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July 6, 2015
Routine mystery suffers from Ladd's seeming indifference to his character in the lead and Gail Russell's unsuitability for her role. A lovely actress, her looks had not been destroyed by her extreme alcoholism at this point, her presence is too gentle to be convincing as the sort of femme fatale that was Ladd's frequent partner, Veronica Lake's stock in trade. The best performance comes from supporting player Edith King, in her screen debut, as the shady but very fun Mrs. Smith who though it's never stated outright is obviously the local madame as well as involved in other shady doings. The picture comes to life whenever she enters the scene. It's a pity her role isn't larger. Otherwise this is a standard actioner that the studios pumped out weekly to keep product in the theatres during the Golden Age.
December 17, 2013
Somewhat dull whodunit noir featuring Ladd trying to figure out how one of his friends was killed. Best scene is the first, as it's hammered home the movie's location repeatedly.
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