-year-old "Lara" is nothing if not a determined survivor. Victor Polster's portrayal of Lara, based on the real life experience of Belgian teen Nora Monsecour, is achingly sensitive. It would take a hard-hearted person indeed not to come away from a viewing with greater empathy for the struggles of transgender children‚"‚"struggles more of society's making than their own. I was deeply moved.
March 16, 2019
A real insight into the life of a young trans girl and her life training to be a ballerina. Its follows her family life and the constant pressure placed on her by those around her and not least herself. A hard watch in places. The ending i felt didn't fit with the character and i wish it had explored more of her relationships and then it would have been a real coming of age film for a youn trans audience.
March 15, 2019
De film wist me niet te boeien
½ March 14, 2019
A great Belgium movie.
February 28, 2019
It's like downgrading "Matrix" to Wachowski's personal lives. In practice it is not yet known anything certain about the identity problem ("know yourself", Temple of Apollo in Delphi, perhaps sixth century BC, "JE est an autre", Arthur Rimbaud, May 15, 1871), yet there are those who have so much haste that they already want to face a subset of it like the gender identity.
(Mauro Lanari)
½ February 24, 2019
Not interested in LGBT propaganda
½ February 16, 2019
More liberal gay BS? How about making a movie that is...I don't know...a family movie? I know that's hard for liberals to imagine but we're all tired, to hell and back, with this liberal agenda you've been force feeding Americans! STOP IT! Just STOP IT! LGBTQ, Feminism, all of it needs to end! BTW, this movie might apply to 0.001 of the population of the entire planet!
½ January 1, 2019
This Golden Globe nominee for Best Foreign Language Film is a tour de force in queer cinema in telling a story of a stalwart transgender teenager fending off body dysphoria and gender violence to endeavour to metamorphose into a successful ballerina.
½ December 9, 2018
Another cisgender male portraying a minority in an unimformed, fetishized, drama focusing more on genitalia than actual social stigmatizism faced by transfolk. If Lukas Dhont had cast a trans actor, or even consulted a transperson, the long panned shots of genitalia would more than likely have been replaced with thought provoking dialogue to inform viewers of hidden struggles. The horrifying, bloody, finale was hard to watch as a transgirl, knowing that that kind of mutilation will only damage and scar the person, preventing any kind of further srs (sexual reassignment surgery). Please stop portraying cultures you know nothing about
½ December 8, 2018
Movie sucked another SJW film we are tired of crap like this
½ December 6, 2018
Love all these cis people giving this horrible transphobic garbage a high score for "authenticity". Glad to know what you really think of us. I hope the director gets his dick cut off with scissors.
December 3, 2018
Girl takes a sharp edged look at the life of a young woman who seems to have a hard time dealing with her identity crisis, which builds up to a emotional gut-punch you wont see coming.
Super Reviewer
½ October 21, 2018
Despite its questionable casting (although we can understand the difficulty of finding a transgender actress for the role) and an ending that feels like a cop-out, Lukas Dhont creates a sensitive film that makes us share the character's anguish as she struggles with self-acceptance.
October 12, 2018
Accepted into a prestigious ballet school, Lara (Victor Polster) trains for hours each day to reach her peers' years of experience in the competitive art. As the year passes by, the strains of practice take their toll on the ballerina as she also prepares to undergo sex reassignment surgery.
One of two stories about a struggling ballerina and one of many, many foreign films there, "Girl" was one of those films that passed under the radar at this year's Telluride Film Festival. From Belgium and first-time director Lukas Dhont, it's a film tackling LGBT issues in a freshly subdued, but no less personal way.
Though it's based on a real person influential to Dhont, the metaphor for physical identity change taken through ballet is as genius as it is harrowing. Practicing ballet requires a constant, often bloody gradience of change until one can accomplish movements not feasible by the standard body. Dhont takes a very personal approach to capturing Lara's change, using close-ups as a means of forcing one to look at Lara's mangling body. A frequent use of mirrors and, at the same time, the closeness of the ballet choreography's cinematography warms one to Lara's dedication while an occasional, subtle onset of shakiness puts one near her crumbling id and ego.
It's praiseworthy how restrained Dhont approaches Lara's journey. Dead set on confirming her identity through surgery despite the physical risks tacked on by her career aspirations, her story is purely internal, not external, however you take it, and this lighter touch makes for really good, really smart explorations of Lara's conflicted psyche. The rest of the world-her father, classmates, teachers, neighbors-seldom questions Lara's femininity. It's almost only her. This different take on identity issues works arguably better than the showier, bombastic angle usually taken by films of this ilk, building empathy through warmth and intimacy rather than in-your-face demonstrations and outrage.
Well, that's save for three very obvious scenes relying on (varying degrees of) shock value that ruin this near universal acceptance of Lara. The ongoing internal, not external, conflict is contradicted by these three moments that, while effective, downplay Dhont's powerful running message.
A massive lull that arrives in the middle and carries all the way to the end also hurts the film's overall impression. "Girl" gets very repetitive as Lara's injuries manifest over and over in similar ways, and while Victor Polster's performance is strong throughout, the film's lack of change or growth in its back half severely limits its final impact.
Lukas Dhont and Victor Polster make striking first impressions in "Girl", a painfully personal portrait of a maturing young person. Though narratively weak for a long, overwrought second half, it's a mostly well-constructed story of empathy and self-acceptance.
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