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½ February 20, 2011
When I saw this in the theater, this set of short gay-themed films included the film "Trevor", which the tape I rented did not. The tape did, however, include the short "The Dadshuttle" which I don't remember from the theatrical release. "Nunzio's Second Cousin" and "Alkali, Iowa" are my favorties from this set; I love Eileen Brennan's performance. A bit dated, but a set of rather well-done fims.
February 12, 2011
Very good and interesting...I like boys! :-)
½ April 10, 2008
Boys Life 2 (1998): "Scandalous! Scandalous!" - Kevin

A follow-up to Boys Life (release date unknown), Boys Life 2 has another four short films about love, lust and liberation: (1) Armed with fake IDs, four friends head for an 18+ club for a night of mid-90's urban teen homo-sillyness, (2) fag bashers accidentally pick on a gay cop out on a date, (3) an Iowa gay boy discovers his dead father's secret, and (4) a chat between a father and his gay son.

I was reasonably impressed with this collection - "Nuzio's Second Cousin" was emotionally horrifying, but immensely satisfying. The other three were neat stories about gay life, important little stories that remind me just how interesting my life is, and how interesting it has been.
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