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½ March 4, 2015
One of the better movies in the series.
½ December 28, 2013
If there's one good thing that can be said about this movie it's that at least Kyla Pratt is dedicated to the character of Maya Dolittle. She debuted as the nerdy animal girl in the first Dr. Dolittle film when she was 12 years old, and ten years later here she still is, playing the character. That is dedication to your craft, and I can respect that.

That being said, this is an awful film. Pratt is actually one of the better actors in this whole lackluster borefest and even she isn't great, merely slightly above average. Though I mostly blame poor writing. None of the jokes are funny, the conflict is laughably out there - and not in a good way - most of the characters have no motivations, backstories or even characteristics. All the animals especially are just bad, being either stereotypical, rude, full of lowbrow humour or all of those at once.

The plot is one of those B-movie comedy plots mainly written to give room for all those wacky characters to spout wacky dialogue and to get into wacky situations. But, as already established, both the dialogues as well as the characters are poorly written and the plot itself is the poorest of them all. One of those three can be poor, and the two might be able to pick up the slack, so you can only imagine what happens when they all fail.

Still, there's really nothing actively harmful in this film. You can see that at least some of the actors believe in their roles and it has a good, if a bit clichéd, message it tries to convey. I guess that if you honestly have nothing else to do, this will pass the time, but I wouldn't recommend it. Kyla Pratt sure is cute, though.
October 26, 2013
Isn't the the best movie ever but still good pretty good
½ April 2, 2013
As artificial a storyline as you like. Only for kids.
½ February 8, 2013
It was good and funny sometimes.The only thing that I loves was the talking animals.That's why I could watch the whole movie!
½ January 11, 2012
She got into vet school just because she was able to talk to the animals and her dad was famous.. that drew the reality. But the overall, it was alright.
½ December 31, 2011
Dr. Dolittle 4: Tail to the chief

This movie did not live up to my expectations. Not at all. It was, as all "Dr. Dolittle2-movies, ok, butt his one was only ok, nothing more. The first two were brilliant, the third, not as much, but still pretty good, and then came this one. It disappointed me, but then again I hadn't even heard of it until today. And what was more surprising, after I did a little digging, there is yet another unknown "Dr. Dolittle"-movie! Where Lucky goes to Hollywood! It is probably not that good either, but I got a charm for the "Dr. Dolittle"-movies. I don't know why, I just do.

The music was very good. It fit the situations, directed or controlled the mood, if you will. The music plays an important part in this movie. Well, I guess it plays an important part in most movies today.

The story was kind of vague, a little weak, tame if you will. It didn't seem probable at all. Nearly anything of it did. The part with the first-bitch I get, and the co-operation amongst the animals, talking to the animals, saving the day, fine, all that I can actually buy, but with the president and the prince of some African country? Please. Spare me! And Maya saving the rainforest, unlikely, but ok, I could buy that, but all the highness's and presidential people and stuff, it ruins the entire movie. It really does, but what are you going to do?

The turning point was good though. Actually it was very good. Now, I am not going to reveal much more of the movie in case you are going to see it, but something will probably come out. The turning point was one of the positive things of the movie, the "rescue mission" was another positive thing, and there was a couple of funny moments in the movie. Actually there was enough fun to drag it up 2 stars! I am giving it a 5/10 stars, because, well, that is all it deserves. That is my honest opinion.

The acting was good I guess. They are good actors. So there is nothing negative to say about the acting really. The landscaping was very good, nearly great! I really liked it. Directing and writing was good enough I guess. The rest was as well.

To sum it up, it gets 5 out of 10 stars for unrealistic storyline. It gets positive feedback on the music, funny moments, turning point and some more. All in all, disappointing, but good enough movie for a boring afternoon.

Peace & Love
God Bless

- Shevy
November 29, 2011
Good little movie - not too bad
Super Reviewer
October 12, 2010
no thanks, they should have stop after the first one..
½ July 31, 2010
Awful film with no compelling or funny scenes but it was all worth it when the dog sang the national anthem of kualumpor.
July 10, 2010
Awful film with no compelling or funny scenes but it was all worth it when the dog sang the national anthem of Kualumpor.
May 2, 2010
Another Dolittle film straight to DVD but now things are starting to get a little silly. Maya, John's youngest daughter, is back and while her character is quite likeable the corny predictable storyline wasn't, and now it seems the film is aimed at a much younger audience with more slapstick humour for younger kids to laugh at. Its not all bad though and still enjoyable enough to watch, but compared to the last straight to DVD film, and especially the first two films, it's in another league.
½ March 26, 2010
lol its alllll gooood
March 4, 2010
now even the stupidest kid in the world can enjoy that.
February 9, 2010
Cute talking animals but the storyline wasn't great. Too preachy.
½ December 3, 2009
She got into vet school just because she was able to talk to the animals and her dad was famous.. that drew the reality. But the overall, it was alright.
½ November 28, 2009
loving animals induces me to high- rating almost animal flicks.i wish i could talk to them, thats kool! i think they want to connect to us anytime.
November 9, 2009
The good thing, no Eddie Murphy in this one (was okay in "1", but over stayed is welcome in "2"). This is a good "kids movie night" movie.
October 19, 2009
Never watch this film because it will make you to feel the worst feel in your whole life ever... I was totally annoyed of this film from the starting and till the finish ohh goshhhh this was totally a waste movie... They have done something nasty works in this movie and tired of seeing the animals speaks and helps for president my god that was totally a worst movie i have ever seen in my life this movie really a big waste of time...
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