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September 30, 2018
I first saw this movie back in 1989 when I rented it from the Video Store. I bad just seen the first Curse with Wil Wheaton so I wanted to see the second movie. I enjoyed the Curse Part 2. Something different and I like the story. Is alot better than the first and the acting isn't half bad. The special F/X were done by Screaming Mad George and they didn't disappoint. Had a really great ending and another bonus is that Jill Schoelen was in it. If you liked her in The Stepfather or Hot Moves you will like her in this. Beautiful as always. Recently I was on eBay and I picked up the Standee for this movie. Promo items can still be found!!! 3 out of 5 stars.
½ September 16, 2018
Typically cheap Italian horror production that cashes in on the success of another horror film. This "sequel" bears no connection to the original "Curse" film and is instead a story about a man bitten by a radioactive snake who then spawns killer snake-like creatures. That premiss might have been a campy good time, but this film is a boring slog. Jill Schoelen, J. Eddie Peck, and Jamie Farr provide a few familiar faces on screen, along with Bo Svenson as the Sheriff and Sydney Lassick (Cheswick from "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest") in smaller roles. Only watch this film if you're in the mood for a bad old school horror film (which I'll admit that I sometimes am).
August 27, 2016
Unfortunately, inferior to its predecessor...
February 27, 2016
It's amazing how anyone could keep a straight face in this movie. There are some nice gooey effects at the end, but boy oh boy is this a stupid movie.
August 31, 2015
Tedious and kind of exhausting
May 12, 2014
The lovecraftian vibe is gone in this name-only sequel. Instead we get a fun schlocky story about a man who gets bitten by a radioactive snake (Damn Gub'mint and their atom bombs!) and gradually devolves, spreading carnage in his wake. With some modest acting but some familiar faces in supporting roles Curse 2 is well worth watching for a gross, gory laugh.
½ March 4, 2013
The Curse 2 is one of those titles created to cash-in on a profitable name. Originally this movie was actually called The Bite but I guess it played so miserably with test audiences that they scurried to find a potential franchise to tack it onto. Suffice to say that The Curse 2 has NO relation to The Curse and it's a stupid, dumbass movie. Driving through a radioactive stretch of Arizona, a couple encounter mutant snakes. The guy is bitten on the hand and before long his arm turns into a snake... yep, you read correctly. If this was made with a facetious tone or a deliberate lampoon then it might have transpired into a quirky little creature feature but the folk who made this seriously thought they were onto something great. THAT alone makes it laughable. It's a stupid fucking movie that can only be enjoyed if viewed with an audience who's willing to participate... a so bad its good thing. Here's the kicker... believe it or not there's a CURSE 3 starring Christopher Lee. It boggles the mind how another unrelated story's makers thought that The Curse was a worthy name to latch onto considering how abysmal this second instalment was.
July 30, 2012
This had some promise at the start, but soon fell off a cliff. Weird seeing Jamie Farr in a horror film, that's for sure.
November 22, 2010
Scared the shit out of me when I was little!!!
November 9, 2010
A ridiculous film that actually was surprisingly better than I ever thought it was going to be. It has a high energy level and nasty special effects. The ending is gross but also satisfying. Has nothing to do with the first curse film at all.
October 26, 2010
I saw half of it about 20 years ago...


I waited to long to see a movie that, basically, sucks!

I, literally, saw a little more than half of this on cable about 20 years ago and completely missed most of the 2nd half. I knew that the movie sucked, or that it was going to suck but, I was determined to see it. All of the characters, in varying amounts, suffer from terminal stupidity. The story, while ridiculous & stupid, stands up as perhaps the best part of the movie, save perhaps Jill Schoelen & Sandra Sexton, who are freaking knockouts! This movie also suffers from something called "gore-porn" which is basically pointless gore that adds nothing to the story or ANYTHING meaningful to the movie whatsoever...

The violence in this movie, while there was some, is by no means over the top & is not something that I had a problem with. The gore, the vast majority of which takes place in the final scene of the film, has some violence to it but, it is by no means worthy of anything, except for perhaps a "Razzi"...

This movie is by no means the worst film ever made but, if I had a "Top 100 Worst Films Ever Made" list it would arguably be on that list!
Super Reviewer
½ June 3, 2010
Just like the Nintendo Nerd would say, this film is a steaming pile of vomiting sh!t. To think this is a sequel to a HORRIBLE film goes beyond the standards of suckness anyone can own in his mind, but in top of that, the sequel has absolutely no relation to the original, not only in terms of characters, but plot as well.

Muahaha! This is true horror! Watch the visual effects of the last 10 minutes and then.... RUN! It may catch you.

½ April 26, 2009
Ne vjerujte niskim ocjenama na IMDb-u, ovo je vrlo respektabilan B horor, in fact jedan od meni drazih od svoje branse iz osamdesetih. Naravno, moze da mu se nadje sva sila mana - za danasnje pojmove zastarjeli specijalni efekti, slabija gluma (narocito Jill Schoelen, ali nesto slabiju glumu obilato i s kamatom nadoknadjuje seksi glasom i pojavom, jednom rijecju - zena!), malo predugi dijelovi bez ubistava... However, sve to blijedi kad se uzme u obzir kompletna atmosfera filma i odlicna ideja - nekog lika za ruku ujede radioaktivna zmija i, kako to obicno biva kad vas takva zmijurina ujede, ruka pocne da se pretvara u autonomnu zmijurinu koja ubija ljude. Mali peh jeste sto se najbolje scene, sa gomilom zmijurina na autoputu preko kojih juri auto, kao i pas-zmija (da, da!) nalaze na samom pocetku, ali ni kraj nije los nimalo (necu da spojlujem, pa mi vjerujte na rijec). Srecom, sredina filma nije nimalo dosadna - tu je vec pomenuta Jill Schoelen (btw, glumila u legendarnom filmu The Stepfather), kao i vrlo simpaticni trgovac, doktor-amater, koji nasem heroju daje pogresan protivotrov i satra se ziv od straha da ga ovaj ne tuzi..., pardon, satra se ziv od osjecaja krivice. Ovo je film kome bi i te kako koristio moderan rimejk (ali sa PRAVIM zmijama, ne onaj CGI krep, i da se drze scenarija, bez debilnih eksperimentisanja), ali i ovakav kakav je, to je jedan vrlo dobar film i nek prica ko sta hoce. Btw, iako se ovo zove Curse II, nema apsolutno nikakve veze sa ranijim filmom Curse, u kome se neka zena pretvara u cudoviste (meni je i taj film bio odlican, mada ga vecina ljudi mrzi iz dna duse).
½ January 22, 2009
Maybe my first horror movie... I saw it years ago and loved it. Today, I find it quite decent. It's good old stuff, some parts are really crazy.
May 26, 2008
I don't know why so many people hate this movie, perhaps they all saw 1 and 3 and just went with the notion that this must suck as well (as indeed, 1 and 3 ain't all that).

This movie does what what a lot of badly made franchises do, it disregards its preceded, and has it's own little warped tale to tell. It easily could have just been called "The Bite".The silent night Deadly night movies did this a lot as well.

My anchor in this is without a doubt, Screaming Mad George's icky and always disturbing effects. There's just something so damn wrong about his work, I LOVE IT!. Unsettling and gross, thankfully I don't have snake phobia, if you do seek this out.

The movie has a harsh mean streak and some deaths made my stomach turn, most notably the brain sucked from mouth or the snapping off of the lower jaw bits. Unsettling.

The script does suffer though, with some unneeded sub plots and some lame side characters, the movie should have focused more on the two likable leads instead of straying from the snake path to watch that boring salesman and all his crap.

The soundtrack was on and off, I liked it in the scary parts but when it went the "this is mundane time" way, it was annoying and dated.

The ending was my fav part, very creepy with a sad streak. If you've seen David Cronenberg's The Fly, you may see the ending as a homage, or a rip off, do what you will though.
½ April 25, 2008
This in-name only sequel bares NO connection to the 1987 pile of hilarity that was The Curse. This little gem revolves around a couple traveling through the desert highway and happening upon a nuclear chemical area that has spread amongst the snakes, causing them to really pack a punch in their bite, and by packing a punch, I mean biting the annoying lead male and watching him slowly turn into a giant snake for the next 90 minutes while his girlfriend stands around like a moron and Jamie Farr (the guy that dressed in drag on MASH) hunts them down. Pretty hilarious movie that really kicks the comedy up a notch at the climax. Good stuff.
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