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June 15, 2017
Dramatizing science is hard. Eureka moments can be exciting, but only if you know what they mean. Since most of us can't follow relativistic mathematics, this means that complicated theories need to be simplified to an elementary level and then clarified via simple metaphor. Like an infant learning to read by using a picture book. While the audience wouldn't understand real explanations of these theories they're not quite stupid enough to miss just how dumbed down it all is. Which means that we get some very smart people explaining what to them are basic concepts every time they discover something new. It feels false.

This film can't avoid falling into that trap. They try to counter the problem by having their leads explain their theories to laymen, but this requires a lot of maneuvering and this often feels as forced as the alternative. Einstein's a particular problem since his two main companions are his wife (also a mathematician) and Max Planck (he of the Planck constant). In other words, there's no need to talk down to them. The film confronts this by having him explain what he's doing to his sons, but as they're gone for most of the film it's a flawed solution. Eddington's a bit easier as he lives with his sister, who he'd naturally be expected to discuss his work with. Of course, she should still know more than your average layman and not need every obvious conclusion hammered home, but it does work better than Einstein.

Fortunately, aside from the science dramatization the film is pretty good. WW1 provides an ever-intriguing background and there are some wonderful shots of wartime Cambridge and Berlin. The performances are excellent. Andy Serkis (always nice to actually see his face) absolutely owns the direct and somewhat eccentric Einstein, while David Tenant assumes the harder task of making the fairly staid Eddington interesting. Curiously, while Einstein's the more entertaining character Eddington's the one the plot revolves around and who has the more interesting arc. Essentially, Einstein's already done his bit and the plot is Eddington figuring out a way to test it. Eddington also has some personal struggles as a devout Quaker and closeted homosexual. The plot's nothing special, filled with the basic twists and turns you expect, but watching these two characters live their separate lives is entertaining enough to make it worth a watch.
½ August 20, 2015
Overly dramatic, but I really liked the portrayal of Einstein by Andy Serkis.
½ April 27, 2015
Finally able to see this on the new HBO Now service. While the service so far is not dependable (it would get stuck or have errors and need restarting), I did manage to see it all.

Tennant and Serkis played their parts well in my very non-scientific opinion. Maybe I will understand the points they are making better in a second viewing.
½ March 20, 2015
This is a lovely movie, beautifully acted. It's a history lesson, a science lesson, but even more, two love stories. Something the Doctor (David Tennant) did in his spare time, joined by Andy Serkis, who only acted the part of Golum. Serkis plays a very exciting and human Einstein, and Tennant plays the British scientist who became interested in Einstein's theory before it was well known, and who fought for its recognition. He even helped to prove it, by using a solar eclipse.
February 25, 2015
A BBC/HBO film, this one is on a very high level. Good production values and acting, the script is OK as well, however it's a serious movie about an obscure subject to most people. If you like things heady and historical, this might be your cup of tea. World War I, London and Berlin academics and politics all collide with a twist of romance to make a film most audiences liked. Horses for courses.
December 1, 2014
an excellent treatment of a forgotten man
April 28, 2014
Low key and engaging. Great performances.
April 26, 2014
Best Einstein ever! Way to go Andy
October 19, 2013
To Brazilians, it's a little frustrating that the solar eclipse measurements made at Sobral are not mentioned. It is said they came to be better than those from Africa. An of course the poetic license related to the amount of "gap" (the apex of the movie) show lack of respect of the producers with the viewers.
September 10, 2012
I found the interesting, as I knew nothing of Eddington.
½ March 5, 2012
Gives us a completely different perspective of science and the lives of the world's greatest scientists... Worth watching!
August 9, 2011
Tout le monde connait Einstein, mais on connait moins (ou pas du tout)
Eddington. Ces deux genies ont correspondu pendant la guerre pour confirmer ou infirmer la theorie de la gravit√ (C) mise en place par Newton. Outre l‚(TM)int√ (C)r√™t scientifique evident de ce film (compr√ (C)hensible sans devoir √™tre physicien), il permet de suivre certains aspects de la 1e guerre mondiale ainsi que de decouvrir des aspects plus personnels sur les scientifiques : Eddington √ (C)tait gay et quaker, il refusait toute forme de violence et prot√ (C)geait les familles allemandes prises √† parti d√®s le d√ (C)but de la guerre. Einstein a quitt√ (C) femme et enfants pour √ (C)pouser une ni√®ce, et a refus√ (C) de participer √† l‚(TM)√ (C)laboration d‚(TM)armes ¬ę scientifiques ¬Ľ alors que
tous ses compatriotes allemands y prenaient part.
De plus, on voit Gollum sous un nouveau jour et les fans de David Tennant trouveront une nouvelle raison pour aimer leur chouchou ‚¶
½ March 23, 2011
There were parts towards the end that were a little to corny for me to handle. Also, Andy Serkis's accent was confusing at times: British, German? Make up your mind!
Other than that, though, it was enjoyable and informative.
March 17, 2011
Hodnń> dobr√ (C), ale trochu moc romantiky a m√°lo fyziky.
February 16, 2011
To be honest I would have liked more science and history in the movie, but well nobody seems to have the guts to make a historical film that cannot appeal to everyone I suppose. It also had the potential to be more dramatic, but it came off flat in places it didn't have to. Still, Serkis and Tennant are very good actors.
February 16, 2011
Ei mikään tajunnan räjäyttävä eepos fyysikolle, mutta suosittelen kaikille joita kiinnostaa tiede ja tarinat tieteen takana. Tiede ei tee elämästä tylsää, vaan mitä enemmän tietää, sen mielenkiintoisempi on elämä.
½ January 15, 2011
I didn't know a lot of things on Einstein and watching a movie of him opened my mind. I thought it was just a boring scientist, but I was wrong (if the movie shows the real life of Einstein).
It was interesting see how the Cambridge's scientists, that should be open minded and full of creativeness, were the most blinded people of the world.
December 13, 2010
i liked it! great cast, good picture! they tryed a little bit of everything: like the man behind the scientist, the impposible times they were facing, the disappointments and finally the glory!
i'm not very good at physics but the exemple with the tablecloth was pretty good, in my opinion. it was specially designed for average people like myself!
the movie also helps you see Einstein in a very different light!
but, the bad part is that it was based on speculations regarding their believes! that's not something i'm very fond of!
all in all. this was a movie worth watching!
½ December 10, 2010
Come si poteva intuire: pur avendo un soggetto come Einstein tutti questi film autobiografici fanno venire voglia di dormire, pi√Ļ adatti ad History channel che alla sala cinematografica
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