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May 10, 2019
This is one of the BEST movies to one watch. It should be one everyone's MUST see list. They made a PC game of this called " Flight of the old dog" and there is. A book by the same title. This should be rated 100%. The acting is great and the story is compelling. Powers Boothe and James Earl Jones are at their best in this movie. Don't miss this movie!
August 26, 2018
Best WW3 movie since red dawn
June 28, 2017
The little movie that could.Good solid acting with a good solid script.One of the more underrated movies of the 90s.
January 22, 2017
My favorite doomsday thriller. Excellent script and performances. I especially liked Darren McGavin as a wacko cabinet member who becomes acting president. Will never think of the phrase "grand tour" the same way again.
July 1, 2016
This is a surprisingly good TV film with a stellar cast. For me it seems one of the more realistic nuclear war movies; so many of them seem to deal with crazy sci-fi like aftermaths instead of showing what a real war would be like. This one gives a fairly (though not 100%) accurate look at what would have happened in the late 80's if a nuclear war did in fact happen between the two great superpowers of the Cold War.

Some people say this film is becoming dated, but as someone who was born after the collapse of the Soviet Union I still appreciated it. It gives you a little slice of what our culture and mindset was during the days when nuclear annihilation was a daily possibility.
January 11, 2014
a really good tv movie akin to the Day After and Dr. Strangelove scenarios of WW3 of the USA VS the Soviet Union and the normalcy of living under the gun of mutually assured destruction.
October 29, 2013
Though there's some problems with it (everyone seems to be walking around after a nuclear blast, is Rebecca Demornay Blind?) , there's some good tension points in this thriller. Some good performances too, especially by James Earl Jones who seems to be hamming it up excessively.
April 2, 2013
smart and edgy action drama
March 7, 2013
One of the best.....NO, THE BEST WW3 scenario movie I have ever seen
March 5, 2013
It definitely feels like a TV movie, but it's engaging and has some good performances. It's nice to see that James Earl Jones received a promotion after Dr. Strangelove.
April 26, 2012
Great cold war movie. A good nuclear war deterrent.
December 31, 2011
Despite the low budget and small sets, this movie manages to be compelling from start to finish. The acting is top notch, and the fact that this could actually happen makes it all the more chilling.
½ October 8, 2011
½ November 5, 2010
It was okay, but it did have James Earl Jones
½ August 20, 2010
Didn't really get into this one.
½ August 18, 2010
A good look at how QUICKLY things can ESCALATE out of control with the WRONG folks at the helm, and how SOME of the Men & Women chosen to do the deed MAY develop 2nd thoughts about a task they've been SWORN to do despite all the training you go through! Very well acted Powers Booth, Rebecca De Morney (Wally George's Daughter), and Martin Landau as The President.
September 6, 2009
A taut thriller dealing with the initial stages of a nuclear war between the US and USSR which takes place in 1991. Rip Torn and James Earl Jones star in this film which features the Secretary of Interior assuming the duties of the president as the first strikes take out the majority of the leaders in Washington. Keeps the watcher interested despite the limited budget and few sets. The love story was really unnecessary and seemed to be added for merely Hollywood convention.
August 23, 2009
tension about the decisions on national security...
August 23, 2009
tension about the decisions on national security...
August 23, 2009
This film is a must watch for all highly critical film fans, who prefer acting over action. Despite the films plot, it is not filled with huge explosions and non stop action. However, this film contains great depth, concentrating largely on the behind the scenes, in an attempt to resolve the problems, and the mental challanges of bomber pilots.
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