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July 9, 2016
A silly Monty Python-esque take on vikings and Norse mythology - definitely would've benefited with more Pythons, as Jones only gives himself two scenes and Cleese not much more. Robbins is good as the dim-witted do-gooder Erik and the plot is pretty much just them going on a voyage to please the gods & restore the sun. Some stupid moments (the sinking of the island, the dragon, etc.) but for a low-budget history/comedy, it's not bad. If it were a proper full-scale epic, then it definitely failed, but it's OK for what it is.
½ March 24, 2015
Charming Monty Pythonesque comedy about a group of vikings sailing west toward the edge of the world. Terry Jones wrote and directed the film, which co-stars Jone, John Cleese and unofficial Python member Charles McKeown. Tim Robbins plays Erik, the leader of the quest. Mickey Rooney, Eartha Kitt, Freddie Jones, Jim Broadbent and Tim McInnerny also star in the film. Like most Python films, it's not too strong on narrative and is very episodic, which lends itself to essentially stand alone sketches. Jones' sinking city, the opening bit about circular arguments and especially the berserker banter between McKeown and McInnerny are quite funny. I remember when I first saw this film in the theater, I was kind of disappointed by it, but having not seen it in years and having not had any kind of "real" Monty Python film from any of the original members in a very long time, this is kind of a treat to watch again.
February 14, 2015
Erik (Tim Robbins), a young Viking, discovers that he has no taste for rape and pillage, and suffers guilt over the death of Helga (Samantha Bond), an innocent woman. Erik learns from the wise woman Freya (Eartha Kitt) that Fenrir the wolf has swallowed the sun, plunging the world into the age of Ragnarök. Erik resolves to travel to Asgard to petition the gods to end Ragnarök. Freya informs him that to do so he must seek the Horn Resounding in the land of Hy-Brasil. The first note blown upon the Horn will take Erik and his crew to Asgard, the second will awaken the gods, and the third will bring the crew home. Keitel Blacksmith (Gary Cady) and his underling Loki (Antony Sher) are opposed to Erik's plan, because peace would end the demand for Keitel's swords. Keitel joins Erik's crew to sabotage Erik's plans. Halfdan the Black (John Cleese), afraid that peace will mean the end of his reign, sets sail in pursuit. Arriving at Hy-Brasil, Erik and crew are astonished to find it a sunlit land whose people are friendly (if musically untalented). Erik promptly falls in love with Princess Aud (Imogen Stubbs), daughter of King Arnulf (Terry Jones). Aud has warned the Vikings that should blood ever be shed upon Hy-Brasil, the entire island would sink beneath the waves. Erik and his crew defend Hy-Brasil against Halfdan's ship. In gratitude for Erik's having saved Hy-Brasil, King Arnulf presents him with the Horn Resounding, which is much larger than Erik had imagined. Loki steals the Horn's mouthpiece, without which it cannot be sounded, and persuades Keitel to throw it in the sea. Snorri, one of Erik's men, catches them in the act, and Loki kills him. A single drop of the man's blood falls from Loki's dagger, triggering an earthquake that causes the island to begin sinking.Erik's crew, joined by Aud, prepare to escape in their ship with the Horn safely aboard, but Arnulf refuses to join them, denying that the island is sinking up to the very moment he and the other islanders are swallowed by the waves. Aud, who was able to recover the mouthpiece by chance, sounds the first note on the Horn. The ship is propelled over the edge of the flat Earth and into space, coming to rest upon the plain of Asgard. Erik sounds the second note to awaken the gods, and he and his crew approach the great Hall of Valhalla...

"Erik The Viking" was inspired by Terry Jones's children's book "The Saga of Erik the Viking" (1983), but the plot is completely different. With both Terry Jones (writer and director as well) and John Cleese in smaller roles you might believe the originality of Monty Python carries the film, but that´s not the case. This is just a way too light comedy we are served and it´s not funny nor memorable. I think this is just half assed from Jones and him relying on that the Monty Python stamp would be enough to make this film into something ok. This is a classic "in one eye, out the other" film. Robbins and Co are all just backdrops in this campy and pointless viking saga. The only positive thing in "Erik The Viking" is the gorgeous Imogen Stubbs.
December 25, 2014
Best python movie, hilarisch and basuurk !
Super Reviewer
½ June 8, 2014
Now this is a film long since lost in the annals of time. Much like the excellent 'Jabberwocky' movie by Terry Gilliam this movie has also been somewhat herded into the Monty Python film collection as a kind of extension to the Python universe. The same could also be said for the movies 'Yellowbeard' and 'Timebandits', unfortunately neither 'Erik' or 'Yellowbeard' are any good really and both fall flat, although this is better than the Chapman vehicle.

Inspired by Jones's own children's story book but strangely enough not following his own creation, the film revolves around Norse mythology although I'm unsure how closely, I doubt its that close. We follow Erik and his viking crew as they travel to Asgard so they may ask the Gods to end the age of Ragnarök. They all believe the sun has been swallowed by Fenrir the mighty wolf which has plunged their world into darkness. So its a travelling into the unknown type adventure which was very popular in the 80's.

I guess the main issue I had with this film (first time seeing it!) was the fact it felt like it was trying to copy various other movies in terms of visuals at least. The whole mystery voyage into the unknown and looking for mystical fabled items angle is cool but so very dated and to be really truly honest this film just felt like a combination of all of the films I mentioned above. The visuals aren't even that exciting really, most of the start is set within a drab dreary Viking village, then we move onto a drab and dreary sea sequence, then we get some exotic visuals but eventually its back to drab and dreary as they find Asgard. Most of the movie looks very cheap and cheerful too, the sea monster is quite nice and typically Python-esque but all sets and costumes (especially wigs) just look very tacky.

I realise Jones has gone for that simple dirty cheap look (classic Python look) but it comes across as a tired attempt. 'Time bandits' had the same kind of visual approach but it also had some good location sequences and an exciting story, this story of Erik didn't really grab me at all. I didn't feel anything for any of the characters, their journey seems too easy, they find their goal quite quickly without doing much, the Gods are just kids which was anti-climatic, nothing really happens during the adventure that is of any real urges of pending failure and the finale is really very weak.

I can't even say any of the characters were good fun...the same old routines which have been seen before in better films. There is a strong element of forced comedy throughout the film which is never really that amusing. The silly goofy characters are just trying way too hard, a good example would be the entire sequence set on Hy-Brasil with Jones in a familiar high pitched speaking role. As for Robbins as Erik...he is miscast in my view, far too meek, not really good looking enough for the hero and with an American accent!...sheesh! what on earth was Jones thinking?! Not even the powerhouse that is John Cleese can help this dull tale, his portrayal of the evil 'Halfdan the Black' as a soft spoken good mannered pleasant seeming chap (basically Cleese playing Cleese or his Robin Hood character from 'Timebandits'), again just felt rehashed and out of place.

There are one or two nice visual moments like the Viking ship going over the edge of the flat Earth and as I said the sea monster (what you see of it), but that's about it. I found the whole thing rather underwhelming frankly despite the solid UK cast and alluringly cool little movie poster. Its pretty unexciting with little to care about and a terrible finale, there are better Python-esque fantasies out there.
½ March 11, 2014
I usually don't like Python-esqe sendups - but this is the exception. Just wait till you meet Odin! More enjoyable if you appreciate Nordic culture; which I do. Best to watch after midnight or when drunk.... PILLAGE¤¡â(TM)¥
January 3, 2014
I barely remember this but remember hating it.
½ August 15, 2013
If you like comedy, especially British comedy, then you will enjoy this film. A group of Norsemen (one of them christian) set out by boat on a quest to find the halls of Asgard, wake the gods and bring about the end to the age of Ragnarok. Written and Directed by Terry Jones (Monty Python's Flying Circus), this movie contains most of the cast members of Monty Python.Not hilarious, but amusing nonetheless. Erik the Viking is worth watching in the theater if you can find it there. B-
July 14, 2013
Interesting and mildly funny, but not good.
½ June 28, 2013
Semi spiritual sequel to Monty Python and the Holy Grail that isn't quite as tight or polished. Still has a few gags and Python moments, especially when Cleese or Jones are on screen.
May 20, 2013
Absurdist comedy at its near-finest.
March 15, 2013
A Pythonesque take on Vikings and Norse mythology. Plenty of satire is imbued in the film, but the comedy fails to take off.. But the movie isn't a total turnoff. There are enjoyable and funny parts. Fans of Monty Python & Thor should give this a watch at least once.
½ February 23, 2013
So dishearteningly bad at what it tries to do.
November 18, 2012
A painful film that one can excrete as soon as it has finished being absorbed. "Erik The Viking" has some comedic moments with several Python cameos, but the pace is far to slow and unrewarding for those who don't have an emotional attachment to the film.
November 15, 2012
Yet another so-so film from Terry Jones. The jokes aren't really all that funny. If you're a Python fan, you might hate it. This is not a Python movie, you have to understand. It just has Terry Jones and John Cleese in it.

The worst scenes include the opening, the introduction to John Cleese's scene (his villain is really dull and uninteresting) the singing in Hy Brazil, the invisible cloak scene and any scene where Sven goes berserk.

However, I do like the look of this film, the costumes and sets are nice. One scene I did find funny is when the vikings are sick on the boat. "Goodbye Norway. Goodbye, lunch" and Thorfinn, a viking who isn't sick keeps talking about a man who couldn't stop vomiting making another viking Ivar the Boneless more and more ill.

I also like the Asgard scenes and I like the fact that the gods turn out to be children. Oh dear, spoiler. I'm evil.

The dragon fight, it was okay. I thought the dragon sneezing and sending the ship flying was. Now, imagine if they were behind the dragon.

The princess of Hy Brazil is just a pointless love interest for the hero and the film doesn't end. It just stops. No dialogue, just characters standing there and fade to black. Yawn. Sometimes it works if it has the right music, but here it just fails.

Yeah, the music in this is awful. There was only one person doing the music. Neil Innis. I know this is a low budget film, but so was Star Wars. And that film had fantastic music.

When "Erik" came out, it bombed. I'm not sure if any of the cast or crew have anything nice to say about it. Jones likes it though. His son re-edited the film into "The Director's Son's Cut". To tell you the truth, that version is even worse. Yes, the pacing is a bit faster, but a lot of scenes make no sense and feel rushed. Characters and scene would appear out of no-where puzzling the viewer.

Overall, it's just okay. Worth watching for the look of the film, but don't expect too many belly laughs.
½ November 11, 2012
If you like Monty Phytons you're going to like this movie... it's about Vikings and Tim Robbins is pretty funny in it
½ October 2, 2012
I think I only laughed once, and that was at how ridiculous the movie was.
September 20, 2012
So after watching YOUR HIGHNESS ...I'm on a bit of cheesy kick ass 80's sword and sorcery and I was searching netflix and found ERIK THE VIKING...I love this flick it's like Monty Python meets Conan the Destroyer...but I enjoyed this movie unlike the conan movies and I'm not a big fan of monty python...awesome movie!!!!!!

BUY!!!! if you like sword and sorcery movies
August 27, 2012
Classic. Weird casting, but to excellent effect. As a kid I viewed it as 'almost Python' due to Jones' direction. But since (having become familiar with English actors and programs, Blackadder, ect..) I view it as an intresting meeting of amazing talents. Shame it didn't do better finacially, I'd really like to see a sequel or just something in this vein from Jones and this crew.
½ July 29, 2012
Quite ingenious sets, somewhat erratic pacing, but good fun.
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