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½ February 17, 2019
½ February 1, 2019
I can't understand how this idiotic movie got such a high review score!
January 27, 2019
This is a good movie! It is 80s style action movie. No computer graphics, no political correctness, no BS. Just straight up high-octane action with great stunt work & acting all based around a fine story about a good old US Army hero who saves the day! This new guy is alright in my book. This is simply an old fashion action movie of which they donďż 1/2(TM)t make much of any more. I hope to see more of this star, director and style.
January 23, 2019
Final Score: 6 out of 10: Above average direct to video movie starring Dave Bautista. Basically Die Hard in a football (soccer) stadium.

So onto the questions

Is it as good as Die Hard? Nope, not even close. Much as Jaws rip-off remind one how good Jaws really was most Die Hard ripoffs simply remind us how good of a film Die Hard really was. I include all the Die Hard sequels in this statement.

Is it as good as Sudden Death? Unfortunately not. For those who donâ(TM)t recall 1995â(TM)s Sudden Death, it starred Jean Claude Van Damme as a local Pittsburg fireman. (No really) who tries to save the Vice President (Seriously) during game seven of the Stanley Cup (I am not making this up). The fact he has a fight against a murderous Penguin mascot alone puts it heads and shoulders above this film.

Sudden Death had a child in peril does this movie? You betcha. Lara Peake plays Danni the daughter of a former army comrade that Bautista feels guilt over as he gave the order that got her father killed. He flies in from the states to check in on the family and takes the girl out to a soccer game. She ditches him for some boys and it is his search for her that leads to him discovering our nefarious terrorists.

Does the bad guy's plan make sense? I am going to say no. They are looking for their comrade who disappeared and is wearing a disguise. They donâ(TM)t want to kill him as much as kidnap him and make him lead their revolution. So they wire part of the stadium with explosives and search the stands using face recognition software. What they donâ(TM)t do is simply send their guys down to the stands and just grab him when he has to take a bathroom break or get a hot dog or something. Basically, they are fishing with dynamite.

Oh, Pierce Brosnan is in this. Is he the bad guy? No, he plays the disguised comrade mentioned above. He phones it in so much I have to think Bruce Willis is running a class somewhere.

Are there any good bits? Quite a few actually. The bad guys may have a silly plan but they have a mean streak a mile wide. They love shooting people in the head for little or no reason. Martyn Ford as the muscle man bad guy is a sight to behold. He looks like he could beat up a moving truck. Lucy Gaskell plays a bike riding bad girl who honestly needs to star in her own movie.

Outside of a well above average bad guy roster the action scenes are well filmed and clearly shot and the comic relief provided by an Indian usher (Amit Shah) is often amusing.

I notice you have yet to mention the star, Dave Bautista? Yeah, he is okay. His character lacks well character. He also suffers from the fact that no matter how ridiculous he never seems to get injured or even slow down. Dude falls forty feet onto concrete and barely limps. His character makes no sense. He has tactical training but canâ(TM)t figure out how to alert the authorities in a football stadium that has a live television broadcast? His female ward isnâ(TM)t any better mind you. I know she is supposed to be damsel on distress bait but the script has her ditch her âuncleâ? at the stadium for a boy. (Which marks her as a remarkably bad person). Then when she gets alone with the boy and he tries to kiss her she gets a case of the vapors like we were in a Victorian drama. Note to screenwriter; teenage girls do kiss boys they just ran off with, That is why they run off with them.

Okay, so there are some logic problems with the characters and the plot? The stadium is full of blind people. There are gunfights, explosions, motorcycles flying above them and not one player or fan even notices the chaos. Nor do they panic when the cell phones are all cut off and all the gates are closed and locked. I mean really?
Add in some serious stormtrooper shooting by the bad guys and Dave Batista walking off getting his head smashed against a hot grill and his hand dipped in a fryer and you have too much for the ye olde suspension of belief.

So more of a science fiction picture? Well, West Ham reaching the European Cup Semi Final is practically the definition of Science Fiction.

Anything Else to add? The bad guys and honestly the movie wuss out in the end. You have a stadium filled with C4 and yet the final explosion looks like an old pensioners oxygen tank went off. Overall an enjoyable film and a nitpickers delight. Dave Bautista does need to find a character other than the guy who doesnâ(TM)t get hurt when clearly he should though. He also needs a new agent. Escape Plan 3 really? Dave, did you see Escape Plan 2? You know the one you were in?
January 5, 2019
Great movie, great story line. The main actor is just like the rock but only 10x better at acting !! I definite must see.
December 3, 2018
An utterly stupid movie filled with bad cliches and annoying one-note characters. Plot is totally unrealistic. 73% score from the critics calls into question their qualifications to be a critic.
½ November 29, 2018
Very good action movie minus the annoying female teen playing a dumbass teenager. Why can't they be smarter and badass? The then typical rebellious teen. It get old real fast.
November 29, 2018
I am no great fan of Dave Bautista and I don't consider him a great actor, but in this flick he comes out quite well as the tough guy who cleans up the mess. At times the movie is a bit on the heavy side of violence for my taste, but all in all it is quite an entertaining action flick. The presence of Pierce Brosnan is very limited and and he could have been replaced by any nobody; it wouldn't have made a difference. Of course there are the illogical screw ups as of easy access to the roof of a football stadium, but up there you'll get some of the best action scenes. Not a great movie, but an enjoyable thing to while away 90 minutes. 6 1/2/10 points.
November 23, 2018
Hard action movie with predictable results.
November 14, 2018
Lots of action and loads of violence in this flick. Dave Bautista stars as a former Army Special Forces soldier who is forced into becoming nearly a one-man-Army as he attempts to thwart a Russian terrorist attack on a London soccer stadium, and also save his 15-year-old "niece" in the process. Ray Stevenson and Alexandra Divu make for believable villains here and Amit Shah adds some much needed comic relief. If you're expecting to see a lot of Pierce Brosnan, he really doesn't appear till the final 30 minutes of the movie and even then doesn't have a lot of lines or things to do, although his character is pivotal to the storyline. Overall, if you don't mind some really nonsensical plot elements and all the bloody carnage here, then I thought this could be a decent watch.
October 29, 2018
Good fun, solid action movie in a similar vein to Die Hard. Its a little cringeworthy in places but has enough action and brutality to be fun.
October 27, 2018
I kinda of like this movie but shocked that during the whole movie i got to see Pierce Brosnan only at the end, but overall good movie and for a professional wrestler dave bautista can act quite well.
October 15, 2018
It's basically Die Hard at a football stadium... I liked it.
½ October 9, 2018
It's your typical hero saves the day film, but is quite good if you just want something to pass the time, or if you want something with a reasonable amount of action in that doesn't take too much concentration and isn't a horror. Its along the lines of films like die-hard and has small comedy moments that are definitely for the British sense of humour. It might not get your heart racing but it's quite a feel good film that's easy to watch.
October 7, 2018
Well go with your gut, this isn't a great film far fetched and brosnans accent is awful. Storyline has the potential to be a good one but poor acting with poor continuity creates a boring average watch not worth the time but the cast alone can tell you that
September 30, 2018
Typical acton movie, nothing interesting
September 28, 2018
Nothing new here. A so-so "Time Waster" if you have time to kill.
½ September 22, 2018
Apart from Batista the acting was dreadful. Some good action set pieces but at points the reality element really gets stretched (security being able to use facial recognition, stadium lockdown). Enjoyable to watch in a big group but not one to watch for a thought provoking solo film session.
September 22, 2018
Es una copia de MUERTE SÚBITA con Jean Claude Vandamme..!! No es una historia muy original que digamos.!
September 21, 2018
As someone who is a little older who loved the original die hard and commando movies in my youth i found this movie a huge disappointment. that said, if you expect nothing and want to switch your brain off and laugh at the acting and not so special effects it is just about acceptable vegging out material.
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