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June 1, 2018
A great movie. Of course there are those that disagree with me on this one and that is great but like many Americans that are looking for a movie where the bad guys all get blown up and disintegrated by the good guys, where the good guys always win following a terrible incident that sets all the players on a path to the final glory of the protagonist .. this movie was actually different and the hero was actually a normal sort of player doing a nasty yet important job that no one ever considers when they see Bruce Willis splatter peoples brains all over.

Who do you think cleans up after the good guys kill a lot of the bad folk? The Tooth fairy in her spare time?
October 28, 2017
Great thriller, although Eva always annoys me. I love In Time too, despite her. I adore Ed Harris and Robert Forster. Samuel is stunning as usual.
March 2, 2017
interesting story and good movie
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August 19, 2016
Mediocre, mildly entertaining thriller that does not make the most of its somewhat interesting premise. You can smell the few surprises miles away and the showdown is not particularly exciting, even if the editing tries to make you think so. Unbelievable what huge and entertaining films director Harlin created in the 90s. Amazing that he got such a good cast for this rather tame product.
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½ June 14, 2016
What starts with the initial promise of outstanding camera work, promising acting and and interesting conflict is beset soon thereafter by a lazily sagging middle-act and a straight-up dumb plot with an obvious nothing-twist.
½ November 24, 2015
Average film but not quite the grand conclusion and twists I was hoping for. It actually lacked imagination and fell a little flat towards the end.
May 20, 2015
Great film, storyline and nice bit of gore. Another great Jackson role.a
½ April 17, 2015
It was a good plot but the downside was that it was also predictable.
March 29, 2015
There's nothing earth shattering about "Cleaner" but it does include a star-studded cast, all of whom deliver solid performances within a story that is partially original. This movie is a good watch but could have been better.
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January 2, 2015
A pretty decent movie with the superb Samuel L Jackson and Ed Harris. I like this type of movies , homicide detective jobs kinda. Altho the movie could have been more intensive perhaps but i enjoyed it. Well made flick and great story overall.
November 21, 2014
For a long time Renny Harlin has not done anything good, so did not have big expectations with this. But was better than I supposed. Samuel is always great.
As a co-citizen it was nice to see Peter Franzen there; do not remember was there anything else Finnish put into movie, like Renny usually does.
September 16, 2014
I could have watched a fish tank for 90 minutes and been more impressed afterwards..
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½ August 17, 2014
Cleaner was a great film that would have gotten a much higher rating, if not for predictability. There are certain actors, when you see their names in the credits, you know, even before the film starts, that they are the bad guy, and that's exactly what happened here. Samuel L. Jackson stars as a former police officer, who was part of a dirty department. He knew that it would only be a matter of time before he was caught up in the corruption, so he decides to get out. Jackson decides to take on the unique, but very real profession of being a crime scene cleaner. One day, he's given a key and a job to do in an upscale neighborhood. Nothing is out of the ordinary, until the next day when he goes to get paid and discovers that the woman there has no idea what he's talking about. Now Jackson must discover who used him to cover up their crime, who was the victim, and why were they murdered? While I prefer Samuel L. Jackson in a more comedic role, he's just as good in a dramatic one. His strength has always been the ability to carry a film, no matter if it's dramatic or ridiculous. Despite being direct-to-video, Cleaner has a large supporting cast of stars that really help the film. A lot of these films tend to have newcomers backing the veteran star, and their weak performances bring down the quality of even the best written films. Here, Jackson is supported by the likes of Eva Mendes, Luis Guzman, and Ed Harris, all of whom are very believable, and all of whom help move the story along. Cleaner is intense, unique, and interesting, if you haven't seen a lot of film, you may not realize who the bad guy is, five minutes into the film, and you may be really surprised. As for me, it was like watching a movie that some amateur Netflix reviewer already ruined for me, and the suburb ending was lost.
June 18, 2014
Slow-burning thriller that fails to take off despite the quality cast
April 14, 2014
killed it took two weeks to finish good acting tho
April 10, 2014
Jackson and Harris were great in this movie. This story was very good and well paced. This movie is definitely worth a watch.
½ March 16, 2014
Mystery and suspense are supposed to be the key elements in thrillers and yet they were missing in "Cleaner". PS: The movie felt so long.
February 9, 2014
I liked This movie. Cleaner is an enjoyable flick well worth seeing. I give this 4 stars.
November 12, 2013
all right nothing special but a good enough yarn
½ November 11, 2013
A Low-Energy & Budgeted Crime Thriller With A Decent Plot And An Outstanding Performance From Samuel L. Jackson. The Plot Centre's Around A Crime Scene Cleaner, Who Quickly Finds Out, That His Last Job Has Covered Up A Homicide, Which Was Yet To Be Found By Police.
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